Economy class apartment renovation

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A fairly relevant and interesting issue for many people during the global financial crisis was the renovation of an apartment according to the unspoken economy class standard. In repair work of this type, there are, first of all, cheap building and finishing materials, which are used, as is quite clear, by craftsmen with little experience. On the portal repairs can be ordered.

Fortunately, there were a great many materials in the field of the domestic market, even in times of crisis for Russia, so their acquisition was not a problem. The difficulties were, as they still are, with teams capable of offering a priori high-quality repairs with a guarantee of operation of at least several years. It is desirable, even at the stage of writing a plan for the upcoming repair work, to distribute responsibilities between brigade foremen.

Repair of economy class apartments, of course, must be trusted by experienced painters, without even showing a fraction of their attention to working with paints and varnishes that are dangerous for their smell. With the same responsibility should be taken to puttying work, leveling the walls, floor, and of the ceiling, on the occasion of a real need.

What you can do with your strength at the repair stage is gluing vinyl wallpaper, like laying linoleum, but not installing a false ceiling, I say this specifically for wealthy Russians. Particular attention in a personal approach to repairs, even performed using inexpensive building materials, must be subjected to electrical and plumbing system, having coped with these two tasks exclusively by specialists, with the complete elimination of their own manifestations.

The final stage in the repair according to the economic standard is the installation of entrance doors, as well as interior doors, on which it is categorically not it is recommended to save finances by buying good products from the best manufacturing companies at a time for an amount equal to at least four hundred dollars.

With absolutely the same responsibility, I advise you to treat the installation of new plastic windows to replace the old ones. wooden structures, however, as well as a bath, plumbing, again wallpaper, floor and ceiling coverings. Believe me, any of the alternative solutions you have taken will be far from the best way. repairing an apartment, unless, of course, you consider yourself to be a qualified repairmen.

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