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Kitchen Design Studio (33 photos): kitchen with bay windows benefits and use cases


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  • 1 Benefits kitchen with bay windows
  • 2 Variants of use of bay windows
    • 2.1 Work zone
    • 2.2 dining area
    • 2.3 Winter Garden
    • 2.4 study
    • 2.5 Small lounge
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Erker - imposed ahead glazed ledge - not only in the country houses, but also in apartments. Often it is in the kitchen, the room is increasing, making it lighter and more functional. This layout is inherent in home series P-44T late 70-ies of the last century. Take it as a basis to see how different and interesting may be the design studio kitchen.

A bay window allows you to allocate a separate room in the functional area

A bay window allows you to allocate a separate room in the functional area

Benefits kitchen with bay windows

If we compare the usual dishes and those who have unusually shaped protrusion, the latter benefit in many ways.

  • Their Useful area becomes larger;
  • Increased natural lighting;
  • There are additional ideasHow to make the kitchen design P44 T original, unusual and at the same time practical;
  • It becomes possible to unify the kitchen, combining it two zones and arranged kitchen, living room, kitchen-dining room, kitchen-studio or winter garden etc.
And if we are talking about a private house, the wonderful bay window adorns its facade

And if we are talking about a private house, the wonderful bay window adorns its facade

That design ideas kitchen design studios such we want to share with you. Tell how to use the bay window for more convenient placement of kitchen units or devices therein functionally different zones not intended for cooking.

It is important!
Before embarking on the layout of the space and decoration, it is necessary to solve the problem of heating and ventilation rendered beyond the space of the room.
Consider all the options, starting with a conventional radiator and ending with the device warm floor, or mounted infrared heater on the ceiling.

Variants of use of bay windows

Regardless of the shape of a projection which in different projects can be trapezoidal, round, triangular or some other, kitchen design P 44 lets you use it in different ways.

  • A bay window can become part of the cuisine, its continuation, it is not standing out and not finish presenting an isolated area;
  • You can select the part of the room, to focus attention on it, using it and the main areas of different furniture, wall color, etc., but leaving her kitchenware;
  • But the most interesting and practical option - to implement zoning area. Area kitchens in houses of this series is about 13 square meters, which is allows you to do this without depriving them of their convenience.

So let's see, what would be the design studio kitchen interior depending on destination bay.

Work zone

It can be taken into the bay window, if the window there are above countertop level. In this case, set underneath kitchen cabinets, sink, built-in dishwasher, freezer.

Kitchen Design P44T with external working area

Kitchen Design P44T with external working area

This is a very original and interesting, but not the most practical solution, because you have to pull to the side of the room pipes water supply and sanitation. And if the first no problems, the latter will require compliance with the proper slope, and as a result of the extreme point will be quite high.

Council. Such projects should be, plumbing specialists in close collaboration with the manufacturers of kitchen furniture.

dining area

This is the most common solution for such kitchens. The working area can be discharged with a dining and be decorated in the same style to it, like in the following picture.

The combined kitchen and dining room

The combined kitchen and dining room

But often act differently, visually delineating the room. This can be done with the help of the bar, low rack or rectangular table set across the room, or by using such decorating tricks like split-level floor, wall decoration and other etc

Dining clearly marked bar and separation on the ceiling, and also different from the main floor covering with wallpaper and

Dining clearly marked bar and separation on the ceiling, and also different from the main floor covering with wallpaper and

Previous photo - a great example of what can be the design of the kitchen in the studio apartment, where there are no other dwellings. If the meal to use the bar, large bay area can serve as a living room and with a sofa unfolded - bedroom.

Winter Garden

Such a luxury can afford only the owners of a large apartment. It is in this part of serving its best will feel houseplants, getting enough light and heat.

An ideal place for the winter garden

An ideal place for the winter garden

If a small bay window, and a lot of plants, you can place them on the shelves, supports multi-level, wide window sills.

Council. Use this area for the cultivation of green stuff - dill, parsley, basil, mint.
And beautiful, and tasty, and useful.


