We approach the choice of a wrought iron bed correctly

There are many areas where artistic types of metal processing are successfully applied. One of them is the creation of furniture. Wrought iron beds are in wide demand, do not have any special flaws and are famous for their durability. A distinctive feature of such beds is that they fit any interior of the room, you can safely combine it with a classic, gothic or even country style.

Is it worth buying a wrought iron bed

This type of bed is perfect for those who want to get a durable product that will never go out of style. Metal beds are mostly made of high quality steel and have simple connections. They can serve their owners for decades, even with a possible increased load.


This type of bed has a number of significant advantages that distinguish it from similar products:

  1. Environmental friendliness. Forged models are made from environmentally friendly materials, so they do not harm the environment. Even the paint that is used to cover the surface does not contain toxic substances released. Forged products can be purchased without fear of spoiling your health.
  2. Increased level of durability. Almost everyone knows that beds made of metal and steel are particularly strong and durable. Often these models are inherited. When purchasing such a bed for a child, you can not be afraid that it will quickly break. The forged model copes even with increased loads.
  3. Diversity. Metal processing is a creative process, you can connect your entire flight of fancy. Therefore, models are famous for the choice of designs and colors. Dozens of unique patterns have been created, and one of them will definitely fit into the overall interior design.
  4. Not subject to external influence. They are fire resistant, do not deteriorate from high humidity and do not deform during sudden changes in temperature. If you leave the bed under the scorching sun or take it outside at -30, nothing will happen to it.
  5. Simple care. No need to buy additional products, treatments and sprays. It is enough to remove dust with a damp cloth.
  6. No cracks or chips appear. Models are not afraid of pets, insects and other factors that affect the condition of the furniture.

And the main plus is simplicity and convenience. They are not pretentious, fit perfectly into any interior.


Forged models also have several disadvantages:

  1. High price. Such beds require serious expenses. This is due to the material of production and the laborious process of working on their creation.
  2. Not suitable for small spaces. It is better to install a wrought iron bed in a spacious bedroom, otherwise it will take up all the free space and look too bulky.
  3. Antimobility. Such products are heavy and difficult to transport. If frequent moving is a habitual way of life, moving such a bed will be a very problematic and time-consuming task.
  4. Metal quickly gives off heat. If the bedroom is cool, the bed will cool quickly and will further lower the temperature. Some manufacturers try to treat their products with a special solution so that when you touch the metal, you don’t feel a strong cold.

If such shortcomings do not seem significant, then a wrought iron bed is what you need.

What are wrought iron beds

These models are distinguished by a variety of choices. That is why everyone will be able to find a suitable bed for themselves.


  • classic wrought iron bed with a back;
  • transformer - will help save space in the room;
  • children's bed - they are distinguished by a variety of patterns and design solutions;
  • bunk - ideal for a large family;
  • loft bed - also saves space in the room, suitable for children and teenagers.

Whichever option you like, the variety of modern choices will allow you to choose the perfect option.

How to choose a bed size

First of all, it is necessary to indicate for whom the product is being purchased, how many people will sleep on it and how much space the size of the room allows.

For two people, a double bed would be a suitable option. Before buying, be sure to test - lie down next to you, fold your arms over your chest and spread your elbows to the sides. If both vacationers do not constrain each other, then the size of the bed is enough for a comfortable sleep.

For one adult, a one-and-a-half-sleeping model is suitable. Together it can be crowded, so taking such a bed for two is not recommended. Also, this product saves space in the room and is suitable for small bedrooms.

A single bed is most often bought by people living in small housing. Or as a bed for a child.

There are also non-standard options for forged beds:

  1. Corner. It will save space in the middle of the room. Corner models are equipped with backs on the sides and a headboard.
  2. Round. If the space of the bedroom allows, you can place a round wrought-iron bed there. Suitable for bedrooms with a certain style or for little princesses who want to have a truly royal children's room.

A rectangular bed is the most famous and used option.

What is the basis and headboard

The most classic version of the headboard is a wrought iron back. This model is suitable for any type of bedroom and for a children's room. There are many pattern options.

For lovers of the unusual, there are wrought-iron beds with soft backs, they are usually made of suede, velor, leather or silk. This option looks sophisticated and softens the strict look of a metal bed.

Some designers have decided to combine metal and wood in their beds, so you can buy a model with such a back.

As the base, metal armor is most often used, they are not inferior in strength to the product itself and do not spoil the appearance. In some models, the base goes in one piece.

What metal to choose a bed

Most often, forged products are made of durable metal or steel. These materials are not inferior to each other in terms of strength and elegance of execution. Their only difference is the possible difference in cost. If the price does not play a role, then you can choose both options.

Wrought iron beds will undoubtedly become an elegant highlight of the interior. They fit into any design of the room, serve for a long time and do not deteriorate over time. The price of such a model is fully justified, because it outperforms other types of beds in all respects.

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