Thresholds for shower cabins. Purpose

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Many homeowners, before starting repairs in the bathroom, think about choosing a design for receiving water procedures.

Today it could be:

  • bath;
  • shower cabin of factory execution;
  • glass shower with sliding doors.

Each type of construction differs from each other in its features. Despite this, most people prefer modern glass designs. To do this, you must have a perfectly flat floor, tiled walls, and all the necessary attributes for draining and supplying water.

We will talk about the thresholds for such showers. After all, they are installed using special profiles that are not so tight in terms of letting water into the room itself.

For such purposes, there are thresholds that can be selected and purchased on the site. The range of these products is presented here in several variants, which allows you to choose those products that will meet all requirements.

What tasks do thresholds for glass showers solve?

Thresholds are one of the types of fittings for shower cabins. If the factory versions of such structures are immediately equipped with these products and special seals, and water leakage during the reception of water procedures is excluded. Then negative situations can occur with glass cabins.

Since such cabins are installed directly on the floor, there is a possibility of water leaking into the room. Special products - thresholds - help to solve this problem. Due to the prevention of the likely penetration of water into the room.

The main task of the installers of such cabins is to ensure that the thresholds with a glass partition are exactly combined with each other. If this is not observed, then there is a possibility of obtaining deformations of the structure as a whole.

In addition, the sills can be limiters so that the cab doors do not swing open too much. Thresholds should be selected in accordance with the given interior of the bathroom, so that they look harmonious and do not stand out.

The best option would be to purchase acrylic or aluminum thresholds. They can have a different shape, which will allow you to choose the product in accordance with the interior.

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