How to clean water from lime from a well and a well? Choosing a filter

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Even at a low level of rigidity, the risk of damage to household appliances increases. If the connected source is very dirty, an unpleasant aftertaste is felt. The noted and other problems are eliminated with the help of filters that purify water from lime.

How to clean water from lime from a well and a well

Why is lime in water from a well, well and water supply harmful?

Impurities of this category pose the greatest danger to parts of equipment that heat up during operation. In the respective zone above +60°C, scale formation is very intense. The porous layer fixed on the corresponding surface is characterized by low thermal conductivity.

It prevents heat removal in the mode provided by the developers of the equipment. Overheating destroys the shell of the heating element, which is accompanied by the occurrence of a short circuit and the destruction of the heating device. The same process deforms the walls of the heat exchanger.

Processes harmful to equipment occur slowly. You can learn about the occurrence of a problem too late - in an emergency situation associated with very severe damage to equipment.

What is harmful lime

But the following indirect signs signal trouble in advance:

  • noise when moving liquid along transport routes;
  • slow heating;
  • increase in gas and electricity consumption by the heating system;
  • failures in the operation of the control electronics (software).

Solid scale particles have abrasive properties. They tear off the oxide layer and damage the metal, which activates corrosion. These impurities clog the working ducts up to their complete overlap in irons and other devices.

After studying the individual operating instructions for the equipment, one can incorrectly conclude that filters are not needed. Relevant recommendations suggest regular removal of accumulated calcium deposits by flushing with an acid solution.

A careful study of this method will help you make the right decision. Aggressive chemical compounds destroy metal and seals. Boiler manufacturers remove the official warranty after performing such procedures more than four times. By figuring out which filter it will be possible to purify water from lime, you can eliminate the cause of the problems.

Paradoxically, a high level of rigidity is less dangerous for the human body. According to sanitary standards, it is permissible to increase this indicator to 7 mg-eq / l. The negative factor in this case is only a noticeable deterioration in organoleptic characteristics. Mineral compounds of salts are essential in a quality diet.

The type of source is essential when choosing a method of water treatment. Centralized supply services ensure the concentration of hardness salts is not higher than SanPiN standards. Very rarely there are questions about how to clean water from lime from a well. The most difficult tasks will have to be solved when connecting to wells. In such sources, the value of the indicator 9-12 mg-eq / l is the norm.

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TOP-5 filters for water purification from lime

A wide variety of products with the same purpose raises additional questions from ordinary users. They do not have the knowledge of whether a particular filter decalcifies the water effectively enough. Let's eliminate this problem by describing the features of typical technologies.

1 place. hollow fiber

2nd place. Electromagnetic

3rd place. Magnetic

4th place. Ion exchange

5th place. Polyphosphate

hollow fiber

Would you like to remove the smallest impurities along with dangerous microorganisms? Choose this technology. Hollow fiber membrane with 0.01 µm holes in the walls will not let in the corresponding contaminants. It is less efficient than reverse osmosis, but it works faster. The performance of the cheapest serial models is not less than 700 liters per hour. This feature explains the absence in the system of an addition that is unnecessary in this case - a storage tank.

Aquaris 2000

To extend the life of the cleaning module, look for a suitable model in the Aquaris catalog. Under this trademark, membranes are produced that are cleaned by washing. They remain operational for more than four years. The resource for the passport is 500 thousand rubles. liters.


This method will appeal to those who do not want to delve into the intricacies of water treatment technologies. It stops the formation of scale with the help of an electromagnetic field, which is automatically generated by a coil on the main pipe. The connected generator independently adjusts the amplitude and frequency of the signal. The user does not require careful control. There is no obligation to replace cartridges and perform other scheduled work operations.

electromagnetic filter

Reliable equipment with a service life of more than 20 years is produced under the AquaShield brand. Models with a power of 5 and 10 W stop the formation of scale and remove old deposits, respectively. If you choose a 20 W generator, microorganisms will be destroyed in the working area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe coil.

The electronic boards of these devices are filled with a polymer compound to increase reliability. Individual models according to the control parameters comply with the IP68 standard. They are not damaged when used in a room with a high level of humidity.