Each of us has his hobbies. And if the time for them to manage to find the place - not always. The same applies to people working remotely from home or those who often take on additional assignments home.

In this respect, very lucky for those who live in houses of series P 44T - kitchen design they can "adjust" to their needs, organizing the bay window in the work area.

Cabinet in the kitchen - not a bad decision

Cabinet in the kitchen - not a bad decision

The implementation may be very different from the installation of a simple desk to assembly built-in furniture, custom-made and is a continuation of the kitchen units. In the latter case, the office often mask if necessary hiding office equipment or tools for needlework in the drawers or a hinged desk top.

Small lounge

When there is no need to use every free meter equipment for functional space, a bay window becomes a cozy and comfortable seating area in the kitchen.

Its design depends on how you like to relax.

Sitting area in the kitchen

Sitting area in the kitchen

  • If a book or a laptop, put here a comfortable sofa with a high back;
  • If you are fond of crossword puzzles or assemble puzzles, doing this will be comfortable sitting in a chair at a small table, and putting on him a cup of coffee;
  • I love to just lie down and dream - order the sofa, as if echoing the shape of a bay window, and it will cover pillows to match the kitchen decor elements.

In short, be guided primarily on their needs and desires, and then even the daily chores in the kitchen will bring more fun.

Design Tips

Today, having mastered the simple planning of the program, you can manually create a kitchen design P 44 T or any another room, experimenting not only with furniture, but also with the material, color, texture of the walls, floor and ceiling.

But the standard elements are typically used in these programs that are difficult to enter the premises of such a complex shape. Therefore we recommend not to waste time looking for suitable furniture, and its manufacturing order on an individual project, in which all the angles, corners and sizes will be considered.

Now with regard to color, light and textile. They are no less important than a beautiful and comfortable furniture and its placement competent.

Typically, the bay through a lot of light inside, so the color scheme can be anything, without any restrictions. But designers still do not recommend to get involved too dark and saturated colors, when applied to the whole room.

Their use is possible, when the kitchen is divided into zones - there just may be a game of contrasts

Their use is possible, when the kitchen is divided into zones - there just may be a game of contrasts

Particular attention should be paid to design the windows. The choice of curtains depends on the size of the glass surface, and the destination zone oriel, because design a kitchen-living-dining room is still different from the design of the winter garden or office.

appointment bay Suitable style curtains
Work zone Blinds, curtains short lifting - Round or Roman. If a window is the cooking surface, the use of flammable materials is prohibited. Choose fabrics, easily maintained.
Dining room, living room There are any variants corresponding interior style. For example, the classic long curtains with the drapery, or simple fat french Roman, and combinations thereof.
Winter Garden Best of all the plants will look at the background of a style of simple and tranquil color of curtains - the Roman, roll. They will protect your garden from the heat and bright sunlight in summer and in winter will not prevent their penetration into the room. They can be easily supplemented with tulle.
study Be guided by your taste and convenience. The main thing - the practicality and functionality of curtains: they must not touch the desktop, cling to stand on it belonging. Their purpose - to close you from prying eyes in the evening and do not prevent the penetration of light in the afternoon.
Small lounge Recommendations are the same as in the case with a dining-living room. There's more important than form, and color, creating the right mood.

Finally, you must think carefully lighting your kitchen studio. No matter what will be positioned in the protruding area, it must have independent coverage, which can be turned on and off independently of the main.

An example of a successful kitchen design studio: in the bay window seating area and a combined dining group

An example of a successful kitchen design studio: in the bay window seating area and a combined dining group

But the appearance and location of fixtures chosen specifically for your goals. It may be hanging a chandelier over the dining table, point sources of light above the working area, a floor lamp near the sofa or movable lamp on a bracket in the cabinet.

Since this type of houses built many and many private developers are actively using the house with bay windows, the designers are familiar with such a kitchen layout. They are eager to share photos and pictures of completed projects. Some of them you've seen here, if you wish, you can find others to understand what you want to see your kitchen.

You too can share with our readers how you solved this problem, or to discuss your questions in the comments.

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