Repair small bathroom: finishing small areas, the necessary tips

Repair small bathroom (photo 54): painting, siding wall panels, wall cladding and tile floor finish


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  • 2 decoration
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    • 2.2 Cladding wall panels
    • 2.3 Wall cladding tiles
  • 3 finishing the floor
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Repair small bathroom - a nontrivial task even for an experienced master. What can we say then about the opener, which had the form of a close room, and dripping water on the floor from a leaky pipe joints literally lose heart!

However, not all that bad. Suffice it to come to such a case, how to repair a small bathroom, armed with the necessary knowledge - and repair work to be completed quickly. And the result (note, with very modest financial investments) will be pleasantly surprised and you and your household.

Repair small bathroomThus, repair small bathroom. What do I need to pay attention in the first place?

A small area of ​​the room. This means that preference will be given to us finishing methods that minimally "steal" space: you can plaster the wall in the bathroom or lay tile, but from the plasterboard wall panels and better refuse.

If you plan to repair the bathroom the economy, in order to minimize costs, you can sacrifice some space.

As a result, it is these moments and will be decisive in choosing the method of finish: depending on the budget, allocated for repairs in the bathroom with their hands, have to be determined, than to sacrifice - or the space money.

So, suppose that with the choice of finishing options, we decided on. What will be renovated bathroom small size of the room?

Note! Following are some tips based on what you'll be spending overhaul. If you are limited to only finish applicable to action is only part of them.

Preparatory work

You need to assess the condition of the room. Does gender repairs needed? Do leveling plaster walls or other material required? a ceiling in satisfactory condition?

The evaluation makes the plan of preparatory work and proceed to its consistent implementation.


  • With perforator remove the floor finish and the old tie, scraping concrete base. Above purified and dust-free foundation layer laid waterproofing materials, they protect against possible water leaks. Once the waterproofing is laid, a new fill, leveling screed.

Note! Sex is better to do a little below the floor level of the apartment.

  • Clean the walls of finishing: tiles bring down the hammer or chisel, paint - clean off with a wire brush.
    Repair small bathrooms

    Removing trim

  • After finishing removed, you can proceed to the replacement of communications. It should be done right now, because the next step will be the alignment of the walls, to spoil them during the removal of pipe - irrationally. It is necessary to replace the risers water after removing them (hence, it must be done as quickly as possible), and then, slowly, perform pipework.
  • If the walls require alignment, plasterers their solution based on cement.
  • If you do not want to mess with plaster, moisture resistant plasterboard wall sheathe (low cost of this type of finish will allow to repair the bathroom Economy) or cement board, pre-treating the walls under the skin antifungal means.
  • plating the wall sheets are fastened on the profile of galvanized metal or glue special glue.

Thus, the walls are lined on the floor - fresh screed. Our bathroom is ready to finish!


Finish begin to repair the walls. Consider the three main ways in order of increasing cost.


The least expensive finish option that fits in if you started saving bathroom renovation - is paint the walls.

Indeed, even if we use the structural paint walls provides not only color, but also texture, will be cheaper than in the decoration of the wall panels, and much cheaper than tiles or cladding mosaics.

However, the final color result - quite specific. And the requirements for walls leveling quality increase significantly. Recommend color as a way to trim the walls in the bathroom can be in the first place fans of minimalism in the interior and those who operate an extremely tight budget.

Cladding wall panels

Repair in a small bathroom

Bathroom, plastic-coated

More Drogo option - special plastic cladding panels ( "plastic lining").

In any building materials supermarket offers a wide range of plastic wall panels - on the version of "ultra-economy" white color to tinted and laminated plastic on the outside, which its value is not very different from the natural tree.

Carrying out repairs bathroom PVC panels, trim mount on a special frame made of wooden beams, treated with water-repellent and antibacterial composition (to prevent it from rotting in warm moist environment). Frame attached to the wall by means of anchors which are screwed into the predrilled hole.

Wall panels pasted on the frame structure type "liquid nail", and connect with each other "in lock", inserting the projection of one panel to an adjacent groove.

Under plastic panels mount several solid boards, firmly attached to the walls. In them we screwed fasteners numerous cabinets and shelves.

Wall cladding tiles

The most practical option walls in the bathroom - facing their tiles:

  • Before starting work, put on the wall marking, marking vertical and horizontal lines. According to him, we will be guided by laying rows of tiles. Road marking use a plumb and level long enough.
  • At pre-aligned wall using a special spatula or trowel plot the tile adhesive, a kneaded and diluted according to manufacturer's instructions.
  • With a toothed trowel edge to form the adhesive composition of the grooves of uniform depth.
    Repairs and small in size

    Wall cladding tiles

  • Tiles are putting to the adhesive layer and is firmly pressed by hand. After a similar way, we have laid a few tiles, check the correctness of their level of stacking. The sooner it will check, the easier it is to correct errors in the installation.
  • The final stage of finishing the walls - grout the tile joints with a special compound.

finishing the floor

Laying the flooring - this is the stage that completes the bathroom renovations.

  • The most economical option for bathroom floor covering is linoleum - it is inexpensive, practical, not afraid of water, and it can be easily replaced if desired. The more that is perfect for a small piece of linoleum, the remainder of the replacement of the flooring in the room or hallway to a small bathroom.
  • Today, a popular coating becomes waterproof laminate. Many are skeptical about the use of the laminate in such a humid environment, but today his model quite successfully resist swelling.
    Tips to repair the bathroom

    Waterproof laminate flooring, the price - from 340 rubles.

  • Still unchanged "classic" for a floor in the bathroom was and remains a ceramic tile floor. The only thing you should pay attention - this is its size. Trying to put a large tile in the small bathroom will lead to the formation of large quantities of waste.

As you can see, repairing small bathrooms has its own nuances. But if we take into account at the stage of planning of repairs, all work will be completed on time, and the result is bound to delight you and your household!

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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