Child's room for children of different sexes: the design areas of a boy and girl

Child's room for children of different sexes (36 photos) How to allocate to each child's personal space


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If you are the happy parents of two children of different sexes, the task of implementing the design of the room for them to be a little complicated. But do not despair, all is in your hands. Even if your kids of all ages can come up with a wonderful and unique interior nursery for children of different sexes.

When planning the interior, refer to the below sequence of actions and intermediate steps.

Child's room for children of different sexes


  • Divide the room into zones;
  • Select the type of bed and location;
  • buy beds and other furniture for the different areas;
  • Think about lighting;
  • Organize decorating.
interior for children of different sexes

Design example for children of different sexes

Separation rooms on the zone should be the first that you make. Separate important areas: sleep, rest and study.

Remember that every child will need a separate personal territory and bed. It is also desirable to have a separate space for classes. This could be one large rectangular table for up to two or two small square table. Do not use the circular design, as when sitting behind the table so elbows do not find support.

What to give the room?

  • If your family more than two children, psychologists are advised to perform a design nursery for children of different sexes in the largest area of ​​the room.
  • Not all parents are willing to take this step, if the apartment in which they live only one bedroom. But in a two-bedroom apartment is the smallest room can be given under the adult's bedroom, and the kids choose the bright room of the remaining two.
Interior for children of different sexes

Interior example for teens

  • Well, if a boy and a girl of the same age, then the question of placing two opposite-sex children in the constructed interior is greatly simplified. At the same age their interests coincide and we can find a compromise on the issue of subject matter and style. If it does not reach, separate part of the room a screen or a bookcase.

Terms of placement of furniture


Carefully thinking through the design for the children's children of different sexes, with particular attention paid to the choice of beds and their placement in relation to other pieces of furniture.

There are several variations of the arrangement of beds:

  • g-shaped;
  • parallel to the wall;
  • perpendicular to the wall.
Interior for boys and girls

EXAMPLE bunk bed

Note! If the premise is that you equip, has a narrow elongated shape, it is better to use a parallel arrangement of beds along the walls.

Interior for boys and girls

Two suspended bed

It is also possible to put a bed for each other. In this situation, they should be divided bedside table or cabinet. This will allow kids to feel better personal space. As decoration for the walls, I would advise to use wallpapers, posters or banners.

Let the children of your own to participate in helping you to fulfill children's design for boys and girls.

If you are using a version of the L-shaped arrangement of beds, make sure that the kids slept head to head.


Selecting the table, of course, it depends on the size of the room. Since completing the design of children's 8 square meters, you can buy two small square table and put them in such a way that the kids were sitting face to face.

Psychologists say that children and adolescents are sitting opposite each other, is less distracted and better perform the job at the preschool or school.

It is important to make a high-quality lighting of the work area.

Interior for two children of different sexes

The original play area

In carrying out the design of a small sized children's room, you can use the slide-out table on wheels. Similar models are sometimes used in the kitchens of small size.

Interior features for girls and boys

On how the beds are arranged depends on version of the interior.

If the beds are in different functional areas (not separated by a screen or wall), the interior of the room should take into account the interests of the inhabitants of the two premises.

Wall, near which are the bed, you can paint the same subjects, interesting for both children, but with a side bed zone issue, focusing on certain colors.

In part to strengthen the boy juicy green and blue tones, and in girls zone - to perform drawing in a more gentle and even pastel colors.

Thus, you will be able to "kill two birds with one stone" and perform a design for two children of different sexes, please at the same time each of them.

The interior of a rectangular room

EXAMPLE wall decor

There are also more radical methods. For example, the design of the walls painted in contrasting colors.

To the room did not seem angular and uncomfortable, use a large number of decorations, located throughout the area.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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