Child's room for two boys: ceiling design, the walls 9, 10 sq m with stickers

Child's room for two boys (33 photos): pirates, sports, knights, machines


Table of contents

  • 1 The theme and colors
  • 2 Proper positioning beds
  • 3 Work zone
  • 4 Cabinets and shelves
  • 5 The ceiling in the children's room
  • 6 The walls in the nursery
  • 7 Photo Gallery

Child's room for two boys can be made in different styles. Whether it's cars or ships.

Create a beautiful and high-quality interior in the nursery is very entertaining and exciting.

Child's room for two boysCompared to other rooms, children's, usually, bright island of tales throughout the apartment and it is in this room and professional designers, and parents can afford to implement some of the most vivid images and ideas.

Thus, the interior of a child's room for a teenage boy can be made in a variety of topics. On what options should stay?

The answer to the question of the children's room design is obvious: take into account the child's sex and the number of children who will be staying in the room, the personal preferences of your children and other small items.

Do not try to impose your daze certain subjects. Let this issue, he will personally, as to him to be in the room most of all.

Psychologists recommend to listen to the wishes of the child at 100%, even if they seem to you not entirely rational. The process of child growing up in the room affect his mental development and the formation of character.

In carrying out the design of children's 10 square meters, follow these tips and a little instructions. This will help you to make repairs in the correct sequence and prevent of total error.

The theme and colors

ceiling design in the children's room

EXAMPLE stretch ceiling

The most common themes for the decoration of the room for the boys:

  • Robbers and pirates;
  • Favorite cartoon and the main characters;
  • Airplanes, cars and various machinery;
  • Space, planets;
  • dinosaurs;
  • The underwater world and its inhabitants;
  • Cowboys in the Wild West;
  • The Middle Ages and the Knights;
  • Sport;
  • New countries and travel.

Often the interior of a child for the two boys can be made with a maritime theme, which includes a combination of white, blue, dark blue and red colors and their various shades.

The theme of travel and cars are usually performed in combinations of gray, black, white, and blue colors. If you want to arrange a room for their children in the zoological or botanical subjects, then stick to this line of colors, such as green - yellow - white - orange.

Child's room for a teenage boy

An example of an interior room in pirate style for 2 boys.

For sports color themes are chosen depending on the sport.

The selected design a child's room for two children should affect not only the color scheme, but also to other elements. For example, various accessories, toys, photos or posters, pictures on the walls.

It is even possible to form patterns on the furniture or curtains. So, if you make room in a nautical theme, the bed can be made in the shape of a starfish, the room to hang ropes marine sites, as well as Lifebuoy and steering wheels.

To enhance this effect can be used for children's stickers interior. They give the room of your young captains even more similarities with this black pearl.

If your kids are more prone to animal subjects, then hang or stick on the wall image of their favorite animal or make prints on textiles.

The room fans travel well will look compasses, telescopes, maps and globes, and all that little bit connected with this wonderful pastime - the conquest of new territories.

Proper positioning beds

Interior nursery for two boys

The original design of the room for the two boys. Pirate theme

Proper placement of beds in a room for two boys - that's how to begin a capital placement of furniture. However, some of the many arrangements of options to choose?

Note! The most advantageous option for the two boys is to use a bunk bed. It is important that their levels were low. You can also use the withdrawable bed, which can save storage space of the room. However, in this case, there can be conflicts between the children about the unevenness of beds.

To avoid squabbles about who will sleep on the second floor, you can buy two identical beds and place them near the windows on both sides.

The walls near their beds may also be provided to young talents. Suppose that in this room, all of them will meet the requirements and tastes.

Work zone

How to be a child, two, and one table. Is it correct?

If you do not have too little room for the area, it is advisable to put two tables. Arrange them side by side or can be in different parts of the room.

If you plan to design a children's 9 square meters, it is best to use a table-transformer, which when folded will not take up much space, and will develop into two equal, if necessary half.

Also, this table can be used for carrying out all kinds of celebrations. In a small room, you can use the table L-shaped or long table, divided into two equal zones (often separate areas with color or line-border).

As far as technique, here to share it will not work. Purchase two computers at once. So you will save significantly nerves themselves and the children.

Cabinets and shelves

Be sure to take care of the required amount of cabinets, shelves and various drawers for school supplies, books and toys.

If the closet one to two, it is necessary to separate it 2 zones, each of which will be responsible directly by its owner.

The ceiling in the children's room

design children's 10 square meters

The original design of the ceiling

An important stage in the design considered the design of the ceiling in the children's room. The ceiling and walls in a variety of combinations and combinations are able to make room for your children original and unusual.

With suspended ceilings can be zoned space of the room. This solution is ideal if your boys do not fit in their tastes and their subjects will not be compatible.

On the ceiling you can attach the stars, air lanterns and all that wish your baby.

The ceiling in the children can make a mirror. Such a move will give the room not only size, but also light.

This room will always have an elegant look. However, mirrored ceiling makes the room a bit cooler and will not always be the way.

The walls in the nursery

design children's 9 square meters

Example design of the room, "Ice Age"

Most often, parents try to paint the walls, draw your favorite cartoon characters and movies. This is one of the surest ways to make the room warm and cozy.

Also, the design of the walls in the nursery can be made using a variety of stencils and stickers (stickers) - see the other designs, children's bedrooms.

Photo Gallery

interior illustrated children's room in an apartment with furniture and window