Gates made of corrugated board

Gates made from corrugated board are beautiful, comfortable and modern. They have a number of undeniable advantages and can be made even by a person without special building skills. It is better to produce and install the gate by a brigade of two or four people. By the way, read also about the manufacture of the wicket from the corrugated board with your own hands - this will help you to understand in more detail the details.

Gates made of corrugated board

Gates from profiled flooring with their own hands

Materials and tools that can be required:

  • Two square pipes 100x100 mm with wall thickness 4 mm for supports;
  • Pipes of square cross-section 40x25 mm for the frame of the gate;
  • Corner metal 20 mm;
  • Profiled sheet, galvanized or painted;
  • Self-tapping screws or rivets for fixing corrugated board;
  • Hinges hinged, bolts and lock;
  • Decorative elements for decorating the gate, if you want to make them original and unlike other gates;
  • Concrete;
  • Primer for metal and paint;
  • Welding machine for carcass fabrication;
  • Power tools: Bulgarian, drill, screwdriver, electric jigsaw;
  • Scissors for metal;
  • Roulette, square, level.

Determination of gate sizes

First of all, you need to determine the width of the gate. Based on the needs, the minimum width of the gate is determined, usually the size of one leaf does not exceed two meters. Next, you need to decide on the choice of corrugated board, because it happens with a completely different size and configuration of the wave. Measure the height of the gate. Most manufacturers and sellers of corrugated board offer a cutting service in size, and it is better to use it - the edges of the profiled sheets will be even and colored, which will protect them from corrosion.

After purchase it is necessary to take two sheets of corrugated board and lay them with overlap, combining the waves. Measure the minimum distance, and adjust it so that on both sides the corrugated board ends with a lower wave. Mounted on a frame, he will not cut his hands and cling. The resulting size should be added 1-2 cm - this will be a gap for laying the profiled sheet inside the frame.

Layout of corrugated frame

Arrangement of corrugated board on the frame of the gate

Manufacturing of the frame of the gate

The pipe 40x25 mm is cut according to the drawing at an angle of 45 degrees. Fold the frame and grab by spot welding on a flat surface, after which measure the internal size, as well as the diagonal of the gate. If necessary, they can be corrected by tapping gently with a hammer. Weld the pipes on both sides. Measure the inner surface of the frame of the corner and weld it from the inside, but also at an angle of 45 degrees. A corrugated sheet will be attached to the corner, so the side with which the corner will be the outside of the gate. Weld a vertical crossbar in the place of joining the sheets of corrugated board. For added stiffness, add scarves to the corners. A plate corresponding to its size is welded to the installation site of the lock. By the way, read how to weld the hinges to the gate.

The construction of the gate from the corrugated board

Gate structure from

corrugated board. The poles intended for supports are laid on a level platform. Between them lay the welded frame of the gate, observing the gaps of 10 mm between the frame and the supports and between the doors. It is important to make sure that the frame is laid correctly - the outer side up. Pillars are placed, being equal to the upper edge of the frame or slightly lower. Apply canopies, level them and weld. Weld the seams, clean the frame and poles against rust and dirt, cover the whole frame and supports with a primer for metal surfaces, and after drying - with paint.

Mounting of supports for

doors Measure the distance between supports. String the cord, indicating the position of the gate on the site, measure the necessary distance and dig pits under the pillars with a depth of at least a meter. The bottom is covered with a layer of gravel. Prepare the concrete.

A team of at least 4 people installs the pillars together with a framed frame on them in the excavated pits, aligns all the gaps, fixes them with spacers in the pit and pours it with concrete. Once again carefully check the position of the gate, align, if necessary. The frame is removed before the concrete dries.

Installing profiled sheet and decorative elements

While concrete is gaining strength, you can slowly take up the finishing of the gate. Profiled sheet is laid on the prepared frame and fixed to it with self-tapping screws for corrugated board or with rivets. The rivets look neater, but it will be difficult to dismantle the profiled sheet for replacement or repair.

After the concrete has been purchased with strength, the spacers from the support posts can be removed. Hang the gate, do not forget to grease the hinges, and put the lock and bolts in place. This completes the installation of the gate. In addition, you can weld decorative elements. If the fence of the site is also made of corrugated board, the finish will allow to distinguish the gates, as well as give them an original and stylish look. In addition, read about making a fence from a fence.

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