Modern bathroom interior in a wooden house

bathroom interior (33 photos). The choice of colors, plumbing. Interior design for two, for a child


Table of contents

  • 1 Color selection
  • 2 choice plumbers
  • 3 How to share one bathroom for two
  • 4 Bathroom for baby
  • 5 "Highlight" of the interior
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According to statistics, as we are assured, scientists, for his life a person spends in the bathroom for 3 years. In addition, the minutes spent here are important for the mood, because we do water treatments before leaving for work or going to bed, and thus has a direct impact on the productivity and efficiency of their labor recreation.

When planning repairs in the apartment, the bathroom interior think through very carefully. How to create your own stylish design, without recourse to professional designers, our article will tell.

bathroom interior

Color selection

Before doing bathroom remodeling, you need to come up with the basic concept and choose the dominant color.

The most commonly used colors:

  • beige and close shades of pastel colors;
  • blue;
  • pink;
  • lime.
    Modern bathroom interior

    Bathroom in pink

Then you can see on the Internet by a professional interior designer bathrooms and on the basis of which has its own layout, editing the finished idea to your taste.

Thereafter, it should define the necessary set of sanitary ware, and also take into account the specific composition occupants (Bathroom for adults should be slightly different from the bath for children) and it is advisable to make your repairing sewers hands.

choice plumbers

When choosing a plumbing guided by the following rules:

Modern interior of a bathroom is difficult to imagine without a shower.

However, if the room does not have a large size, it is not necessary to clutter. Best of all, or to abandon the classic bath, or purchase a bathroom with glass doors.

If the room enough space for the bathroom, you can unleash the imagination and create a place for relaxation to your liking, setting ...

For example:

  • classic rectangular bath;
  • corner bath;
  • whirlpool.

Rest of the furniture can be purchased ready to set that all elements (pedestal washbasin, hanging lockers, mirror, etc.) look like a single concept.

How to share one bathroom for two

Create and execute the design and renovation of bathrooms for one tenant is quite simple, but for two is much more difficult to meet the needs of both spouses.

It is necessary to take into account such nuances:

  1. Each of the tenants must have their own corner; it may be a separate cabinet or shelf for shampoo and toothpaste.
  2. If the area allows, install two sinks, or one double, the wife could brush your teeth, while her husband shaving.
    Bathroom interior in a wooden house

    Two sinks can become a focus of the interior

  3. The choice of decor is necessary to find a compromise. If it is difficult to achieve, you can experiment and decorate the walls or portions thereof in different colors, the main thing to pick up shades of the same intensity.
    Interiors bathrooms

    Bathroom: interior with multiple colors

Bathroom for baby

largely bathroom fittings for the child resembles a similar design for the adult set it just the physical size and the atmosphere of the room.

Of course, to allocate space for the children's bathroom can only owners, making the repair of private homes or large houses. However, for them it is a great way to instill in your child a love of water procedures, turning them into the game.

It is worth remembering that the child often sprays water while swimming. Even if you create the interior of the bathroom in a wooden house, the walls should be tiled.

Use wooden battens covered with waterproof varnish, it is possible only in the bathroom for adults.

Particulars of the children's bathroom:

  1. Tiles should be bright and cheerful.

Can be used:

  • for girls - princesses image, floral motifs, hearts and balloons;
  • for boys - image pirates, ships, cars and favorite cartoon characters.

Tip! Think about how many years will be enough of the chosen design: the child will "grow" maybe a couple of years out of it. Solution could be the universal choice of tiles. For example, dark tiles with bright images of a popular character Hello Kitty is enough fun for doshkolnitsy and at the same time will not look too childish for a teenage girl.

bathroom interior

Universal tile, suitable for several age groups

  1. The room must be filled with bright colored details: It can be towels, curtains, glass for a toothbrush, dish soap, and any other elements.
  2. A good design will add to the training elements, such as letters of the alphabet from the ceramic adhesive labels. In this case, your child will be able to help them peck, therefore, to study them even more likely.
  3. Universal is a marine theme, which fits perfectly into the interior of the bathroom. This option repairs the bathroom is particularly useful if you are only waiting for the appearance of the baby and make room "for growth", or in your family, children of different sexes, and you need a compromise.
  4. Sanitary must be of appropriate size. Buy it is not difficult - you can find a special model for children in many DIY stores.

Tip! The sink can be installed immediately, "adult", expanding it step-footrest.

Convenient steps-steps for kids

Convenient steps-steps for kids

  1. Add in the interior of creativity. For example, you can order several round mirrors and use them to create fun tracks.

"Highlight" of the interior

Hexagonal tiles on the bathroom floor

Hexagonal tiles on the bathroom floor

Thinking through the basic concepts you need to come up with any feature that will become a "highlight" of the room.

Its role can do:

  1. stand or bright shiny accessories - holders, shelves, mirror frame advantageously will look in the interior of pastel colors;
  2. mirrored ceilingWhich will give the interior view mysterious; the light from the lamps will be reflected in it, and fall on the tiled wall surfaces;
  3. a large mirror on the whole wallHowever in this case not overuse the amount of light that it does not blinding;
  4. mosaic floor - unusual accent panels will be spectacular, especially in the stylish bathroom interior fit hexagonal mosaic.

Photo Gallery