Interior bathroom: modern design combined bath with a window in the apartment

Bathroom interior (36 photos): ideas for modern design


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  • 2 unusual ceiling
  • 3 The original wall decoration
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It is impossible to downplay the significance of the bathroom in modern life. This is what sets the mood of the room in the morning and relieves stress after a long day. Interior of a bathroom should be appropriate and sent to the holder in the right direction.

In this article we will discuss how to choose the right color of the room, how to arrange the lighting as well as devoted to the most popular styles. After receiving all the necessary information, you will be very easy to make repairs and design of the bathroom, adding a little of their own preferences.

Bathroom interior

Styles bathroom

If you prefer to design according to the rules of a particular style, a bathroom - it's a room where appropriate absolutely anyone, even the most unique option.

We will look at different styles, ranging from classic to modern:

  1. Classic style

Universal version, it is suitable for those who do not like experiments, and for those who are afraid to make a mistake with the choice. Classic design bathroom in the apartment looks stylish and relaxed, but the residents of private homes will need to dilute it with elements of other styles.

Guidelines for creating classic interiors:

  • use a maximum of natural materials, such as marble and granite;

Tip! A modern classic permits the use of high-quality imitation - it may be an artificial marble or moisture resistant wallpaper that mimic silk.

  • Cranes should have smooth rounded lines, their color should imitate expensive metal can be gold or bronze;
  • if you are introducing home appliances, it is better to purchase a built-in or to hide its decorative panels;
  • an important part of the classics is a free-standing bathtub "on legs" that can create the look of a small swimming pool;
  • total immersion in the atmosphere of style will help to achieve forged candlesticks or lamps, but they are not essential elements.
    Interior of a bathroom with corner bath

    Bathroom: Interior in classical style

  1. East or Arabic style.

This option will help to create a bright and sophisticated design solution:

  • give preference saturated warm colors - gold, yellow, red or a bright - blue and turquoise;
  • it is appropriate to look like patchwork or small tiles are also alternative is classic tile with oriental or floral motifs;
  • lamps should have inserts of colored glass; it is desirable that they were regulating the degree of illumination.
    Bathroom interior

    Bright bathroom in oriental style

  1. Japanese style

It is simple and concise. This style can not be used as the design of a combined bathroom. Japanese bath - a total relaxation, and thus, no bathrooms, no soul in it should not be.

Create the necessary interior help the following elements:

  • use natural materials: classic rock, unusual rice paper and wicker bars;
  • you must select a neutral color calm - it may be shades of beige, white, yellow or coffee;
  • Cover the floor bamboo mats or mats;
  • bathroom interior design perfectly complement accessories in the Japanese style.

Tip! Once and for all dispel doubts whether enough of Japanese elements in your bathroom, lift the floor to the level of the edge of the bathroom, creating the illusion of immersion.

Interior design bathroom

Bathroom Japanese-style

  1. Country

Rustic style create a fairly easy:

  • natural materials should have a "rough" facet, you can use brick, stone, wood;
  • colors for finishing the bathroom with their hands choosing natural - beige, brown, green;
  • must be an abundance of textiles: curtains and towels with characteristic patterns.
  • selected vintage plumbing, made in the style of the last century.
  1. modern

The most modern design of the bathroom, it's fairly simple to create it.


  • surfaces and furniture should have smooth lines;
  • plumbing must be as ergonomic and functional, no frills and frills;
  • taps and mixers are chosen light, made of steel or nickel;
  • household appliances is encouraged.

unusual ceiling

Create beautiful interiors of bathrooms help uncharacteristic tricks on the ceiling.

Some contemporary designers are beginning to experiment with them, and very successfully.

Such a function can perform:

  1. Luxury chandelier. This option repairs bathroom suit owners high ceilings, but it gives the interior a pretty feminine look, so not suitable for the decoration of the monastery bachelor. Chandelier should be fairly solid, and have a shiny elements.
  2. A large piece of furniture. This could be the night table, buffet or any other piece of furniture, which is rare to find in the bathroom. If the place is not too much, in this element can mount the sink.
  3. Tile "under the tree." It will help to combine several design areas, for example, to create a modern design of the bathroom interior in the Japanese style, or country.
  4. Suspended ceiling with a unique décor. Most spectacularly starry sky will look. You can even order your constellation image of the zodiac sign in the center. In any case, you will surprise the guests.
    Design of a combined bathroom

    Starry sky in the bathroom

The original wall decoration

Give the room a "flavor" can be and with the help of the original decoration of the walls in the bathroom. The main thing is to stick to the color of the recommendations presented in the section detailing styles.

Best Interiors bathrooms help to create the following methods.


  • Ceramic tile with vintage or Victorian designs will look very original, if it decorate the room in a modern style.
    Modern Bathroom Design

    Elegant tile that mimics Victorian stitches

  • If the wallpaper "under the tree" to add white wooden flooring and a long wooden bench, the bathroom will remind spa and unconsciously promote relaxation.
  • If you create a design bathroom with a window, use Roman shades with unusual pattern, they are perfectly set off the monochromatic finish of the walls.
  • Can be used too contrast combination, for example, small black and white tiles, loosening its effect monotonous floor or reinforcing a checkered floor tiles.
    Interior design bathroom

    Striking black and white square on the floor and walls

  • The use of monochromatic tiles of the same color for the walls and floor creates a feeling of more space and can be used in small rooms.
  • Memories of summer vacation and will help keep the vinyl siding beige or blue color, complete with border tiles "on a stone."

Using corner bath

Interior of a bathroom with corner bath looks unusual and luxurious, and thus is very popular among contemporary designers.

They are often used to save space. However, owners of large facilities often place them in the center of the bathroom, mounted in a multi-level floor.

Besides podium angular bath can be supplemented with a special finish angle, for example, lay mosaic suitable color to the tile rest on the walls, or highlight corner bath zone illumination.

Design a bathroom in the apartment

The spectacular addition to the corner bath: 1) mosaic angle; 2) lights unusual

A spectacular addition to the corner bath:

  1. mosaic angle;
  2. unusual lights. "

Choice of corner baths is very wide:

  • Most often acquire a corner bath with Jacuzzi function, but you can buy and combination with shower.
  • Most daring creators design advise bathrooms with transparent walls. When filled with water, they resemble an aquarium and look very attractive.
  • Very romantic look model with halogen lighting. The color of this illumination is desirable to be chosen so that it resembled the hue of illumination on the wall or ceiling in a refurbished bathroom.

Then the interior of the bathroom will look as a complete composition, rather than a set of color patches.

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