How to make beams with your own hands

Dimensions of the bars, drawing

Standard dimensions of the beams( cm):

  • height of the pole from the floor 170-200;
  • length of the pole 250;
  • the distance between the poles 42-62;
  • diameter of the pole is 4-5.

Beams - typical sizes

How to build bars in the courtyard of

A popular sports projectile can easily be done in the courtyard of a private or multi-apartment building yourself. All work taking into account the time to dry the cement and paint will take no more than two days.

Stationary street beams

Required tools and materials:

  • welding machine( triple electrodes);
  • Bulgarian;
  • cement( bag), shovel, bucket, trowel;
  • level, plumb bob;
  • drill with a diameter of 20 cm.

For round bars, you can take round pipes with a diameter of 40 mm, for racks - pipes with a diameter of 57 mm or rectangular, as in photo 2. The thickness of the walls of the pipes is 3 mm. The length is arbitrary, but you need to take into account that the racks will have to be buried in the ground for 50-60 cm.

Step-by-step instruction for manufacturing stationary beams

1. Priming the bottom of the future racks onto a 60 cm primer.

2. Make holes in the holes, fix pipes in them, leveling them with plumb and level, concrete. Solution - 3 parts of sand per 1 part of cement, you can add stones.

3. When the concrete dries, weld the crossbeams. Weld this way: first one end, then level by level and weld the second end.

4. Color.

How to make the beams for the house

You can buy a home simulator, but you can do it yourself. It will differ in shape and size from the real gymnastic bars, since the space in the apartment is limited, but it is quite possible to maintain a physical form on them.

Homemade mini-projectile

However, you can make a more serious and very stable simulator.

Required tools and materials:

  • two pipes 170 cm long;
  • four pipes length of 150 cm;
  • two metal corners with holes for screws;
  • welding machine, drill.

Step-by-step instruction on manufacturing of gymnastic beams of house

1. We drill holes in the wall for screws. To determine the location, we apply the first corner to the wall so that one side is on the floor, the second is on the wall. The second corner is applied at a height of 170 cm from the floor, just above the first corner. We mark on the wall places for screws.

Making bars - step 1

2. Two half-meter metal pipes are welded to the first corner, they must be attached to its edges. The distance between the two pipes is 40-60 cm. We also weld the other two pipes and the second corner.

Making bars - step 2

3. We weld two long pipes to the resulting structures at a distance of 120 cm from the corners. Corners should be attached to the wall by one side, on the other there will be pipes 150 cm long

Making bars - step 3

4. We fix the corners with the screws welded to them on the wall.

On the video you can watch compact mini-beams and a horizontal bar

Sports bars are ready. Be engaged with port and be healthy!

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