Hygienic shower: in toilet for toilet, photo with mixer, installation of sanitary watering can for bidet

Mixer with hygienic shower - convenient and easy to install device mixer with hygienic shower - a convenient and simple to install device Most apartments in layout have a small bathroom. For such situations, a hygienic shower was created, which does not take up a lot of space in the room, and the functionality is the same. Any model of such a soul enables a person to do all the personal hygiene procedures. The hygienic shower is equipped with a watering can, a hose, a mechanism of adjustment and fastening. The button and the lever, which are installed on the watering can, allow to regulate the water supply.

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hygienic shower in the bathroom: Basic types

At the moment you can see several shower models presented in specialized stores. These species have their own characteristics and features in use. The connection of such a shower can be either hidden, that is, in a wall, and in a prominent place. A hidden connection in case of breakage must be extracted from the wall, what is most implied is its dismantling.

A successful selection of a hygienic shower will allow the procedures to be carried out quickly and comfortably successful choice hygienic shower will allow procedures quickly and comfortably

There are 3 options of hygienic shower:

  1. One option is to wall. This option is very light in design and installation. When installing the mixer put on the pipes, and outside only the watering can, flexible hose and holder. It is the flexible hose that makes the control easy.
  2. Shower for hygiene with washbasin. The working process consists in opening the faucet, and entering the water in the nozzle of the mixer, where the water will hold until use.
  3. Toilet bowl. This device is multifunctional and looks like a normal toilet, but it is equipped with jets, with which water is supplied. The nozzle must have a retractable mechanism and a power button. Often this button is placed on the rim of the toilet bowl.

Before you can get such a mini underlay, decide what dimensions you need, near which the base and tube will be located. Not infrequently built in sanitary shower is accompanied by a sink. This shower installation will perfectly fit in the interior. Everyone can connect the shower, and anyone can use the shower, and the man and even the child. Built it is called, because it does not need to be hung on the wall, it takes its position in it. You just need to connect it correctly and use the button to start working.

We install hygienic shower for toilet with mixer

This shower model will be an excellent replacement for bidet. Such a shower for small baths will be the best solution for daily hygienic procedures with ease, and most importantly quickly. Installation of such a hygienic shower is very simple, it also does not take up much space and will give the chance to refuse the installation of additional plumbing fixtures.

The model of a hygiene shower perfectly fits into a small or combined bathroom Model hygienic shower, ideal for the small or WC

Given that the installation of such equipment may be carried out covertly, it is suitable for any style and design of the bath.

Built-in shower is a separate device, not as an outboard, in case it needs to be repaired, it will be necessary to dismantle the place where the equipment is located. In the case of a dressing protects the shower drywall, this will lead to, though not large, but it cost, so before the scheme hidden soul will again be installed, check to see if it works in accordance with all requirements.

How to connect the hygienic shower

The installation does not need a call to the master, it can be done by yourself.

Installation of a hygienic shower in a small toilet area is carried out directly on the toilet The installation of a hygienic shower in a small toilet area is carried out directly on the toilet

The shower installation in a phased order will be as follows:

  • We close the supply of hot and cold water;
  • We install stopcocks;
  • We install the mixer according to the attached instructions;
  • We connect the installed mixer to the water supply;
  • We install a flexible hose;
  • We install the mount on the wall;
  • We check the efficiency of the hygienic shower installed, if there are errors that are corrected during the installation, we fix them.

A hygienic shower is a kind of prefix that is installed with respect to the floor, the height should be accessible to an ordinary person. In the photo you can see how to put the dusk properly for intimate hygiene.

Toilet bowl and bidet

The use of personal hygiene measures should only benefit the body. And it is when installing a hygienic shower in the toilet you need to monitor the quality of the goods that you buy in your bathroom. Installed watering can must be certified and have a warranty card and passport, where the material from which the watering can and the service life of it is to be indicated should be indicated. It is not recommended to use a watering can, if nothing is known about it. Use of such a watering can is permissible, if it is made of environmentally friendly materials.

Hygienic shower - a convenient device for both separate and combined bathrooms Hygienic shower - a convenient device for both separate and combined bathrooms

For the manufacture of shower heads, the following materials are suitable:

  • Stainless steel;
  • Brass;
  • And environmentally friendly plastic.

When buying a hygiene watering can, you need to pay attention to the appearance. The watering can not have a crack and dents.

Installing a hygienic shower in the toilet: advantages and disadvantages

In our time, as always and always, there are a huge number of opponents and adherents of the hygienic device in the bathroom. Many people think that such a hygienic shower is not needed, but only leads to excessive use of water and, in addition, it is inconvenient for people of a large physique to use such a device.

Such a universal device is good in that it can be used both in ordinary toilet bowls and in suspended This versatile device is good in that it can be used both in ordinary toilets and in suspended

Establishing a hygienic shower in a bathroom is not mandatory, but those who have at least once tried such a shower in action, Appreciated its advantage.

Since the device of such a shower is simple, each owner can install it himself without calling a specialist.

The main advantages of a hygiene shower are:

  • A small price;
  • Providing hygiene and freshness throughout the day;
  • If the apartment has children, then such a shower will become an indispensable assistant to care for children's hygiene;
  • Flexible hose enables other related work;
  • Allows you to care for people with disabilities;
  • Saves money for the purchase of toilet paper.

When buying, pay attention to the shower characteristics, as they come with one water temperature and the presence of a mixer, which plays an important role.

What is a shower with a thermostat

Few people like it when a cold water jet envelops you, especially in sensitive places where a hygienic shower is used.

The thermostatic mixer has two handles - for adjusting the water temperature and adjusting the flow head The thermostatic mixer has two handles - for adjusting the water temperature and adjusting the flow head

In such situations, the ideal option is a model with a thermostat, which makes it possible to regulate the temperature of the supplied water.

The thermostat withstands the water temperature you programmed in the mixer. And you will not wait until the water warms up. Pay attention that not all complete sets are equipped by them, take care of the qualitative and checked up guarantee of purchase, in the further to not regret about the lost means.

In addition, this option offers models not only with the presence of a thermostat, but also with a special capacity that drains the liquid from the hose. It is very convenient and relieves you of most problems associated with excess water. And its installation is just as simple and includes the same principle as the other models. Everything adjusts the water tap.

What is a hygienic shower( video)

In our life, we do not often come across such concepts as hygienic shower or bidet, but those who want to achieve maximum comfort and self-confidence understand the necessity of the presence of such devices in the house. Having installed such a simple device as a hygienic shower in your own bathroom, you are a few steps closer to luxury and self-sufficiency. Examples

hygienic shower in the toilet( photo)