Shower cabins: how to choose a booth, the rating for quality, which we choose for a private house, expert opinion

Shower cabins are in high demand today Shower cabins very much in demand today There is far wrong opinion that shower cabins are sanitary equipment that is preferred when there is not enough space in the bathtub. Quite a lot of examples that showers are used in parallel with bathrooms, as they have a lot of additional and quite nice features.

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    • As youAdvantages and disadvantages of the shower cubicle

      In order not to purchase a device that will not last for a couple of weeks for fabulous means, the shower booths have their popularity rating, and also has a lot of advantages due to whichGive preference to many people.

      Shower cabins have a lot of advantages Shower enclosures offer a host of advantages


      • Compact;
      • Multifunctionality;
      • Quality;
      • Reliability;
      • Durability;
      • Possibility to install, both in a private house and in an apartment;
      • If you want, you can find the equipment at the best price.

      There is almost no such disadvantages, but in some cases, it can also be quality and price, as when buying, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of experienced professionals, to study customer feedback.

      How to choose a door for a shower cabin

      When choosing a shower for a private house or apartment, the selection is usually made between sliding and swing versions. It is worth paying attention to the doors.

      They can affect:

      • Ease of operation;
      • Compact;
      • Product tightness.

      If you intend to install plastic doors, then it is best to choose sliding structures that operate on specially installed guides. The swinging plastic doors have a more optimal price, and the installation is carried out on special hinges or walls.

      Doors for the shower cabin must be chosen very carefully Doors for the shower cubicle must be chosen very carefully

      If you pay attention to the expert's opinion, it is better not to choose the swinging plastic doors, as they can not only break down, but also pass water over time.

      When installing a door made of glass, it is advisable to prefer a split variation, since the European version is of a higher quality, and glass is used for the construction of the highest category of strength. In addition, such doors do not allow water to pass through, which prevents the formation of high humidity in the room. Among the shortcomings can be noted that for the opening will take a lot of space in the room, but because the option is not suitable for small rooms.

      Tips: how to choose a shower cabin for a private house on a pallet

      A pallet is an important part of the shower enclosure, since it depends on the basis of the integrity, life and quality of the structure. The pallet must be made only of high-quality materials, and also equipped with rails to prevent water leakage.

      The quality of the shower tray depends on the service life of the structure The quality of the shower tray depends on the service life of the

      In order to choose the shower cab, it is worth paying attention to:

      • Production Country;
      • Dimensions;
      • Pallet.

      The most reliable pallets are those that are installed in the floor, but do not forget about the width and depth of the part. The width of the choice depends entirely on personal preferences, and basically the landmark is aimed at the parameters of the figure of the largest member of the family, so that the reception of water procedures brought only pleasure and nothing more. A deep and wide tray is, of course, much easier to use, but you need to take into account the parameters of the room in which they will be installed.

      Actual rating of shower cabins of economy class

      For some buyers, when buying a shower cubicle, such criteria as simple design, optimal price and economy are important, and many ask - advise which one to choose. In other words, if you want to buy a booth without bells and whistles, it is desirable to pay attention to the products produced by domestic producers.

      Domestic manufacturers produce high quality products Domestic manufacturers produce high quality products

      For example:

      • Aquatek;
      • Aquatic;
      • Aqua Joy and the like.

      Variants of Chinese production of such series as Apollo, Avito are not less demanded, as the cost is affordable, but the quality is slightly different from the European one. The similarity can be in external data, but not in terms of service life and reliability, therefore, before buying, it is worthwhile to review some of the firms and products so as not to get a poor-quality booth.

      How to choose a shower cabin by the way

      Quite often people need to advise a shower cabin of a certain type, so that it can work properly and at the same time rejoice with all its merits. Types of any shower are different.

      Shower cabins are of several types Shower enclosures come in several types


      • Closed, in which a monolithic roof and shower is a separate box for washing;
      • Open, in which the roof can be sold separately or completely absent;
      • Recessed;
      • Infrared.

      Closed-type system is used mainly in domestic conditions, it provides low water permeability to the room when receiving water procedures. The most popular are shower cabins of open type, as they are cheaper, and also allow you to additionally install the necessary accessories.

      Rating of manufacturers of shower cabins

      As already mentioned, there are many types of shower cabins, and it is not so easy to choose among expensive and best ones. What differences do they have?What separates them among themselves?To understand the answers to these questions, it is worth paying attention to the main characteristics of some models. It is on the design features, all shower cabins can be 2 types, as already mentioned closed and open.

      The open shower cubicle is most popular due to the fact that:

      • It looks like a corner, mounted on a wall;
      • It does not have a roof;
      • Optimum cost;
      • Ease of operation;
      • Space in the cabin;
      • Compact size;
      • The product is suitable even for a tall person.

      The disadvantage is that when taking water procedures, water can get through the top into the room and, in particular, to the ceiling. The enclosed shower enclosure has many built-in functions, it can have completely different cost, the dimensions depend on the availability of functions, they can be both compact and large, there is the possibility of mounting anywhere in the room, complete tightness, most often there is a sauna function, thisCombines in it the pleasant with the useful.

