Interior of a bathroom and toilet: classic and beautiful design of the ceiling March 3 sq m brezhnevki

Interior bathroom and toilet (photo 60): the basic direction of design and selection of bathroom


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Today's manufacturers offer a wide range of different materials, with which you will be able to create a unique interior of a bathroom and a toilet.

Today, there are many options of bathroom design with a bath. Every owner of a bath can choose for themselves something suitable. interior of a bathroom and toilet

In order to turn this room into a favorite place for each member of your family can use a few tips of professionals in this field.

There are many styles in which your bathroom can be issued. Let us consider some of them.

The main areas of design bathrooms and toilets

  1. Mediterranean style
corner bath in the interior

Example bathroom design in Mediterranean style

This interior bathroom, executed in this style will look very chic. It is characterized, first of all, the presence of ceramic tiles on the walls, mosaic or glass inserts with floral elements.

So design a typical bathroom Mediterranean-style implies the existence of indoor plants on the windowsill, of course, if there is one.

They emphasize the natural environment of the Mediterranean coast.

  1. French country

The main feature of country style is considered its juicy colors, an abundance of items, made of natural materials such as wood, leather and textiles, as well as the use of traditional patterns.

a typical bathroom design

design example of a bathroom in the style of French Country

It may be small flowers or cell. If you have a bathroom March 3 square meters - its design is not much different. In this case, use cold tone.

This is necessary in order to visually enlarge the room and give it some depth. Pay particular attention to items of sanitary ware, namely in their decoration. You can choose to paint plumbing designs that will blend in well with the tiles on the walls and floor.

  1. Classic style

Classicism - the most refined style of the bathroom. Your bathroom - classic design will look rich and elegant.

en March 3 square meters design

Example bathroom design in classic style

There really does not matter which one you choose classicism: a Venetian style, the English or the French classics. This presupposes the existence of an interior bathroom ancient, possibly exclusive furniture, as well as a variety of accessories made of natural stone, leather or solid wood.

The trim elements are best used gold leaf and silver. This style requires you to considerable financial investments.

  1. Ethnic

Ethnic style is considered one of the most important and popular destinations in the design of bathrooms and toilets. This style perfectly conveys the mood.

Mosaic in the interior of the bathroom

Bathroom Design Example of the room in an ethnic (Moroccan) style

Its main feature is the use of small parts. For example, using a variety of wooden and earthen ornaments, tableware, which is always possible to adapt as supports for small items.

However, the design of the narrow bathroom in ethnic style can be enhanced by finishing the entire floor surface with natural stone, such as marble.

In addition to this you can order a plumber from a single block of stone.

  1. modern

Art Nouveau can be called the king of style, because it combines elements from other styles, and sometimes not at all in harmony with each other.

design of the ceiling in the bathroom

design example of a bathroom in modern style

often mosaic bathroom interior combined with the unusual at first glance elements.

Note! If your bathroom is equipped with PVC windows, then you have the opportunity to use a variety of original glass blocks. Thus they can be both partitions in the large bathroom area. For this style is characterized by a translucent lockers, which are internally fitted with multicolored lights. These cabinets can be filled with accessories in a nautical style.

It is important that the design of the ceiling in the bathroom was made of high quality material, which can hold a significant amount of moisture, and thus to be heat-resistant.

Do not forget that all the elements in the bathroom should be in harmony with the walls and the floor.

How to choose a bath

Very often, coming to a specialty store and choosing the bathroom, we're having unexplained difficulties. Sometimes they are linked to the size of the bathroom, sometimes with its shape and much less with the materials of which made itself a bath.

If you plan to design a bathroom in brezhnevki, you can afford the bathroom of any size, and it can be set even in the middle of the room.

design a narrow bathroom

The original design of the bathroom

It will look more than just gorgeous, and climb into a bath can be from either side. In addition, the modern manufacturers offer you the round tubs and bathtubs designed for two.

If your bathroom is no different than the huge size, then a corner bathtub in the interior of the bathroom - the only thing that will save your position.

Such a bath may be rounded or be formed in a triangle shape.

Sometimes small area bathrooms are placed standard rectangular bathrooms. Today, this form of baths made deeper and longer. Bumpers thus become less rolling. Now, taking a bathroom, your knees will not freeze.

However, do not pursue too long bath. Sitting in the bathroom you will be comfortable only if there is an emphasis and focus will be, if the bathroom is not too big in length to the legs.

The optimal length of these baths is considered 160 centimeters and it is enough for comfort. Otherwise, you will continually slide into the water

So beautiful bathroom design involves not only the beauty, but also reliability. As for the material, most of us are accustomed to using conventional cast iron baths.

beautiful bathroom design

The modern hot tub designed for two

Indeed, this material is not exhausted, it is sufficiently strong and durable, but is not always convenient for installation and transportation, due to its impressive weight.

Iron - very resistant to corrosion, retains heat very well and has a tremendous reliability. If you drop into a bathroom that a heavy, most of all, her enamel will break away and do something, unfortunately, you're no longer able to.

If you want to eliminate the old cast iron bath and replace it with acrylic, you should pay attention to these aspects when choosing your location:

  • Acrylic layer should not be less than 6.5 mm;
  • high quality acrylic is not very flexible. If you are offered the bathroom of irregular shape, it is likely, the material is not enough quality.

Scratches and chips on the surface much easier to clean acrylic bath.

Do not forget about the reinforcement. Acrylic bathroom should always be strengthened to the bottom and the walls are not deformed and do not sag.

It is also possible the acquisition of the steel bath. In this case, be prepared for the fact that the water in it will cool down very quickly. In addition, this bathroom is quite noisy. The advantages include its ease. By weight it is comparable to the acrylic bath.

It will help to create an original design of the bathroom - a mosaic. Different combinations of colors and textures will make your bathroom unique (see. Other variants of repair bathroom).

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