The kitchen in the country: the housing problem and the design of a summer villa kitchen in gray

The kitchen in the country (30 photos). Types of designs. Country style. Color in the design


Table of contents

  • 1 small transformation
  • 2 Style: choose not to make a mistake
    • 2.1 Rustic style or Provence
    • 2.2 classic design
    • 2.3 High-tech style
    • 2.4 Country
  • 3 Color in the design
  • 4 Summing up
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The kitchen in the country should be a symbiosis of practicality, compact and attractive. You think it's impossible? Our repair school is ready to prove to you otherwise!

interior of the kitchen at the cottage Choosing a layout and design of the kitchen in the first place, you have to decide on the layout. From this it depends on how practical you will be able to move around the room, spending minimum time. In addition, the design must fit into the interior of the house.
Green plants in the interior

Green plants in the interior

small transformation

  • If you have furniture in the covers, covers can be removed and replaced with a beautiful bright drapery. Thus, the furniture will look fresh and new.
  • One of the possible answers to the question "How to design the interior of the summer kitchen" can become a forest theme. To do this, put the dishes, flowers, vases, pictures summer forest on the shelves reserved for the decor.
  • Place a container with water and start to spark, it will give comfort, and in the evening adds atmospheric and romantic mood.
  • Also in the interior harmoniously blend bamboo or wooden elements, which can be done by hand.
  • Beauty will add fresh flowers or seashells.

Style: choose not to make a mistake

 country style

The original country style

So, choosing the design of the kitchen in the country, consider the styles that best preserve the natural.

Rustic style or Provence

For such a distinctive design are the objects and furniture made of wood, natural materials.

Suitable and tile in beige and brown tones, wood paneling with ornaments. Modern materials allow easy to create a European kitchen, mimicking the old days.

classic design

Light wood or white, beige tiles on the walls - these are the main motifs of the classical style.

Imitation of vintage shelves and cabinets, gold-plated fixtures make the perfect interior for fans aged style.

Style high tech

Metal or plastic are the main materials for interior design. Try to find a compromise between innovative technologies and natural, combining glass and wood.


Cozy look, wooden furniture, vintage design - that's what often seems to be when we hear about the holiday's kitchen.

A little more country

A little more country

Genuine Accessories and natural materials - the essential elements to help you create the interior of the villa kitchen.

Country style looks "home" and comfortable.

  • At the cottage there is a place to old things from my grandmother's closet and dressers, chairs, tables will not look superfluous and will add flair and originality.
  • Large closed cabinets and lockers can be easily replaced open shelves, which can contain jars and spices, jam, dishes, decorative elements.
  • Cotton cloth and lace fabric can decorate the shelves with dishes.
  • A large number of natural elements only decorate and add charm to the interior. Feel free to choose the wooden benches and stone countertops, a little rude duo creates a sense of naturalness.

Color in the design

Blue-gray design

Blue-gray design

The main housing problem: kitchen interior, as it should be? The answer is simple: a pleasant, low-key, condusive to a good time.

  • The color scheme should be sunny, bright colors, because these colors are a beneficial effect on appetite.

Note! Choose the wallpaper in the interior impractical. The only exceptions are washable, resistant to external influences.

  • Be sure to take into account the design of dishes that can radically change the mood in the room.
  • Gray - one of the most difficult. Using it in an interior for a long time been under the unofficial ban, but now the color has become one of the most popular. Gray looks good in interiors with classic and retro motifs.
  • Any color accents on the gray will clearly stand out, thanks to this you will not bude restrictions in the choice of accents.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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