Mixer aerator: water tap, diffuser nozzle, which is aero with illumination, sprayer and diffuser

A mixer aerator is a small device in the form of a strainer aerator mixer - a small device as a strainer In the operation of plumbing fixtures aerator mixer in form of a small mesh is fixed to the tip of the crane and the water jet passes freely therethrough. This hidden in the crane device is designed for aeration - oxygen saturation. Also, the device provides an economical approach to water costs. A minute is spent about 15 liters of water, and every few seconds the device can save 2-3 liters of water.

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principle of action at the nozzle mixer

aerator tap can be used for kitchen and bathroom. It consists of several elements, each of which performs its task.

The peculiarity of the design of the aerator is that it divides the jet of water supplied into a lot of thin jets that are mixed with air feature aerator design is such that it divides the supplied water stream into a plurality of thin jets, mixed with air

main parts:

  • plastic housing;
  • Filter, as a rule, there are several, they direct and purify water;
  • Gas mixers with water;
  • Seal washer - rubber washer;
  • Outer grid;
  • Bushing-cartridge;
  • The decorative part of the device, also called a bushing, can have two types of threads - internal and external, depending on the model.

The main purpose for which the device is designed is the saturation of water with oxygen from the air.

This is important for the composition of the water for the following reasons:

  • Through the interaction of oxygen with particles of chlorine, is their neutralization;
  • Water becomes less rigid and well dissolves detergents and soap.

In addition, the nozzle does not allow water to splash and fill the space around the sink, water is purified from large unwanted particles and water consumption is reduced. And this, in conditions of its high enough cost, means a profitable saving of money on utility payments.

To determine the water flowing with the device, it is very simple. It is softer, and the jet has an exact direction.

The color of the water is not clear, but milky white. In addition, the oxygen-saturated water has a foamy consistency.

Varieties nozzle-aerator

Despite the identical parts of which are made all the aerators, there are two main schemes of their production.

Aerator is a very effective way to save water while washing hands and dishes aerator - a very efficient way to save water for washing hands and utensils

Types baits:

  1. disc type tool, wherein the disc through small holes on the surface distributes the flow of water into fine jets, whereuponThey dissect into a reflector. The dissector in this case is a mesh made of metal.
  2. The slot aerator has a slightly different operating principle. Mixing water with the air takes place here due to the passage of water through the cracks and breaking it up into droplets, by cutting into the deflectable disc. Then the jet is dissected by a mesh.

Both circuits work quite efficiently and are in demand in the same degree. Properties

materials spargers tap water at

When producing baits are used as metals, and polymeric fibers.

If you have a good understanding of the mixer device, you can find on its spout a small thing, threaded with thread, which in its essence is a water aerator If properly deal with the mixer device, at its spout can find a small Thing stranded threadedly which inherently is aerator water

most durable materials of construction for the aerators to the mixer, Are considered:

  • Polymers;
  • Extruded aluminum;
  • Brass;
  • Ceramics;
  • Bronze.

Polymer models are easily removed, as there is no kick is material to the tap. But they have their drawbacks - they are subject to mechanical impact and break fast. Because of this, their term of service is very limited. Aluminum

devices are very vulnerable material can oxidize and break take a strong liking to the mixer, and then delete it presents a problem.

The most qualitative are brass devices - they are characterized by long operation, they are resistant to any corrosion.

In the last place for strength and durability are steel structural elements. They are afraid of rust and wear out quickly. Recently, for the manufacture of the device, stainless steel is increasingly used, which significantly increases the life of the aerator.

Additional functions of water aerators

Some models have non-standard features.

In addition to the main purpose of the aerator for the mixer - saving water, it has several additional functions, one of which is water purification addition to the main purpose of the aerator tap - water saving, it has several additional functions, one of which - the water purification

The following types:

  • Adaptive model;
  • Flexible;
  • Modifications with illumination
  • Filtering aerators.

The swivel aerator works on the principle of a shower, and it can be given any convenient direction. Such a sprayer is usually installed on a kitchen faucet. At the same time, it restricts water in order to save. This is due to an increase in the pressure of the jet and a decrease in the time for washing kitchen utensils and food.

flexible attachment to the mixer is suspended in a small hose and it can also be rotated and direct the flow of water anywhere in the shell. This device is convenient when you need to get water in a bucket or a large basin, and put them in a sink there is no way.

The aero device, equipped with illumination, is used for decoration purposes. However, coloring the jet in different colors, the nozzle thus indicates the temperature of the water in the tap. When needed

quality water purifier can use aerator filter operating with mesh ion exchange or activated carbon.

The shower room can also be equipped with a nozzle that can be hung on a wall or be ceiling mounted. The aerator can be fixed traditionally on the shower. If the mixer is of a non-standard shape and has a rectangular spout, it is necessary to select a specially designed divider. Specifically

for saving water, in the presence of water sensor is best to choose qualitative model running smoothly, e.g. aerator Ferro.

How to clean and replace the aerator for tap

This procedure as replacing the aerator is extremely simple and can be made with your own hands.

To unscrew the aerator, it is sufficient to have a adjustable wrench To unscrew the aerator, it is sufficient to have the adjustable wrench

. In order to clean the filter, you will need:

  • Wrench;
  • Pliers;
  • Silo with thin tip or needle;
  • Napkin or cloth.

You can then start to work:

  1. first diffuser unscrew and remove - it is removed by means of its rotation - this can be done hands, a pair of pliers or a wrench key.
  2. Rotation is performed clockwise, if you take an overview from above.
  3. Then remove the rubber gasket. In case of its unsatisfactory condition, the part can be replaced.
  4. The body is carefully dismantled and rinsed with water. Small parts should be cleaned with a needle or an awl.
  5. going cylinder in the same manner as understood, and the old or replaced the gasket is placed on top. The device must be screwed together with a rubber washer in a counter-clockwise direction.
  6. Avoid twisting. With the resulting leak, you can tighten the structure a little with the help of pliers.

In the same sequence, you can remove the old device and install a new one if replacement was required.

What is a mixer aerator( video)

In order to purchase a high-quality aerator for the kitchen or bathroom, it is not necessary to run around the economic and specialized stores. Standard and feature-packed models can be ordered nowadays by selecting in the catalogs on the manufacturer's websites or in large hypermarkets, such as Leroy Merlin, where there is always a huge selection of these products.