Small apartments - interior design

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Design of rooms and kitchens

Often this issue is solved by choosing the direction of design of minimalism, high-tech or Japanese style, which presuppose the presence in the rooms and kitchen of interior items, each of which carries a functional load. If in Russian, then you need to give up all the excesses and decorative furniture. Small-sized apartments are good and that are suitable for certain fashion trends in the world of design. But not everyone will be able to implement such an undertaking, since it is very expensive. Another option for a small room is the use of height. Ceilings are at a level of 280 cm from the floor? Fine, then you can safely make the second tier.

Repair in a small apartment

You can use the additional layer:

  • In the nursery. This method is the most common, especially if the children are two.
  • In the living room, if the owner lives by himself. In this case, it is necessary to diligently monitor the bed, as this will be the first to catch the eye of the guests. If you go further, you can realize the style of high-tech or techno, but this requires modern furniture. In the case of the second tier in the living room, you need a sofa. He should play the role of a place to relax. Also, the sofa can be operated as a wardrobe. To do this, it's enough to redo it a bit.

Solution for small apartments

Talking about the kitchen in small apartments can be infinitely long, but the conclusion is one - this is the biggest problem that small-sized flats provide. For the most competent use of the area, you should get rid of all that is superfluous. The kitchen should have the following:

  • Sink.
  • Refrigerator.
  • Small headset.
  • The hob consisting of at least two burners.

Kitchen in a small apartment

Bathroom design

Everything depends on the number of square meters. In the case of the smallest bathrooms, you can use only the most necessary things - a washing machine, a shower cabin, a storage cupboard, a toilet, a washbasin. Put the bath in the room is not always possible, but you can use a corner bath. Many designers recommend making a shower stall made of glass, transparent. This solution allows you to visually expand the area.

Bathroom in a small apartment

In the end it is worth noting that the color scheme should be light in all rooms. The lower part is often performed much darker than the primary color, but this only improves the effect of shades on the appearance of the apartment. In general, it is very convenient to use the direction of minimalism - it is fashionable, practical and allows you to release a few square meters, which will add to the necessary space in the apartment. Another nuance is the use of mirrors. For a small apartment enough 2-3, properly located. Then the area will seem bigger.

Design solution for small apartments

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