How to decorate the walls in the bathroom: how you can make a ceiling in the bathroom

How to decorate a wall in the bathroom (photo 45): ceramic and stoneware tiles, wall panels, waterproof paints and mosaics


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  • 1 Ceramic and stoneware tiles
  • 2 Wall panels
  • 3 waterproof paint
    • 3.1 Choosing paint
    • 3.2 The sequence of work
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Getting to repair, we are often faced with the question - than to decorate the walls in the bathroom and the toilet? In fact, this question is not as simple as it may seem, because a lot of finishing materials are not applicable to such specific areas.

How to decorate the walls in the bathroom

Today, there are dozens of options for finishing the bathroom with their hands. Here and a special water-resistant paint, and self-adhesive vinyl films, and wall panels.

Only from your idea of ​​the perfect design and depends on financial possibilities, than to decorate the bathroom.

In this article we consider only the basic options for finishing the bathroom and toilet. They are the most common, proven, recommended by experts, as well as easy-to-self stacking. And sometimes this factor becomes critical in the selection.

So, we proceed to the analysis of the simplest and most affordable ways to trim the walls.

These include:

  • ceramic and stoneware tiles;
  • Wall panels;
  • waterproof paint;
  • mosaic.

Ceramic and stoneware tiles

Decorating the bathroom tiles of the room it is considered one of the most popular ways. This is due to the performance properties of tiles: it perfectly withstands prolonged exposure to damp room, not deform when temperature drops, easy to clean and does not collect dust on themselves and mud.

In addition to purely utilitarian, tiles and has aesthetic advantages. Correctly picked up and laid tile will create a unique designer look.

In addition to the actual size, color and texture of the coating, the design can be set using a different tile layout on the walls. There are many options for tiling - the rows, "vrazbezhku" (with an offset of each one in relation to the previous), diagonal.

tiling technology:

  • The first stage - preparing the wall for stacking. If the surface is sufficiently smooth, it is possible to restrict their cleaning and priming. If there is no need to align the walls with plaster. One of the best options for a flat surface is cement cladding boards. After the cement board is securely fixed on the base, seams sizing fiberglass tape.
  • On the bottom or lining of cement slabs plot the layout for laying tiles. In order to mark the lines were perfectly smooth, use a plumb and level long enough.
    How to decorate a bathroom

    Laying tiles

  • After the marking is applied, proceed directly to the glueing of tiles. Novice master will be easier to sustain the correct position of the tiles and the distance between them, if you stick tiles on small plots. For bonding recommended to use a special tile adhesive, which is applied in one portion to the area of ​​0.8-1 m2.
  • Glued tiles check with the level of the plane, the vertical and horizontal. The sooner we do this check, the easier it will be to correct the shortcomings.
  • The final stage of the lining using a ceramic or stoneware tiles are grouting with a special compound and washing tiles. Sink should be carried out before the solution for laying and grouting composition are polymerized completely, otherwise the probability of damage to the eye surface.

As you can see, tile is the most common option, which is referred to when answering the question, what can be finished with a bath. The most common, however - not the only one!

Wall panels

Wall plastic panels - enough popular to date way to decorate a toilet and a bathroom. And this is due not only to their excellent performance and aesthetic qualities, but also the low cost of plastic. And indeed, if you are looking for a way to elevate the room "cheap and cheerful" option is better than plastic cladding panels, you will not find. The average price on the panel - from 135 rubles. pcs.

plating technology wall plastic panels made of PVC:

  • The first stage - the finished wall to the skin. To do this, remove from the walls of the remains of the old lining. The simplest version of how to remove the old plaster - dismantling of mechanical means or by means of the gun. Since the far wall will be hidden under the plastic, the need for alignment of their no.

Note! Since access to the walls after the skin is completely closed before installing the plastic is necessary to process the entire surface of an antifungal composition. So you can avoid the appearance of fungus in the warm and humid space between the walls and the plastic covering.

How to decorate the ceiling in the bathroom

Plastic cladding on the frame

  • Getting to the construction of the frame. Frame making from wooden bars impregnated with a special moisture barrier composition.
  • frame sewn on top of the plastic panels to collect their "castle." Where the wall panels adjacent to the side of the bathroom, fill the gap with silicone and overlapping special molding for PVC panels, so we protect ourselves against leaks.

Plastic panels are an excellent solution if you do not know what to decorate the ceiling in the bathroom. In this case, the ceiling of plastic panels, you can embed lamps "Fisheye", which perfectly fit into the design of almost any room.

waterproof paint

Choosing paint

Another quite economical option walls - painting them with special waterproof paints. This variant decorative wall finishing his own hands can be regarded as a compromise, because the painted walls in the future it will be possible to lay tile or mosaic.

When painting the walls should be remembered that this type of finish is not suitable any paint, but only that which is intended for use in areas with high humidity. If there is a risk of mold on the walls, the paint should be used, which includes fungicides and algaecides - substances that prevent the development of fungi.

How to decorate a wall in the toilet

painting walls

When painting walls no less popular latex paints which possess significant ability zhirootalkivayuschey and resistant to contamination.

In order to paint a "lay" flat, as thoroughly as is necessary to prepare the surface to be painted.

The sequence of work

  • Remove from the surface of the walls remains of the old finish. Thoroughly clean the surface from dust and oil stains.
  • Shpaklyuem surface "under painting", for this we put a special putty and align it so that the wall was perfectly flat. If we use an ordinary, rather than structural paint, the slightest defect fillers immediately manifest upon drying.


Mosaic in the bathroom

How can decorate the bathroom

Mosaic allows you to create a truly unique bathroom design by drawing on the walls of a wide variety of patterns and ornaments. For displaying the mosaics today used colored glass, colored ceramics, natural and artificial stone and smalt (opaque colored glass).

For you as a novice master, it will be easier to use a mosaic composed not of individual elements (the process of its application is quite time-consuming) and mosaic sheets supported on a base of polymer network. Such a mosaic you can create your own, without involving repair work-mozaichnikov specialists.

In addition to the tiles, wall panels and mosaics bathrooms trim adhesive tape or water-resistant wallpaper. In any case, we hope that you now know, than to decorate the walls in the toilet or in the bathroom in your home.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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