Child's room with his hands: design for a teenage boy and girl

Child's room with your hands (54 photos). Lighting, decoration of the walls and floor. Features classic, romantic, ethnic style and high-tech


Table of contents

  • 1 Where to begin?
    • 1.1 Wiring
    • 1.2 Lighting
  • 2 wall design
  • 3 Material for floor
  • 4 The style
    • 4.1 Classical
    • 4.2 Romantic
    • 4.3 Ethnic
    • 4.4 High tech
  • 5 Summing up
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Carrying out repairs in the nursery, remember that you are doing it for their child and must take into account his tastes and desires. When planning the interior of a child's room with his hands, it is important to make it light and comfortable.

The room should be enough space for games, hobbies and studies. To all of these areas are harmoniously fit into a single room, before starting repairs, make a detailed plan of arrangement of furniture.

Child's room with their own hands

Repairs in the children's room can be carried out by specialists or try their own ability to do hard work.

Interior nursery

design example

Where to begin?


To begin such a repair should be with the carrying out of installation works on the wiring.

If the interior of a child's room for a teenager provides for a computer, make sure to near its location 3 electric sockets were placed, and one socket Internet.

Note! If your apartment is still held aluminum wiring, do not hesitate to replace it with copper. Such wiring option is much more practical and safer.


Lighting is a very important element. Thus, the design of children's room with his hands involves careful study of quantity, quality and type of lighting.

Naturally, one of the main light is not enough, so arrange additional sources as sconces, floor lamps or small chandeliers.

They can arrange in several places, such as near a bed, a desk or a games area.

Child's room for a teenager

original lighting

Performing design children's room for a boy and a girl, you will need to choose the right ceiling design. Follow his plasterboard, it is also possible with the installation of a stretch ceiling lamps.

interior for boys and girls

An example of the lighting in the ceiling

Note! If you decide to make the lighting wall, the ceiling does not necessarily make the tension, you can use ordinary plaster or wallpaper. To add to this ceiling originality select decorative stickers, glow in the dark.

Be careful when buying chandeliers. For the interior of a child's room is best to choose a chandelier with plastic shades, as they are characterized by high strength values.

wall design

interior nursery

The original walls in the nursery

Planning design a small nursery, special attention is given walls.

  • The most common form of finishing is papering. They can be paper or vinyl.
  • The safest is considered to be paper, but they are less durable and support combustion.
  • You can use the so-called liquid wallpaper.

Very carefully select a coloring. It must be in harmony with the whole room to fit a certain style of the interior and complement the image of the entire premises.

Often the interior of a child's room for a girl and a boy assumes the walls, painted with latex paint, which can be easily repeated wet cleaning.

Tip! If the stain can not be output, you can paint over the problem areas a new coat of paint.

Before painting spend the alignment procedure walls isohypses or satengipsom.

Material for floor

Most of the newcomers to the independent repairs does not pay adequate attention to the floor.

The idea of ​​a children's room design offers cover the floor with laminate, parquet, linoleum, carpet or floorboard.

Note that, it is necessary to align it to the level before the actual flooring. You can do this yourself by various leveling compounds.

The style

It is important at all stages of design to stick to one style.

This can be:

  • classical;
  • romantic;
  • ethnic;
  • high tech.


It is characterized by the presence of wood and steel furniture, sophisticated computer chair.

Ideal for the design of the chandelier with bronze chandeliers and a stylish wardrobe for books and other accessories.

This conservative style can be very stylish and modern.

little children

An example of a classic style design


Please note that the interior of a child for girls, made in this style will emphasize her tenderness and femininity.

 for boys room

Children's, made in the romantic style

The most characteristic details are:

  • Wallpaper muted tones;
  • wooden bed, covered with a blanket handmade;
  • wooden chairs, shelves;
  • the large number of books and decorations.

The room, made in this style, the clothes can be stored in wicker baskets, and small little things can be placed in boxes of different colors. It is important to organize the lower lighting. That will give it the design of comfort and warmth.


This style has many elements in common with the romantic style.

The main adornment considered folk motifs and ornaments.

characteristic of ethnics:

  • wooden furniture;
  • mats;
  • rich decor.

High tech

This style will suit perfectly teenager.

design ideas

Designed in the style of hi-tech

This style is characterized by:

  • rich and vibrant wallpaper;
  • decoration of the walls with posters;
  • the abundance of metal parts.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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