Ideas for the renovation of the kitchen 12 and 10 square meters: how to make a beautiful design in brezhnevki

Ideas for the renovation of the kitchen (33 photos). Glass apron and a coating of photo tiles. Redevelopment. Using the bar


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  • 3 Apron of photo tiles
  • 4 replanning
    • 4.1 merge space
    • 4.2 zoning principles
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The kitchen is an important element of an apartment or house, if not a cult, because it is then going to all family members, and hold intimate conversations held a family council. During arrangement of the apartment kitchen design gives increased attention. If you started a repair, we offer our ideas for the kitchen.

We consider the main stylistic variants of registration, as well as interesting solutions that have the power to apply to everyone.

Ideas for decorating

Ideas for the renovation of the kitchenBefore you choose a color scheme and buy materials for finishing the kitchen with his hands, you should be familiar with the basic rules of kitchen styles. Before starting work, it is important to consider not only what will be the finish, but also to pick up the furniture to the result of these two fundamental elements successfully combined with each other.

There are a number of stylistic solutions for the design:

  1. Game shades. Such an approach can be considered a classic. Selected color of the furniture, which will be the main, to him more dark or light countertop and strongly contrasting wallpaper.

For example, the color of the furniture alder, dark brown table top wallpaper in lighter shades of brown. The variant of the presence of several similar colors such as white, beige, and light pink.

  1. Contrasts. The basis is chosen monochrome furniture, wallpaper contrasting color with a few elements in the shade, selected furniture. Especially effectively looks classic combination of white and black.

If in the design of furniture contrast already present, e.g., a dark color is 10% in the finishing of the same colors is applied in the opposite proportion, in this case 90% dark. The principle of contrasts perfect for decoration, as in the room the least amount of open wall.

Repair kitchen 12 sq.m

contrast kitchen

  1. Geometric style. It involves the use of cells, strips and other geometric figures in the decoration. Depending on the color solution space can be both bright (light green and yellow stripes) and calm (white and blue cells).

In any case, no matter how you have applied the style, beautiful kitchen renovation is provided to you.

  1. High tech. Renovated kitchen in a modern high-tech style is carried out in monotone colors, the most frequent combination - red and black. The interior is dominated by metal and glass, wallpaper contrast - dark or white. Repair kitchen 10 sq.m

Tip! If you want to create your own design, you can use the examples of the repair of kitchens, combining the style of a room with another color scheme.

glass apron

Having defined the overall style of the kitchen, you can go to the specific details. The most "agile" part of the interior is the apron. Due to the abundance of materials from which it can be done, for your imagination, there are no barriers.

If you are doing a kitchen renovation of 10 square meters and more, perfect solution - an apron made of glass. Unlike ceramic tiles, polished glass joints are virtually sealed and not susceptible to contamination. The price of such solutions - from 5400 rubles.

There are several options of materials for this apron:

  • frosted glass;
  • tinted glass;
  • glass, decorated film.

Apron on the glass can cause any picture as a special film, and the glass itself. Particularly impressive look aprons backlit.

Tip! If you want to visually enlarge the kitchen, choose an apron with the image of the urban landscape and the sea.

Apron of photo tiles

Beautiful renovated kitchen

Kitchen with an apron of photo tiles

For those who prefer a classic finish tiles, original solution could be the use of photo tiles. On it, as in glass, may be applied absolutely any pattern of repetitive elements or constitute a single panel.

Facing such tiles can be carried out independently:

  1. The walls are lined with plasterboard.
  2. Perform a full photo panel assembly (or repeated element) on the floor.
  3. Veneer wall photo tiles with a conventional tile adhesives or liquid nails.
  4. The joints between the tiles are overwritten transparent grout.


If you are doing a kitchen renovation in brezhnevki, a good idea would be to replan.

merge space

It depends on the location of the other rooms, but the most common is the displacement of the wall between the bathroom and the kitchen for the last increase (bathroom with the combine).

If the door opens into the room, the wall can be demolished, making extensive kitchen-studio.

zoning principles

After combining with kitchen rooms it is desired to separate from the cooking zone dining one of the following methods:

  • the difference in height of the ceiling;
  • the difference in height or floor covering material;
  • the creation and finishing of arch;
  • setting the bar.

bar counter

Kitchen renovation in brezhnevki

bar counter

The bar counter can harmoniously divided functional areas. It fits perfectly into the interior, even if you are doing remodeling kitchen 12 square meters.

Independent creation of the bar consists of the following steps:

  1. Draw a path for future countertops.
  2. Jigsaw slow movements are cut along the contour.
  3. Correcting irregularities sander or grinder packed with sandpaper.
  4. With the help of iron adhered veneer.
  5. Rack acquire chrome pipe, four heels for her and 2-3 seating area.
  6. Mark a line on the wall at the level of the lower edge of the table top and the corners are fixed on this line.
  7. Tube cut along the length of the lower leg.
  8. Install the heel on the floor and on both sides of the table top.
  9. Mount the table top (get a table).
  10. Cut from the tube portion equal to the upper leg and positioned on top of the countertop.
  11. If desired, set a special shelf for the bar.

Your bar is ready. It is worth noting that the top tube should be slightly less than the height to the ceiling, or it can not be inserted.

Tip! For a small bar, you can use part of the tabletops, left after washing incision.


We hope that the described ideas for renovation of the kitchen to taste readers will fall, and when the repairs in the kitchen is finished, be sure to think about buying cookware and kitchen accessories, combined with the general style. To date, the variety of colors allows you to choose the right cooking utensils for any repairs and small kitchen design.

Also worth special place shelves, furniture cabinets if there are no glass elements that effectively dishes complemented the interior.

In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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