White kitchen interior in black and white, in the Spanish style with a hood

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White kitchen interior (photo 36): the choice of design, features Spanish-style


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  • 1 Choosing a kitchen design
  • 2 Kitchen Spanish style
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During the overhaul of apartment kitchen is probably the most difficult element of the design, especially if you are going to do a studio apartment. The complexity of the interiors of different functional areas - this is not the only problem in the process of creating an interior.

The question of color matching is also very important when creating a harmonious design. As practice shows, the white kitchen in apartment interior look best, so novice designers should pay attention to the color.

White kitchen interiorNo wonder it is considered that the white color in the interior of the kitchen makes it possible to expand the space. In fact, it reflects the sun's rays and scatters them across the room.

Thus, the room seem larger and brighter. The use of bright colors in the design of the kitchen: the color of the wallpaper, painting of furniture and household appliances, used by many designers in the design of the interiors small kitchens.

Beautiful effect is obtained with a combination of white with black accentual - the resulting picture is suitable for any style and forms a front of the guests and apartment owners.

Typically, the interior black and white kitchen looks like this: light-colored walls and ceiling are shaded dark kitchen unit and tiled flooring.

interior black and white kitchen

Black and white kitchen

Indeed, light walls in the interior of the kitchen with his hands allow the use of visual effects expansion space and black coloring is very practical for kitchen surfaces, and so to floor.

You can choose another option - almost the entire room painted in white, and in the middle put the black belt of the tiles, which will serve as the apron and original design element.

A variety of ways to the combination of black and white is almost endless, it all depends on your imagination.

Almost as popular as the black and white kitchen interior is a variant of the blue and white decoration. This combination uses the lighter and lighter shades, creating an atmosphere of freedom.

It is typically used in maritime and Scandinavian styles. Blue also expands the space and fills it cool, which is important for kitchens located on the sunny side.

Choosing a kitchen design

black and white kitchen interior

Stylish minimalist interior

Style minimalism rather popular among designers.

It allows you to make a beautiful and functional space with a minimum of effort, we need only adhere to the basic rules of creation of this design:

  • For painting walls and furniture using light shades. As an accent acceptable bright and dark colors.
  • Maximum artificial lighting - is the goal of a minimalist style. The working area in the kitchen should be well lit for easy cooking.
  • It is not necessary to clutter furnishings - kitchen interior in white would look great with bright facades and light translucent furniture.

For kitchen design is often used classic style. Its main features - monumental and strict lines. The basic material for the manufacture of furniture - light shades of wood.

The walls are painted in pastel colors or covered with wallpaper quality vinyl. Additional decoration can serve as murals or paintings.

kitchen interior in white

Extractor hood in a classical setting

The floor is covered parquet precious wood or tiles imitating natural covering. The ceiling is adorned with decorative moldings, and in its center hung a massive chandelier.

Kitchen set for a classic kitchen design is made of precious wood. Home Appliances Built-in cabinets, to avoid breaking the authentic style.

If some elements can not be hidden stylize them antique. Thus, the kitchen range hood interior can be made of metal and be decorated or patterned glass wrought elements.

Note! For decoration classical furniture used carved patterns, and drawing pads with leather inserts. All the furniture is desirable to wear out to create the necessary atmosphere.

Kitchen Spanish style

extractor fan in the kitchen interior

Spanish kitchen design

Spain in most associated with bullfighting and fiery dances. And when it comes time to make out the interior, the Spanish style is unfamiliar to almost anyone.

Design the interior of the kitchen in a Spanish style is quite simple, but be prepared to feel the atmosphere of passion right at the dinner table.

  1. Accents in the design

When decorating the walls forget about wallpaper. High-quality decorative plaster ivory - the basic material for jewelry and decoration of walls.

A kitchen is usually a dark color contrasts with light walls. The basic material - wood dark cherry and dark-green hues. Spanish-style furniture quite rough and almost devoid of decoration.

  1. Up and down

Gender in Spain - a means of salvation from the heat, so it is covered with tiles. In our harsh heated floors will allow not to deviate from the Spanish tradition.

Beautiful floor patterns are repeated in the design of the kitchen apron. For more sexual heat use rugs or carpets in ethno-style.

The ceiling is necessary to issue massive wooden beams. Unfortunately, this is feasible only in a private house, so you can leave alone ordinary white ceiling in a small kitchen.

  1. Style in the details

Metal and leather accessories red and orange shades - the basis of the Spanish style. Ceramic and pottery exposed on open shelves, perfectly complement the interior.

Forged metal elements serve as decoration for shelves with dishes and pots in which plants are growing broadleaf and cacti. The finishing touch will be light curtains of dense tissue.

Photo Gallery

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