Design a summer kitchen in the country: finishes

Design a summer kitchen (30 images): Select the location of the installation of the furnace and finishing


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Summer kitchen design can be very different. The most common options for its execution, as well as a photo for inspiration will be presented in this article.

In hot summer time housewives it is particularly difficult to carry out many hours in the kitchen. By high temperature is added heat from the slab, turning even favorite cooking a torment.

summer kitchen design

Private owners or holiday home to solve this problem easier than ever - just build a summer kitchen and enjoy the cool and fresh air.

Choosing a location

 kitchen design in the country

Outdoor summer kitchen

Before starting to develop kitchen design is necessary to define the basic questions about the appearance and placement of future summer kitchen.

Quite a few options:

  • Outdoor summer kitchen, that is an open area with no roof. Such a choice is not very practical, and perfect for those who would use this kitchen mainly for entertaining, evening gatherings and barbecue. All kitchen utensils have to take the house or to provide a structure for covering.
  • Covered summer kitchen. Much more functional choice. The roof protects from the sun in the heat and from rain in bad weather.

By placement kitchen can be:

  • in garden - designed as a pergola or canopy, provided that allow a large number of trees alone with the nature, but may cause difficulties with the supply communication;
  • was attached to the wall of the house - just build a shed for protection from the elements; plus this plan is the ability to connect the communication directly from the house, the construction cost is low;
  • on the verandah / terrace - the most expensive and nice for the use case, is both a summer dining room, allowing the whole family to eat for the great outdoors.

Tip! If you decide to place a summer kitchen in the garden, it is necessary to lay out her garden path of non-slip materials.

The furnace in the summer kitchen

Modern oven BBQ

Modern oven BBQ

Modern kitchen design in the country is unlikely to be without an oven. You can buy a ready-made oven, you can put it on your own, but you can invite a master stove-maker - it all depends on the intended structure, its complexity and the financial capacity.

When choosing the design goes one of two ways:

  1. Modern furnace - is a furnace structure outwardly resembles the classic stove, but filled with modern devices and operating on gas or electricity. Depending on the configuration this may include:
  • conventional hob and / or oven;
  • barbecue for the preparation of culinary delights - kebabs, baked fish and vegetables;
  • countertop used as a working surface;
  • niche of firewood;
  • shelf for decorative elements or pantry.
  1. Russian stove - oven with an open flame while performing the function of the fireplace. Heated with wood, so it is suitable in situations where the supply of gas or electricity is not possible.

If your summer kitchen will be available oven, its finish should be brighter than anything else in order to make her accent. In this case, the overall style, of course, must be the same.

Finish is everything

A summer kitchen with wood trim

A summer kitchen with wood trim

Once you have decided on the location a summer kitchen, as well as the presence of the oven, you can switch to the basic ideas and kitchen design, namely, to the choice of interior trim.

All the variety of options can be summarized in three generalizing:

  • Wooden house. Wood is the most popular material for the construction of the frame summer kitchen, so it should be used inside. Trail on the floor wooden floor and wooden wall paneling obbivayut. Wood applied in the event that the inner part is protected from rain and snow, but it still must be treated special impregnation that improves moisture resistance.
  • Stone cool. Few things can match the coolness of the stone. If the kitchen was attached to the house, additional walls constructed of similar appearance brick. If the kitchen is separate, with the direct repair of the kitchen brick walls are not plastered, and in case, wooden frame, its sheathe plasterboard and veneer tiles "on a stone," or natural stone. Floor is lined with granite, natural or artificial stone, concrete slabs or paving slabs are laid. This will be the most durable finish.
  • Home comfort. Lovers of comfort can be played back on an ordinary summer kitchen interior, home. To this end, non-slip floor is lined with ceramic tiles or just trail linoleum on the concrete floor. Obviously, the second option is quite economical. The walls can also be oblitsevat tiles or plastic sheathe clapboard. It is worth noting that the area placed over the stove tiles in any case of fire safety considerations.

Tip! When choosing natural stone for a summer kitchen, it is necessary to stop the choice on less porous - they are more resistant to frost action.

Selecting one of the proposed designs as a basis, it will be easy to come up with the interior of the summer kitchen of your dreams, adding to our proposals their personal needs and taste preferences.

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