Shower cabin with your hands: photo, how to make a tile pallet, homemade design, video, from the tile shower

Shower enclosure - a convenient structure that allows you to save space in a small bathroom The shower enclosure is a convenient structure that allows you to save space in a small bathroom Our rhythm of life has recently acquired rapid rates, and therefore the shower has become one of the most demanded water treatments. Soak in the bathroom, it is not always possible, as it takes time, but the "rain" that will cheer up, or relax before going to bed, always comes in handy. Those masters who aspire to realize their ideas are unlikely to remain satisfied with what the modern market offers them. The cabins made by own hands, look not only solid, but also allow to save money on acquisition of the given unit.

                                      • With their own hands( video)
                          • Design of a shower cabin with their own hands made of tiles( photo interior)

Shower with your own hands: the sequence of actions

You can not argue that,the showers, hand made, are unique, because to do it necessary to work hard. In the correct approach, every detail needs, especially the design of the project, because you need to know all the subtlety of the connection and what you need in order to arrange the bathroom.

Angular layout of the shower enclosure allows you to rationally organize the bathroom space The angular arrangement of the shower enclosure allows for rational organization of the bathroom space

Before proceeding with construction, you need to determine the sequence of work:

  • Determine where the future shower cabin will be located, it will be along the wall or fitIn the corner;
  • Buy all necessary parts;
  • Conduct work related to waterproofing;
  • Carry out communications;
  • Mount the drip tray;
  • Wall cladding;
  • Lay out the tile;
  • Choose doors;
  • Busy installation;
  • Check for operation.

If you decide to take on the assembly of the bathroom with your own hands, you need to have a little experience related to the construction in order not to be disappointed in the results of your work.

How to make a shower cubicle and a pallet of tiles with your own hands

All work involves the assembly of formwork on a pre-prepared surface. Then foam blocks are laid, and if there are unevennesses, they are corrected by a special solution. In order to make a beautiful and convenient pallet yourself, you may need a number of materials.

The made shower cabin with its own hands will be unique The made shower cubicle with its own hands will be unique

For example:

  • Roulette;
  • Trowel;
  • Trowels;
  • Level;
  • Reiki;
  • Beacons;
  • Capacity where the solution will be located.

Speaking about the advantages of a shower tray, it can be said that it is designed for a long life and has excellent aesthetic qualities.

The work of installing the tiles on the shower tray and shower is as follows:

  1. After the prepared surface dries, you need to put a film or roofing material, this will protect the frame from moisture. After that, the edge is laid with a brick to form a kind of curb along the perimeter. When the solution dries, make a screed and create a slight slope from the center to the middle.
  2. Use the building level and lighthouses to get the perfect result. The result should be perfectly accurate.
  3. The whole surface is then covered with a mortar and can be decorated with tiles or a large mosaic. Make sure that the masonry is correct. If the drawing needs to be selected, it will be necessary to exert a little more effort.
  4. Completes this process of waterproofing and the organization of wall decoration with tiles.

Please note that if you survive in a multi-storey house, you need to take care of the built-in drainage system. This will protect you from possible conflicts with neighbors. The seams, which are located between the tiles, should be wiped off with a solution, in which a sealant is added. Laying tiles on the wall with waterproof glue will help to avoid unforeseen situations. How correctly there is a brick laying or wall decoration with the help of a mosaic for the shower room, and most importantly, how the ready fencing should look like you can find out from the photo. If you do not know how the device of the bathroom wall and the shower cabin is made with a glass door, then the video will help you.

Self-made shower cubicle: stages of preparation

Those who have already built a shower from tiles with their own hands know that in the process there are not a few problems that will have to be solved immediately. Only with the right approach to the matter can you get a good result.

It is important to immediately decide how you will have a pallet, this will give you the opportunity to raise the drain point It's important to immediately decide what kind of pallet you will have, this will give you the opportunity to raise the drain point

Basically, the task that confronts the master is the organization of a good plum. In order to get it, most often you have to raise the floor and using the acquired materials, solution and plasticizer to correct all the shortcomings.

The next thing you'll have to face is the waterproofing of the room. The best option is to use a system that is used in swimming pools.

Properly designed waterproofing will not affect the room and does not spoil it with moisture, so it is a prerequisite.

In order to carry out the finish of the floor, you need a non-slip water-repellent tile, you can use a mosaic, as it also has waterproofing properties and includes a beautiful design and easy installation.

In this work, we can not do without glue with water-repellent properties. The quality of your finish depends on it. In order to provide greater comfort, you can install a heated floor and install the doors. Although if you want to save money, you can use simple rubber curtains.

If you want to build a shower cabin with gypsum cardboard walls, this option will not be more economical than the whole cabin purchased.

But it includes the following advantages:

  • The shower cubicle can be laid in accordance with the owner's taste and have the required size;
  • It is possible to install exceptionally high-quality materials;
  • You can be sure that your installation is quality and will work for a long time.

You can independently purchase a door that you think is right and more suitable, and it's better to use glass. If there is a need for excision, experienced experts advise first to install veils and then to be engaged in glass. In reverse order, you will have to contact specialists who will create veils for your glass size, and this is much more expensive.

Try to purchase tempered glass. In the event that it breaks, its edges will be blunt or remain on the film. Therefore, the probability that you are injured though it is, but much lower than using conventional glass.

Hardened material has a single minus, it's expensive. If you want to save money, you can glue the usual glass with a film. Of course, this will take a little longer, and will require certain skills, but the result can be similar to the hardened one.

Polycarbonate can be used to replace the glass. He also has light transparency, and besides he is not so demanding in care. In order to install it you need a frame from the profile.

Built-in shower from the tile: the positive side

By creating a shower cabin by hand, the selection of the material can also be carried out independently. If you want to save, you can buy a tray of acrylic, low-cost options will be a model of Chinese production. Pallets from Italy, Poland or Belgium will be more expensive. In the same pricing policy are the steel pallets. And the most expensive are pallets made of earthenware.

In any case, a self-made shower cabin with their own hands will be much more convenient than the factory box In any case, a self-made shower cubicle with its own hands will be much more convenient than the factory box

In addition to the pallet, you can make a certain design, for example:

  1. An unchanging variant is the classic. It includes pastel colors and a few brown shades with the addition of gold. This style is perfect for any shower, if it is supplemented with interesting fragments. In order to keep all the details qualitatively, you will have to purchase expensive tile adhesive.
  2. High-tech style, has become the most popular due to the large amount of metal and chrome-plated refined details. Cabs in this style can be supplemented with appliances, massage brushes, which will simplify the adoption of a quality shower.
  3. Combining several styles - fusion, thought out to the smallest detail. Its key quality is not only an excellent appearance, but also comfort while using the shower. But in order not to make a mistake with the choice, it is better to review the ready-made options created in this direction and consult with specialists. Incorrect organization can lead to the fact that you add unnecessary details and create excessive saturation.

Based on these criteria, you will be able to implement an organization that likes not only you, but also is most suitable for your overall interior.

The shower cubicle with your own hands( video)

In summary, besides the fact that the master can choose the style himself, the creation of a shower cabin with his own hands implies the organization of the form that you want. It can be as a square organization, so triangular or even oval. In shops, ready-made pallets are sold in any form. Everything contributes to thinking through the work to the smallest detail and getting the result you want.

Design shower cabin with his own hands from the tiles( the photo of the interior)