The foundation for the fence - the technology of construction with their own hands

The fence is not only the fencing of the site from intruders, it is also an element of landscape design. Fences and fences are made of various materials - metal rods, corrugated board, wooden fence, brick. Often you can meet and combined fences. For the stability of a fence of any material, a foundation is necessary, and its design directly depends on the type of fence and supporting elements chosen, as well as on the presence of an entrance gate and gate. The foundation for the fence can be built with your own hands, saving at the same time on the remuneration of construction workers.

Building a foundation for a fence

Construction of the foundation for the fence

Selection of the foundation type

The foundation must withstand the applied load of the fence itself, as well as the loads applied to it when the gate is opened, with strong wind and ground pumping. That's why you need to choose the right type of foundation for the fence.

When installing a heavy brick or block fence, it is necessary to erect a strip foundation along the entire perimeter of the site. Under heavy columns or pillars for the gates, it is possible to expand the foundation or install piles.

When performing an easy fence of corrugated board, it is sufficient to make a pile foundation in the places where the supports are installed. In this case, the depth of the piles with the supports anchored in them should be sufficient to withstand wind load without overturning and heaving of the fence. Supports of gates and wickets must also be buried in the ground to a depth of at least 1.5 meters.

Tape foundation for self-fence

Tape foundation is necessary for massive high fences made of bricks, as well as for combined fences with a concrete base.

  1. Perform markup around the perimeter of the site. To do this, drive pegs in one of the corners and use a stretched cord to mark the location of the foundation. Dig a trench to a depth of 0.5 meters, and under massive columns - to a depth of 1 meter. The width of the trench should not be less than the thickness of the fence. The walls of the trench, if possible, are made upright, but on loose soils it is permissible to make them at an angle. When preparing a trench, you need to monitor the level of the site: start work better from the lowest place, so that the depth of the foundation is not less than the estimated depth. The bottom of the trench is covered with a layer of rubble or sand and carefully rammed.
    Scheme of a dug trench under the foundation

    Scheme of an excavated trench under the foundation

  2. Carry out the formwork from the planks, installing them along the edges of the trench, and on loose soils - to the bottom. The height of the formwork above the ground is about 15 cm. The boards are fastened from the outside, so that a smooth surface is formed inside the formwork. To facilitate the removal of the formwork, its bottom and walls from the inside can be covered with polyethylene film. Polyethylene is not a reliable waterproofing in the process of exploitation, but during the maturation of concrete it prevents the absorption of moisture by the soil, which increases the strength of the concrete.
  3. The reinforcement is placed inside the formwork. The most commonly used corrugated rod, but in order to save for easy fence, you can use metal scraps, pipes, reinforcement mesh. In the places of installation of columns or supports, reinforcement must be carried out strictly according to the rules: the bar must form a three-dimensional structure, connected by a wire. For additional strength of the columns, it is possible to install a column axis from a metal pipe, concreting it when pouring the foundation.
    Formwork for pouring a foundation for a fence

    Formwork for pouring the foundation for the

  4. fence. Fill the structure with concrete of grade not lower than M200.Concrete can be ordered or prepared independently from cement, sand and filler, taken in the proportion 1: 4: 4.As a filler, you can use rubble, expanded clay, small pebbles. Mixing is carried out in a concrete mixer. The ready-made concrete is poured into the formwork and leveled, the air bubbles are removed with a construction vibrator. To harden the top layer, you can sprinkle it with dry cement through a sieve.

The hardening of concrete lasts 1-2 weeks, at this time the foundation for the fence is better covered with a film or cover material. After hardening, you can remove the formwork. Full strength concrete will dial in 30 days, during this time it is not recommended to load it.

The process of hardening of the concrete of the ribbon foundation under the fence

The process of hardening of the concrete of the basement for the fence

The pile foundation for the fence from the corrugated board

For easy fence, it is not necessary to erect a solid foundation - this will entail an unjustified increase in its value. It is sufficient to fulfill the pile foundation by using the fence support as an armature.

Pile foundation for fence from profiled sheeting

Pile foundation for corrugated board

  1. Mark the area by defining the fence installation line. At an equal distance not exceeding 4 meters, drill holes of 0.8 meters in depth for the fence supports and 1.5 meters for the gates and gate supports. The diameter of the wells is about 20 cm.
  2. The prepared wells are covered with rubble with a layer of 10-15 cm, after which the pre-treated bitumen mastic is installed in them. It is convenient to use metal tubes of circular or square cross-section as supports.

Supports align, fixing them with supports, then pour the hole with concrete from the outside. Wait for the setting of concrete, and then pour concrete already inside the pipe to the level of the surface of the ground. After the concrete has solidified, the supports are removed, and the construction of the fence continues.

Arrangement of the foundation for the fence from the corrugated board

Foundation of the fence from the corrugated board

The fence must be provided with gates and wicket. The gates made of corrugated board can also be made by hand.

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