Positive feedback from experts can be found on the Internet about MPV MWS devices. They are produced with threaded and flanged connections from DN 8 to DN 250, respectively. The manufacturer installs high-quality magnets, which, even after 10 years of operation, lose their useful properties by no more than 0.2%.

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Household series models are designed for high pressure - up to 12 kgf / cm2. Operating temperature up to +125°C. The devices are placed after the pump at a minimum distance from the heating zone. At temperatures above +70°C, calcium deposits can form on heating elements and heat exchangers. The flow rate to be processed should not exceed the values ​​recommended by the manufacturer.

Magnetic filter

Ion exchange

This technology, in addition to hardness salts, can remove iron in the form of ions. The corresponding equipment is assembled according to a standard scheme and is offered by many large companies: Aquaphor, Geyser, etc.

When choosing a model, the following parameters are evaluated:

  • volumes of the main and salt tanks;
  • nominal / peak performance;
  • loading efficiency according to the permissible water hardness;
  • consumption of tableted reagents per wash cycle;
  • equipment with automation equipment.

The functionality of the system depends on the type of download. The filter material of the basic category performs softening at a hardness of up to 10-12 mg-eq / l. Expensive analogues with an accurate calculation of the working layer can be used at a level of 25 meq/l and above.

Ion exchange filter

The disadvantages of the method should be taken into account for the objectivity of the assessment:

  • loud noise during washing;
  • regular replenishment of the supply of tableted salts;
  • tincture after a significant change in the concentration of impurities in the source;
  • special inlet cleaning to protect the ion exchange load.

The equipment is connected to engineering networks with certain technical parameters. The room maintains a temperature and humidity regime approved by the manufacturer.


This method is chosen to protect the heating boiler or washing machine from scale. Dissolved polyphosphates worsen the quality of water, which, after appropriate treatment, cannot be used for drinking and performing hygiene procedures.

The main advantage of the method is the lowest cost of functional components in comparison with other systems. A typical polyphosphate filter Geyser PF can be bought in the company's online store for only 539 rubles.

Polyphosphate filter

For comparison, we present the prices of other types of equipment in the basic version (in thousand rubles). rub.):

  • AquaShield - 17.7;
  • Aquaphor (cabinet model of ion exchange) - 64.9;
  • Aquaris - 43.5.

Polyphosphate treatment is used for hardness up to 6 meq/l. The liquid temperature must not exceed +45°C.

At a distance of more than 50-60 centimeters, the concentration of active substances decreases to a critical level. For this reason, devices in this category are installed as close as possible to the heating element.

How to clean drinking water from lime at home

What to do if you need to perform softening urgently without using a special filter? In this situation, simple technologies are used that each user can reproduce at home using improvised means.

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This method allows you to eliminate from the liquid all the components that determine the temporary hardness of water. The procedure is performed within 10-12 minutes using a suitable container. After completion of processing, its walls are cleaned of plaque.

The simple technology of boiling water is characterized by a high consumption of electricity or gas. All work operations are carried out manually. This method is not suitable for the rapid preparation of large quantities of soft water. Boiling significantly increases the level of humidity in the room.

Boiling water


This technology is better suited to remove iron, which precipitates during oxidation. Heat is required to rapidly form hard deposits from magnesium and calcium salts. The method can be used to process a large amount of liquid in a suitable container. But it must be borne in mind that in order to obtain a good result in some situations, it will be necessary to increase the procedure time to 2-3 days or more.

Settling of water

Results and conclusions

A good project can be prepared on your own, turning to specialized specialists only to solve especially difficult problems.

Apply the standard algorithm of actions:

  • checking the contamination of the well (another source);
  • compiling a list of functional components of the system according to the approved selection criteria;
  • selection of suitable models in the range of reliable manufacturers;
  • connection and configuration according to the instructions given in the accompanying documents.

Determine the expediency of using standard technologies, taking into account the presented advantages and disadvantages:

  • magnetic systems and polyphosphate devices are suitable for protecting individual pieces of household appliances;
  • classical softening is performed using ion exchange;
  • a polyphosphate filter passes part of the dissolved substances, but allows you to get high-quality drinking water at the outlet;
  • the electromagnetic apparatus prevents the formation of scale, but does not retain impurities.

We recommend carefully checking the main and related control parameters. Make the calculation with a service life of at least five years.

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