Kitchen with a bay window in Japanese style. Two color options

We present to your attention two kitchen designs with a bay window in Japanese style. Standard layout of apartment P44T.Under the shadow of an Oriental cherry tree.

The interior of the kitchen with a bay window in beige-brown colors in combination with burgundy and white color is intended for a family of two people. The main idea of ​​decorating the kitchen is to make the room spacious, cozy. .. and versatile. To this end, it was decided to use the basic principles of the Japanese style: minimalism, lack of bright colors, right angles and lines.

The design of the kitchen is with a bay window in Japanese style. A photo

Design kitchen p44t with a bay window in Japanese style. Photo

For the ceiling, walls and floors are chosen light colors, in the kitchen there is a simple, without frills furniture. The cooking area is compactly located in one corner of the kitchen. Household appliances, which are located in the built-in closets, do not stand out against the general background. The windows of the bay window are decorated with translucent flat Japanese curtains with an ornament from the cherry tree branches - the favorite tree of the Japanese. The same motif adorns the wall and table top of the dining table.

White kitchen set in the kitchen in Japanese style

White kitchen set in the kitchen in Japanese style. Photo

Drywall module and bar counter

Continues the sakura theme in the interior of the kitchen cherry module( made of plasterboard) with a bar counter and TV, convenient for breakfast or evening gatherings for two.

Construction of plasterboard

The construction of gypsum board performs not only a decorative function. It visually divides the space

Cherry color in the interior of the kitchen. A photo

Cherry color in the interior of the kitchen. Photo by

This Japanese-style kitchen can serve not only as a place for eating food, but also act as a living room. It is for the company of several people in the bay window zone that there is a table near the soft corner, which is served with Japanese porcelain.

Lighting in the kitchen - the main element of the

Lighting in the kitchen is laconic, but rational and sufficient. Three point lights are enough to illuminate the bar, the stove and sink have their own linear illumination. Three original weightless chandeliers of stylized sakura flowers effectively complement the interior, enhance the Japanese color of the room.

multiple light sources

In the kitchen, the main thing is to use several light sources. As in this design, the kitchen is in Japanese style.

The decor items in the kitchen are a bit, they are modest and almost invisible. Bells, netsuke figures, a small bonsai on the windowsill. But at the same time they give the kitchen a kind of charm.

Cold freshness. Kitchen interior in turquoise tones

A small kitchen for a family of several people does not seem tight and limited in space. The small room is spacious due to the large windows of the bay window and the thought out design in the Japanese style. Cold gray-white interior in combination with turquoise makes the kitchen light and airy. This combination of colors acts soothingly and disposes to appeasement, relaxation.

The second variant of the kitchen interior with a bay window is 44t. A photo

The second version of the kitchen interior with bay window p44t. Photo

Light ceiling and contrasting with it the dark floor visually increases the height of the kitchen and creates a sense of stability. Ceiling and wall turquoise decorations from plasterboard bring to the atmosphere not only a feeling of freshness - they can hide the wiring of engineering communications and wiring. On the windows of the bay window there are characteristic Japanese curtains with thematic ornamentation.

Furniture in the kitchen

Furniture is made of natural wood, the same color is chosen for the door and countertops of artificial stone on the sink. The decoration of the facades is very laconic, even the handles on household appliances and furniture are almost invisible. The color of the upholstery of the chairs is consonant with the pattern on the curtains and makes it more noticeable.

kitchen-with-erkerom 7

The dining table is chosen large enough that none of the family members feel constrained. Behind it you can sit not only dining with candles, but also just watch the whole family TV.It is because of him from the cooking area on the opposite side moved the oven, microwave and part of the cabinets, which are compactly assembled into one module.

kitchen-with-erkerom 9

The dining area is accented with an unusual chandelier in the form of a ball of glass elements. For convenience, the cooking area is additionally lit by spotlights. Elements of decor in this interior is very small. They do not decorate the room so much as they perform some function.

kitchen-with-erkerom 10

Bottles for sauces, vases for flowers, candlestick on the table - each accessory plays its small but necessary role.