Kitchen renovation School: a modern design approach, a living room + wallpaper in interior design

kitchen repairs School (54 photos). Replacement windows and communications. Finishing the ceiling, walls and floor


Table of contents

  • 1 Preparing for repair
    • 1.1 Replacing communications
    • 1.2 replacement windows
  • 2 finishing the ceiling
  • 3 Decorating the walls
  • 4 Sex in the kitchen
  • 5 Summing up
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This material - a kind of school repair kitchen with his hands. We have prepared for you a sequence of repair and finishing close the kitchen with his hands, and willing to share the nuances and secrets.

So, renovated kitchen - why and what is it performed?

kitchen renovation SchoolReasons for repair may be several:
  • Fitted kitchen in a new building.
  • Redesign flat a larger area.
  • Replacing the outdated kitchen equipment.
  • Changing the image of the entire apartment.
  • Elimination of consequences of the accident.

Renovated kitchen with his hands - it's not just the acquisition of valuable experience, but also significant savings budget.

Note! Getting to self-repair, you can be sure - the majority of finance will be spent not on payment of hired labor experts, and to acquire the necessary building materials. last price depends not only on quality but also on behalf of the brand.

Preparing for repair

Preparing for repair - a very important stage, should not neglect it. Matter how well you prepare the kitchen as well will be a plan largely depends final result.

And the first step in preparation is undoubtedly the future of kitchen design approval. According to our repair school - Kitchen design must be agreed before the start of works, otherwise you risk to spend time, money and effort wasted.

For example, it should be carefully align the wall, if it later turns out that according to the design project, they will be lined with plastic or drywall.

Once the design was developed and approved by the family council, you can start preparing the room itself to finish.

Preparatory work was carried out as follows:

  • We take out all the furniture and appliances. If only minor kitchen remodeling is planned (replacement of finishing without changing communications), part of the kitchen units and a gas stove can not stand, but only close the plastic wrap.
  • Disassemble trim. Whitewash the ceiling blur, remove from the walls of wallpaper or tiles. We reveal floor covering, disassembling an old tie to the concrete base.
  • If replacement is necessary dismantle communication - pipes, ventilation ducts, wiring.

Replacing communications

modern kitchen renovation

replacement of pipes

The next stage of repair - the replacement of communications.

It involves replacing water and sewer pipes, gas pipes, wiring and installing new ducts of the ventilation system.

Serial communications replacement:

  • The first stage - the replacement of risers. In the implementation of the replacement must be remembered that this work can be carried out only with the permission of the housing and maintenance services of your home. After the riser is replaced, it is possible to start the water supply system pipe layout.
  • Think in advance about the abduction of pipes to connect the washing machine and dishwasher, as well as built-in filter for drinking water.
  • At the point of connection of pipes in the risers water and wastewater provide additional floor waterproofing.

All work related to gas pipes and wiring must be performed by certified specialists.

replacement windows

designer kitchen renovations

Replacing the wiring

Once communications are routed and are embedded in the wall, you are ready to replace the windows.

Note! Replacing kitchen window feasible at this stage, since the dismantling of the old windows are damaged and destroyed part of the slopes adjacent to the window plaster.

When choosing window necessarily take care of the presence in it of a stepped ventilation system (allows you to ventilate the room with varying intensity), as well as mosquito stacks. These inexpensive, but quite important details will ensure a constant supply of fresh air.

Thus, the communication paved, windows - installed. It's time to move on to the finish.

Repairs carried out in the direction of "top down", which means that first we will carry out the finish ceiling, then - the walls, and only after the completion of all these works, as the "final chord" - floor laying.

finishing the ceiling

repair Kitchen Design School

Finishing the ceiling tiles

Thus, we begin finishing the ceiling with his hands.

Finishing the ceiling Ways to date a few:

  • Whitewash. The most cost-effective and easy to implement, but is considered obsolete method. However, this does not prevent you significantly cut costs and in a short time to get perfectly white ceiling.
  • Pasting of tiles for the ceiling - a way to a slightly more complicated, but also inexpensive. Polystyrene tiles allows you to hide all the irregularities of the ceiling, and her wide enough range enables the selection of tiles from almost any design solution.
  • ceiling painting - the most popular option today to finish. The ceiling is painted after a preliminary putty or after wallpapering. In the latter case, you get a surface with enough interesting texture.

It is also popular enough suspended ceilings, but will be able to handle only a professional with their installation.

Decorating the walls

After we completed work on a ceiling, down below and proceed to finish walls.

The most popular ways of finishing the walls are:

  • Painting interior paint based on acrylic binder.
  • Pasting washable wallpaper.
repair school kitchen living room

Kitchen, wallpapered

The second method is preferable, since high-quality washable longer retain its presentable appearance with regular washing.

When planning a kitchen renovation, wallpaper should be chosen very carefully, paying attention to their labeling.

But the finish is completely tiled walls is not necessary, because the tiles rather "cold", in this kitchen you will most likely uncomfortable.

Tile is best not to abuse, enough oblitsevat tile apron and a working wall.

Sex in the kitchen

Floor Laying - the final stage of finishing. As has repeatedly drawn the attention of our school repairs - kitchen, living room, bedroom or hallway require different floor coverings.

kitchen renovation wallpaper

Wallpaper and floor tiles

Kitchen - a room with regular changes in temperature or high humidity, experts recommend laid on a floor linoleum dense enough thick substrate, glazed ceramic granite or tile.

Unlike the laminate or tile, carpet poorly suitable for such conditions. It will inevitably absorb all the "flavors" of the cooking and the cleaning process of an order of magnitude more difficult.

As a result, we can summarize: to make design repair the kitchen with his hands quite possible. The main thing - a clear idea of ​​the desired result, to comply with the technology and are not afraid to do the work with which you have not yet encountered.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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