Repair of kitchen in Khrushchev

Deficiency of square meters in an apartment assumes that every piece of free space should be maximally involved. All these factors should be taken into account in the manufacture of repair work. Of particular relevance in this matter is the modern renovation of the kitchen in the Khrushchevka .Taking into account that the layout and dimensions of the kitchen in such apartments do not differ in spaciousness, the question of comfortable embedding of the kitchen becomes an edge.


  1. Design
  2. Kitchen design
  3. Floor renovation
  4. Lighting and embedded technology
  5. Photo renovation of kitchen in Khrushchevka
  6. Video repair of kitchen in Khrushchevka

Design of

First thing to do is to get acquainted with some good examples of repairing kitchen in Khrushchev that you find on photos of in our article. Next, you need to decide on the final design and size. It should be noted that the small dimensions of the kitchen space will not allow creative imagination to clear up completely, therefore not all ideas of repairing the kitchen in Khrushchev are applicable in practice.

Design of the kitchen

The next stage in the implementation of the idea will be the project. Drawing up a draft or a sketch is designed to visualize the final appearance of the required kitchen, taking into account the size and location of all lockers and other elements. In the vast majority of cases, the kitchen repair projects in the Khrushchevka are made by a specialist with a home visit to conduct the necessary measurements. In addition, you need to choose the material, which will be made kitchen surfaces, fittings, as well as mechanisms for opening and debugging shuflyad. All this in the future will allow you to fully enjoy the cooking in such a kitchen.

Repairing the floor

After ordering kitchen furniture, repairing the kitchen in a Khrushchev should start from the floor. If the old floor is made of wood, then the boards should be removed in order to prepare a rough floor for pouring cement mortar. After solidifying, this solution forms a screed, on top of which it will be more functional to put an easily washable ceramic tile. After finishing here, the repair work should move to the ceiling. Here, as a rule, there are two variants of execution: a ceiling from gypsum cardboard or tension. The first variant gained its popularity in the early 2000s and has still not lost its relevance. Stretched ceilings have become fashionable relatively recently due to the ease of installation and installation price. However, whatever option was chosen, the beautiful renovation of the kitchen in Khrushchev depends also on the type of decoration of the walls and lighting.

Lighting and embedded technology

Do not chase the huge chandelier plumes or an infinite number of spotlights. Small dimensions of the visit do not require such a quantity of lighting. Suffice it to say that in this case, we should focus on warm colors that exclude fluorescent lights. And here are all the main accents, and the repair of a small kitchen in Khrushchev is approaching its final phase. The kitchen needs to be furnished. Here it is necessary to accurately understand that household appliances should be selected in compact sizes, so that later they do not have to sacrifice anything. It is best to provide options for built-in kitchen appliances.

The fridge is working, food is being cooked on the stove, which means that the repair of the kitchen in Khrushchevka has been successfully completed by oneself, and proper ergonomics and reasonable use of space have allowed to achieve the maximum result.

Photo of kitchen repair in Khrushchevka

Video of kitchen repair in Khrushchevka