Get rid of the smell of burning in the apartment - useful tips

How to get rid of the smell of burning in the apartment - folk methods

Forest fires impregnate whole cities

Quickly get rid of the smell of burning in the apartment will not work, it will take from several days to several weeks, depending on what exactly burned.

Burned completely pot with food - business worldly Garbage from molten insulation is extremely corrosive

To get rid of smoke from the "ambre" after burning food, smoking in a home smoker, melting wiring, you can use one of the following methods or, for greater effect, apply several simultaneously.

  • Ventilate rooms as long as possible, turn on the air conditioner, humidifier.

Бытовой прибор по производству "сухого тумана" устраняет запахи

  • Spray the room with an aerosol air freshener, light scented candles, turn on the aroma lamp.
  • Fabrics absorb soot well, so you need to wash the curtains, bedspreads, bedding - everything that is possible. Smell burning on fur products, mattresses and carpets can last for years, so they will have to be attributed to dry cleaning.

It's interesting: There is a way that very few people know - you need to paint in the house after its smoke any thing, for example, a stool, oil paint. Paint, drying up, will absorb foreign flavors.

  • Make a house cleaning, wash the floor and wipe all available surfaces with water and vinegar( two tablespoons of essence on a bucket of water).

General cleaning will help to cope with the smell of burning Cleaning against the smell of burning must be done with household detergents

  • Wash all over the house wet terry towels, when they dry out and unpleasant odor - wash and re-hang. Repeat until air clears.
  • Throw in a pot of boiling water a pack of cloves( spices), boil for 30 minutes. Together with the clove you can boil the sliced ​​lemon.
  • Arrange at the apartment containers with diluted potassium permanganate, daily change the smell of water in them.
  • Well absorb molecules from the air of soda, starch with ammonia, activated charcoal, wet sand. They fill the wide containers and place them everywhere, change when they unpleasantly smell.

How to get rid of the smell of burning after a fire

Smoke will permanently soak up the apartment, even if the fire was in the next entrance. Needless to say, a dangerous fire with smoke on your square meters will poison the atmosphere for many months. In this case, you will not be able to do general cleaning, you will have to do some cosmetic repairs. The smell of wood, cloth and paper is the strongest, so you will have to change the floor covering, re-paste wallpaper, give the upholstered furniture a constriction, and paint the windows and doors again.

All burned places will have to be completely replaced, otherwise the smell of burning does not lead

Industrial preparations for air purification

Produced drugs that can remove stink from burning once and for all. Their manufacturers claim that these funds do not drown out, but neutralize stench, filtering or ripping molecules. This is OdorGone, "PureDeason" and other similar liquids and aerosols for cleaning, which can be bought at hardware stores.

Anti-odor preparation

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