Electric towel warmer: electro what is better, how to choose a towel dryer, the power of electronic

Having installed an electric heated towel rail in the bathroom, you can make it more functional Having installed an electric heated towel rail in the bathroom, it is possible to make it more functional As a rule, heated towel rails perform their functions only during the heating season, while hot water flows through the pipes; in summer, the use of a towel dryer is not possible, so the manufacturers offerTo get data from models that work from electricity. With such models, the use of heated towel rails can be used to the fullest extent throughout the year.

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Practical heated towel rail

Exterior view of the heated towel rail can be differentShaped, the most common species is the lattice or snake. Such dryers have a number of additional properties, except for, the main function of drying things. With a properly selected instrument, condensation does not appear in the room and humidity will not be increased. In addition, a heated towel can be fully heated in the bathroom. On sale there is a very large towel warmer, almost to the ceiling, in this case, you can dry not only towels, but a large amount of laundry.

Electro-towel heater should be chosen based on the size of the bathroom and the design The choice of the electric towel heater should be based on the size of the bathroom and the design of the

All the devices differ in the type of heating element, in appearance, but they have common characteristics.

The main thing is that you need to connect to the mains to work. Therefore it is necessary to observe the rules of fire safety during installation. An electrical appliance is preferred for selection in certain cases. The installation of the electric heater is relatively simple, there is no need to repair or renovate the bathroom for proper installation.

For operation:

  • Access to the outlet is required;
  • No need for additional wiring or replacement;
  • The installation of an electrical appliance does not require much effort, except that the socket must be in close proximity.

This appliance can be used along with a standard water heater, which operates from heating, but in summer, when the heating season is over. In addition, it can be used as an additional element to increase the heating power. When a small heating capacity is required and there is no need to heat the room, the electric towel dryer is optimal, it can be turned on when required. The device is very easy to dismantle and simply translate when moving.

Which is better to choose an electric heated towel rail

There are several basic types, depending on the way of heating elements of electric towel rails, the most important - wet and dry. In dry form, the method of heating consists in using a special cable like a warm floor system. In a wet state, the liquid inside the pipe is heated by a special fan.

Used in the pipes of various liquids - it can be oil, water or antifreeze.

In addition, the ambient air is heated. When choosing the required type, for a specific option and taking into account external circumstances, before buying it is necessary to study all the nuances and characteristics of devices.

When choosing an electric towel warmer, consider the number of people living in the house When choosing an electric towel warmer, consider the number of people living in the house

The difference between the two types:

  1. Price. The price ratio of the 2 devices varies greatly. But, as a rule, devices of dry type are much more expensive.
  2. In accordance with the tasks for which it is necessary to use a heated towel rail, the wet type is characterized by room heating, for dry only the drying function.
  3. The electricity consumption of dry type is lower than that of wet type.
  4. Mounting of a towel of any type is much easier, special skills for installation are necessary for a wet type, and there are many nuances of installation.
  5. Dry type is characterized by fast, but not strong heating, however, the wet one heats up more slowly, stronger and holds the heat longer. For some, this feature is not very important.
  6. An important feature of the wet type is the need for constant monitoring of the temperature of the liquid, otherwise excessive heating may occur.

Manufacturers equip their devices with special regulators, this is their plus, as it becomes possible to control the heating, and accordingly, the consumption of consumed electricity.

Recommendations: how to choose a good electric towel

Modern manufacturers provide a wide range of equipment of different characteristics, so there may be difficulties in choosing. The basis of choice is the functions that the towel heater performs.

First of all, the best device should have the following characteristics:

  • Reducing the humidity of the bathroom;
  • Minimizes the chance of mold and fungus in the room;
  • The power of the device allows, if desired, the user to heat the air in the room;
  • Drying wet laundry.

Before buying an electric towel warmer it is worth reading the reviews on the Internet about the model you are going to buy Before buying an electric towel warmer it is worth reading the reviews on the internet about the model you are going to buy

In addition, the look is equally important, the device should fit harmoniously into these room parameters, do not interfere with the installation of home appliances andPlumbing. The material of the manufacture of the ten should be carefully chosen.

A bronze heating element is preferred, as this material has excellent characteristics, it is well heated, it keeps heat.

Some people try to make this device by their own hands. Such a device may not comply with the fire safety parameters and be hazardous to operation, therefore, without special knowledge and skills, it is recommended to purchase a ready-made, professionally manufactured device. When choosing a towel warmer, you need to orient yourself to the power, on which will depend, how much energy the included device consumes. On sale it is possible to find towel-warmers with shelves in a design, turning elements. In addition, it is worth paying attention to how much the repair of the device is financially costly if it breaks down.

Nominal power of the electric heated towel rail

The amount of power consumed depends on which type of heating element is used in the construction of the heated towel rail. The choice depends on the functions required by the user. Each device consumes its own amount of electricity, and it's not advisable to talk about universal figures, but if you compare the features of two types, it is more economical to choose a dry type heating device with a cable.

Pros of the electric heated towel rail:

  • Heated towel rail with electricity consumes much more;
  • The heat output is more significant;
  • If you need additional heat in the room, it is more appropriate to choose this type;
  • The power controller on the towel heater will allow to control the power consumption;
  • The electronic timer will allow the device to be turned on only as needed.

The higher the power of the electric heated towel, the more energy it will consume The higher the power of the electric heated towel rail, the more energy it will consume

In general, we can talk about an average figure of 500 Wh / h. This consumption can be considered large. Having a standard towel dryer, you can save in the heating season, and use the electric model only in the summer. When the electric appliance operates around the clock, its use may not be economically feasible.

Economical infrared towel warmer

Infrared towel warmers are gaining popularity. They are also represented by a wide range of products from different manufacturers. Types of dryers with two-sided heating are available. Thus, the volume of simultaneously dried laundry increases. In addition, this type of appliance can be used as room heating, and with a double surface on one side it is possible to use the device for the intended purpose, and on the other hand to heat the bathroom.

Infrared devices are good in that no additional time and energy is needed to warm up the device. Some devices are fully heated after a few minutes. In addition, the radiation evenly distributes heat, and its action is significant and persistent. These types of dryer towels are safe for health and have a high level of safety. The infrared device is working when connected to the mains.

Types of electric heated towel rails( video)

When buying, get acquainted with the power indicators of the device. It must be remembered that the lower this figure, the less energy the device will consume.