We sew a package for the Post of Russia

In what cases is the requirement to bundle a parcel with a cloth is legal?

There is a list of parcels on the Russian Post website that you need to cover, without this mail employees will not accept them:

  • delivered by aviation or combined way( air + land transport);
  • in the Far North and Far East;

Boxes shipped by land transport are sheathed at will, for example, if the box itself is old or dirty.

However, in some cases airplanes can not be sheathed. So, do not sheath boxes with:

  • seedlings;
  • with solid fruits and vegetables;
  • by bees;
  • boxes weighing up to three kilograms, the longest side of which does not exceed 35 cm, and the sum of three measurements is not more than 70 cm.

If a non-solid box is lined and something soft, such as a carpet or a bag of clothes, it is necessary to wrap the parcel with polyethylene beforehand.

How to properly enclose the package - the requirements for the fabric, threads and seams

It is necessary to trim the parcels not as a god on the soul, but with strict adherence to the rules.

The fabric should be light and monophonic, without a pattern, a piece whole or sewn from several flaps with a seam inside. The threads that sew the fabric, must be the same, the same number and color. Packages in a soft package are sewn with only one seam - from the left( relative to the written address) side.

You can not sew( paste) on the parcel an additional piece of cloth with an address, everything you need is written right on the skin.

IMPORTANT: Please note that starting in 2013, the parcels began to be plated differently. If earlier it was necessary to sew a box on its form from all six sides, now one side is left unshared. It will be closed at the post office, with a twine wrapped and sealed, while the "tail" of the fabric remains on the box.

Step-by-step instruction: how to sew the fabric correctly around the box

1. We measure the tape measure three sizes - length, width, height.

Measurement of dimensions

2. We cut the fabric, not forgetting to leave the allowance for the seams.

We Shave the Cloth

3. We sew from a fabric a semblance of a bag, all seams while outside.

Sew a sack like that

4. We put the box in a bag, we sew "ears".

Пришиваем "ушки"

5. Pull out the box, turn the bag seams inside, again place the box inside.

The final stage of packaging

On the video you can see the whole process of the box skinning.

How to sign a parcel

Everything is ready, it remains only to inscribe the parcel and you can send it to the post office. The inscription "from whom" is done in the upper left corner, "who" - in the lower right. Signed according to the scheme:

  • last name, first name, middle name
  • street, house, apartment
  • city, country
  • zip code

In the upper right corner write "Declared value" and indicate the amount in rubles.

The instruction for writing the address is shown on the video.

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