Repair of the ceiling in the bathroom and the floor system: materials, repair of water drainage

Repair of the ceiling in the bathroom (photo 42): Finish with your hands


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  • 1 Cheap and cheerful
  • 2 pasting polystyrene foam
  • 3 wooden ceilings
  • 4 Dropped ceilings
  • 5 Plastic PVC panels
    • 5.1 Benefits
    • 5.2 The sequence of work
  • 6 Stretch ceiling
  • 7 Summing up
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Many people wonder how to make repairs in the bathroom ceiling. How to choose the right materials, pick up the lighting issue and the overall design of the room, as well as some helpful tips for repair - see this article.

Repair of the ceiling in the bathroomRepair bathroom with their hands - responsible action. In this room, the apartment tenants spend a large part of the time, so the design and comfort should be put in the first place.

It is known that the bathroom modern renovation involves the complete dismantling of the old plumbing and purchase new alignment of the walls and floor, and laying them on the tiles, and ceiling repairs.

Trim bathroom - a room that requires special treatment to the materials. High humidity and temperature changes put forward their demands to the quality and characteristics of the materials.

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Repair ceiling - an important stage of finishing an entire room, so from the very beginning it is necessary to determine the type of ceiling construction.

There are several basic types of finishing the ceiling:

  • staining;
  • wrapping light plates;
  • wooden ceilings;
  • plastic panels;
  • stretch ceiling;
  • dropped ceilings.

Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages, we consider them in detail.

Cheap and cheerful

Materials for the repair of a bathroom

Paint the ceiling in the bathroom

Staining still remains the most simple and affordable option, if necessary repair of the ceiling in the bathroom. Beauty coating with this type of repair depends on the quality of surface alignment will therefore try at step preparation.

Paint the ceiling in the first place, to avoid getting paint on the finished floor and walls. All the cracks and crevices on the ceiling trim obscure and flattened by applying a layer plaster after which the primer is coated ceiling to reduce absorbency and improve the strength material.

After drying it is necessary to polish the surface and may be applied to the first layer of paint with a roller. It is better to apply several layers, each waiting for the complete drying.

Note! If the ceiling has been painted, the entire surface does not require plastering, just use waterproof cement putty.

pasting polystyrene foam

Repair of the ceiling in the bathroom

These are the boards and will be on the ceiling

Quite popular for the repair solution is the gluing of polystyrene ceiling tiles. It allows you to save and do not require special skills for assembly. Price - 120 rubles, the production of domestic companies Nitra and KIN..

By the way, repair the floor in the bathroom can be performed at the same time or even before gluing tiles, since there is no danger of contamination.

Polystyrene plates on the market are presented in three categories - stamped surround patterned, colored tiles and laminated coating of extruded foam. The third option - the most appropriate, the most they are lightweight, strong and durable, in addition, do not turn yellow in the period of 5 years, they can be painted with latex paint.

The standard size of these boards - 50x50 cm, in addition, they can always buy decorative moldings and rectangular panels.

Note! Such material is glued to any surface using a conventional water resistant adhesive to the foam.

The installation process:

  • In preparing the surface to clean off the paint or whitewash washed off.
  • All hygroscopic surface gruntuem glue. Do not forget about the treatment of the fungus.
  • Mark up the ceiling from the center to the periphery, to monitor the proper angles and smoothness of lines.
  • Cropped plate, if necessary, is pasted by applying adhesive at nine points. We fix so as not to leave visible gaps.

Do not worry about the location of plates close to the pipes - temperature are not harmful to them. But lighting is better positioned at a distance of 20 cm.

wooden ceilings

Repair floor in the bathroom

The wooden ceilings are often used in baths

When you pick up materials for the repair of the bathroom, pay attention to the tree, and it is on battens - eco-friendly and beautiful finish, quite often used in the country housing construction. For ceiling installation created a framework of bars, dowels attached to the slab.

The gap between the plates and the ceiling is approximately 25 cm. On the frame with galvanized nails nailed batten. Rods are not joined end to end, because it is possible they swell when wet.

Considering temperature characteristics and high humidity, to be pre-treat wood antiseptic composition and gidrofobilizatorom. After processing the sensation painting, but without excessive shine.

Dropped ceilings

This renovated ceiling in the bathroom for a long time has become a classic.

Types of suspended ceilings:

  • Pinion;
  • cassette;
  • plasterboard ceilings;
  • stretch PVC;
  • PVC panel.

The advantage of the installation of the ceiling is the ability to hide electrocommunications and ventilation, as well as harmoniously highlight features walls. You can also create original lighting system that complements the interior.

Plastic PVC panels

Modern bathroom renovation

The ceiling is made of PVC panels


One option - repair of the ceiling in the bathroom with the use of plastic. PVC panels look beautiful, durable, provide good thermal insulation, wash well and are easy to install.

In addition, they proved themselves when used in rooms with high humidity. The individual ceiling panels of this type does not exist, but the wall mounted quite well by "tongue in groove". To create a beautiful interior, you can pick up the necessary panel texture and color.

The sequence of work

  1. Marking mounting lath.
  2. Attaching furring.
  3. Fixing a starting profile plastic.
  4. Fixing of plastic panels.

Stretch ceiling

Stretch ceilings - is a thin PVC film or polyester fabric stretched over baguette frame made of plastic or aluminum. The distance between the film layer and the ceiling by about 30 mm. After installation, we get a perfectly flat plane, characterized by high resistance to water.

With such a ceiling is no fear of flooding of the neighbors - material holds up to 100 liters of water per square meter, which can be drained through the holes for fixtures. After drying, the shape is restored.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. Now that you know how to properly repair the toilet and bathroom. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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