      Shower enclosures are compact and do not take up much space

      Choose the design for showering more and by the manufacturer, but due to the fact that almost every state is engaged in the manufacture of such products, it is possible to choose the most optimal option. What is better to choose and who should be given preference?Experts believe that the most ideal sanitary equipment is that which is manufactured abroad. The European quality exceeds all expectations, however, when buying it is worth paying attention to the instruction and if the parts are manufactured, for example, in Germany, and are assembled in China, then the cost should be lower and it is desirable to move such goods as far as possible, if desired, to buyQuality shower room.

      Europeans use only the best material, the latest technology and most importantly, they firmly and reliably collect their plumbing, and therefore their producers are considered to be leading in the world market and are in great demand.

      If you consider the top of the best and quality shower enclosures, then you should pay attention to the brands of Germany and Italy. Among domestic manufacturers also there are manufacturers, but in comparison with the European goods, they stand on some steps below on reliability and durability.

      Features of the open shower

      How to choose a cab of good quality?If the choice fell precisely on open-type shower cabins, then initially it is necessary to determine the price, quality, design parameters. The most functional version of such a structure is the angular shape of the product. In other words, in the room you need to make a choice of a certain angle, which is fenced off from the whole space. Inside it is installed a pallet and the necessary equipment, due to which you can take a shower.

      The wall covering is mainly tiled.

      The plus of this structure is that you can choose a mixer according to your own preference. In other words, it is possible to select an expensive device or an economy, and if repair is necessary, there will not be too many problems.

      The shape of an open type shower enclosure can be very different, as there are no restrictions at all, and depending on your own preference, it depends on whether it is:

      • Radial;
      • Oval;
      • Square;
      • Rectangular.

      An open-type shower cubicle should be chosen based on one The open type shower cubicle should be chosen based on your own preferences

      When buying such a product, you need to pay attention to a number of features. Physiological parameters of each family member. The size of the bathroom. The ability to replace specific parts when they are broken. To open type booth could arrange really for all parameters, you need to approach as competently as possible to the choice of fencing. As a rule, it consists of walls and doors or doors. The view of the shower cubicle can be of frame type, that is, from a base made of plastic or aluminum, and a frameless type made entirely of tempered high-strength glass.

      In the first variant, both walls and doors can be glass or plastic, but it is best to choose tempered glass, as it is practically eternal, and also it will not scratch, crack or other formations. On the surface of tempered glass it is possible to apply absolutely any decor, for example, in the form of an artistic list or simply stickers, stained glass, etc. Frameless shower cabin, completely made of glass, is considered more durable, reliable, but also expensive. The strength lies in the fact that all the elements are securely linked together, and it is simply impossible to break the glass.

      Overview of the parameters of the shower cabins

      It would seem that such a difficult choice in the banal shower enclosure, the dimensions that can be 90x90, 100x100, 120x90 cm and so on. But, be sure at the very purchase, you need to pay attention to such features as the quality of the material, the reliability of the hardware, the absence of defects on the body of the structure.

      Naturally, regardless of the choice of the product in terms of quality and cost, it is necessary that the cabin does not have:

      • Crack;
      • Skolov;
      • Scratch;
      • Bundles;
      • Foreign film.

      The presence of any defect can cause the formation of leaks during operation, and in a rather short time. Necessarily, together with the plumbing device there should be an instruction in which there is all information about the manufacturer, the material used for manufacturing, configuration, functionality, warranty service.

      The shower cubicle must be complete and not damaged The shower enclosure must be complete and undamaged

      It is equally important to check the availability of the certificate for compliance with the international standard GOST.

      It is undesirable to buy showers of unknown brands, since basically the newly emerged manufacturers are trivial second-hand dealers of Chinese goods and sell them for fabulous facilities with well-described technical characteristics.

      Brand rating of shower cabins in quality

      Firms for the production of shower cabins are not just in every country, but in many regions. How to make the right choice and not spend money in vain?Some buyers, including specialists, prefer to take equipment exclusively from the world's leading manufacturers.


      • of Italy;
      • Germany;
      • of Finland.

      Their superiority lies in the use of high-quality material, stylish, carefully thought out and, most importantly, modern design, as well as ease of installation and operation. Among German manufacturers, such brands as Hueppe, Kermi, CRW and Hyber are especially popular.

      Shower cabins of European manufacturers have excellent characteristics Shower cabins from European manufacturers have excellent characteristics

      Hueppe is known for the use of glass, created by modern technology and capable of not becoming dirty even with constant use of the cabin.

      Kermi manufactures only 3 types of designs for showering and have the best quality certificates. Hyber is simple and easy to use. CRW produces booths with many functions and, most importantly, stainless steel, which can last for many years.

      Among the companies of Finland, Timo companies, which provide a great warranty period, IDO Showerama, which produce unrealistically expensive showers, but fully justify their value, are mostly in demand. Among the most inexpensive, but high-quality Russian models, you can also find equipment that can surprise, and this is Akrilan, Bandhours, Radomir.

      How to choose a shower( video)

      According to the above data, we can only conclude that the purchase of a shower is a very serious process, and it is advisable to approach it with all responsibility so as not to be disappointed in choice and not to spend money in vain. Do not ignore the statistics and opinions of experts, since in most cases they remain right.