Podiums for speakers in the car and podiums in the apartment

Step-by-step instruction: how to make a podium for a speaker in an auto. Step 1: cut and correct the workpiece

It is necessary to purchase:

  • plywood( 10 cm thick);
  • cardboard;
  • hardboard;
  • fiberglass( 0, 25 mm thickness);
  • paraffin;
  • adhesive( epoxy), PVA adhesive;
  • putty;
  • nazhdachka;
  • knife;
  • macroflex;
  • nails and self-tapping screws.

For accuracy, mark the skeleton of the podium on paper, then cut out the desired shape on the plywood. It is necessary to prepare two identical shapes for the bottom of the podium, the ring of the speaker and the spacer. After all the details are connected and fixed with glue and small nails.

Then you need to pour a small amount of macroflex into the plywood frame, as well as to plaster the mold and rub it with sandpaper or nazhdachka.

Preparing the workpiece for the podium Preparing the skeleton for the catwalk Surface treatment of carcass

Step 2: Fixing with fiberglass and grinding

At this stage it is necessary to shape the frame, that is, to coat it with glass fiber with paraffin. To fix the edges of the fiber, they are nailed with carnations. For the strength of the connections, do not feel sorry for the three layers of fiber. As soon as the surface is pasted, walk on it with putty. Then you need to cut out the orgalitic backs for the frame and stick them with epoxy glue. This is done to fully fit the podium to the door. Then you need to plaster the surface again and sand it. Insert the ends of the fiberglass into the door pocket.

Door podium for speaker Glass podium processing

Step 3: painting the mold and fixing it to the

skin. For painting the catwalk, it is best to use black nitro paint or vinyl, heated with a thermo-blower. For gluing it is possible to apply glue BF-88.Mount the device with self-tapping screws. Thoroughly you need to screw it at the base. Then prepare the lining and screw it with screws to the surface of the doors.

How to attach the podium to the dynamics

See how to make a podium for the speakers in video clips.

Design of the podium for speakers in the house

Active people with a vivid imagination always want to bring something extraordinary to everyday life, so they often experiment with the interior. A rather unusual solution is to create a podium for speakers or any architectural solutions.

Design solution for installing audio equipment

Option 1: skeleton podium

It is called so because of the need for plating two layers of plasterboard, plywood or boards. It differs multifunctionality and ease. You can make drawers. Its design allows you to make separate openings for communication( wires and pipes).

To ensure reliability and durability, you will need to think about how to make it more stringent. The paneling on the catwalk of wood can often bend, so you need to install the legs at a distance of 20-40 cm, depending on the height. Place them on a screed or other floor. If you want a higher podium in the house, it is better to make a metal, more solid and reliable frame after all.

Podium in the interior
The construction is made of wood and metal with plasterboard and plywood sheets. Lay gypsum cardboard in two rows without joining the rows. The parameters of the sheet should be 50 * 50 cm. To avoid deformation of the design, small gaps in the skin should be left.

Mineral or polyethylene fiber is placed between the reinforcing posts for sound insulation. It is important to leave a few centimeters between the wall and the wooden structure for possible deformation and expansion of materials due to temperature changes.
Podium - designer bedroom solution

Option 2: holistic podium

The one that is created with the help of wet mortar and if necessary concrete and sand-cement screeds of the entire perimeter of the surface is called integral. The advantages of a monolithic include its strength, durability and moisture resistance, as well as it is easily decorated.

Podium for placing machinery

The disadvantages are its heavy weight. In particular, these designs put a lot of pressure on bearing walls and places where there are various communications of electricity or running water. In order not to damage these connections, it will be necessary to make special openings in the construction, and this is quite problematic.

Between the integral podium and the wall it is necessary to leave 4 cm, so that in case of cracks do not damage the walls.

Good luck with your work!

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