Small kitchen design: advice on registration of kitchens 11 sq m

small kitchen design (57 photos): Particulars of skinali and choice of accessories


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The biggest challenge in the repair of various cuisines is harmoniously fit into it all the necessary equipment, furniture and accessories. The task is complicated by an order, if you plan to design a kitchen is small in size.

Here the question arises: whether to leave the dining area in the kitchen area or perhaps move it to the next room.

Small tips on kitchen remodeling

small kitchen designConsidering other tips for the kitchen design can be identified such.


  1. Pay particular attention to the distance between the working surface countertops and a wall cabinet. It should not exceed 60 cm and be at least 47 centimeters. The ideal option for the repair of the kitchen is considered to be a distance of 55 centimeters.
  2. The distance from the plate to the washing should be minimally 60 centimeters.
  3. On both sides of the plate or hob leave approximately 40 centimeters free work surface.
  4. If you want to equip the kitchen with parallel rows, the distance between them should be not less than 120 centimeters. This is to ensure that you feel comfortable when open some boxes on opposite sides, so that they do not touch each other.
  5. Near the sink, place the dishwasher.
  6. Microwave and oven should be placed at eye level. Such an arrangement provides convenience in use and will protect your children.
  7. Various cooking utensils should be close to the plate. So you will always be on hand the necessary detail.

Kitchen interior design includes a huge number of all kinds of home appliances, but items such as a refrigerator, stove and sink are the most important. How to choose a board?


  1. plate Dimensions.

By its dimensions electric stove does not differ from the gas. Standard dimensions are due to the size of the usual kitchen furniture. The height of such a furnace would be about 85 centimeters, the depth can vary from 50 to 60 centimeters.

To date, manufacturers offer electric cookers, which can be adjusted independently legs. Through this, you can easily change the level of the stove in relation to the rest of the equipment or furniture.

The width of such a plate may be from 50 to 90 centimeters. The most common size is considered 50 × 50 × 60 cm and 60 cm. This plate fits perfectly even in very tiny plate.

Kitchen Design 11 sq m

EXAMPLE electric furnace

  1. Material slab surface.

Most of these plates are made of enamel or glass-ceramic. First test of time, are relatively cheap, durable, and can be made in different colors.

However, such surfaces have some significant drawbacks. It is the complexity of its treatment of escaped liquids, fat drops and scratches. Enamel is very resistant to chipping.

The advantages of glass-ceramics are considered:

  • Resistance to high temperatures. Withstands heating of the surface to 600 degrees.
  • Anisotropic thermal conductivity.
  • Ease of controlling the temperature in the cooking process.
  • Electronic control.
  • Long service life.
    Tips for kitchen design

    The electric oven with grill

  1. burners

Number of burners may be different. From the minimum of two and up to six. There are also several options for the burners depending on the built-in heating element.

  1. ovens

Oven also plays a huge role in choosing a plate. There are several types of this technique. The oven can be static or multifunctional. Stove, which has built-in static oven, considered quite outdated version.

Despite its low cost, the possibility of her is very limited. In general, such ovens are equipped with lower and upper heating elements. And only in some enclosed grill. In these cabinets it rotates, which provides high-quality preparation of the product from all sides.

In turn, the rich, will allow you to realize the culinary talents fully. The operation of these plates is convention. This process involves the widespread distribution of hot air to the entire area of ​​the cabinet.

This is due to the fan. This feature is very useful for those housewives who love to cook sweet masterpieces. With this oven all of your products will be perfect propecheny inside and fried evenly on all sides. In addition, these ovens have different modes of operation.

The most popular are thawing foods, cooking for a couple, plus a variety of pizza grill modes of operation.

Skinali Kitchen

Performing design kitchen 11 square meters, choose a beautiful and high quality skinale, guided solely by your personal preferences.

Previously, wall tiles were laid on the table top, however, by the end of the nineties invented skinale. This laminated chipboard sheet whose thickness is 10 mm. Such a surface has improved characteristics of the front surface.

Compared with conventional laminate she wins both hardness and creep resistance. Color skinali selected based on the color and style of table tops.

example skinale

example skinale

Note! Optionally skinali zadekorirovat. To do this, we can take, for example, a glass sheet, and on the opposite side of his stick tape with a photo or any other picture. On a wall outlet can not be placed, however, the solution to this problem exists.

Choosing the right accessories

The main elements of the kitchen fittings boldly include hinges, handles, lifters, door closers, and other mechanisms. It is from these seemingly insignificant detail will depend entirely on usability of your kitchen.

With regard to the lifting mechanisms, they allow comfortable use of drawers and cabinets, namely to get from them the necessary things and also gently close them. You can also use the carousel and cargo - special sliding mesh designed for dishes.

Now you need not be a head to go into the crate to get out something useful. It will be enough to turn the carousel or push cart.

Comfortable furniture in the kitchen

Comfortable furniture in the kitchen

Widely used for drying various dishes. It is very convenient and beautiful.

EXAMPLE carousel in the kitchen

EXAMPLE carousel in the kitchen

Modern trends in the design of various size and layout of kitchens have changed the very philosophy of the space. It is possible both to cook and to receive guests. It is very convenient to do if you have a room with bar, a bar and high stools.

To date, the kitchen is not accepted to hide, but on the contrary. Demonstrate it in all its glory. The latest technology will not only highlight the room of all, but also make the design of the kitchen the main focus of the interior of the whole apartment.

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