The design of the kitchen-living room: a small room interior design, dining, design, video and photos

The design of the kitchen-living room (45 photos). The general principles of the association. Zoning space, selection of furniture, lighting and other details


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  • 1 General principles of the United
  • 2 Planners Tips
    • 2.1 zoning space
    • 2.2 selection of furniture
    • 2.3 Lighting and other details
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Kitchen Design - living room - a small room, combined with the vast space - you need to think very carefully. The thing is that the contact of two different rooms so requires special attention, otherwise, instead of the expected winning on the square we obtain a significant reduction of comfort, and the time spent on repairs have sorry.

Yet the process of unification kitchen with living quarters can be done virtually painless. Naturally, it is necessary to consider all the details at the stage of preparation.

From close kitchenettes and small hall is quite possible to make a comfortable living room

General principles of the United

Opening for the arch at the entrance to the kitchen

Opening for the arch at the entrance to the kitchen

Before proceeding to the construction works, we should decide how we will carry out the union - partially or fully? The difference between these two situations is clearly visible in the analysis of the table below:

type of association Features of realization
partial Design project of kitchen-living involves the removal of the door and the door frame and the improvement in their place arches or a wide portal entrance. Formally, the premises remain divided, but at the same time ensures maximum access and transport.

Sometimes part of the wide arch is partitioned worktop or a dresser, which is also used as a horizontal working surface.

full At full merger wall between rooms is removed completely, and the rooms are finished in the same style. Also combined and communications facilities of the system.

When designing a kitchen-living room - interior design usually involves the visual division of space into separate zones.

For such action is necessary to obtain a permit

For such action is necessary to obtain a permit

It should be noted that the first embodiment can be implemented in virtually any situation - as long as the door is not a wall, bearing a significant burden. But for the complete unification requires permits, and to get them is not always possible.

It is highly probable that the demolition of the wall or part of it will adversely affect the strength of the building as a whole, so before you start working, you need to consult with experts.

To demolish the wall to permit the hope that redevelopment will be legalized later, it is not necessary.
At best, you get off quite substantial fine with the requirement to restore the destroyed structure, and at worst - the building can really fall or at least give a crack.

In a situation where the project is implemented design - kitchen-living room should be equipped with a separate communication system. The most time consuming is laying water and sewage: in a conventional kitchen pipes are usually Hidden behind a headset, then there may need to be done in the walls and the floor for hidden Stroebe installation.

Planners Tips

zoning space

When the kitchen-living room is designed - the design should be universal. On the one hand, this means style unity at both sites, but on the other - the need to separate the space into functional areas.

Visually separate the recreation area from the cooking zone in several ways:

  1. The obvious, and therefore the most common solution - installation of countertops, bar or full dining table between the kitchen and living room. In this case, the furniture plays a role of a border, which indicates where one zone ends and another begins.
Option clearance entry in the "kitchen" of the

Option clearance entry in the "kitchen" of the

  1. The alternative to this "barrier" will be equipping the podium. In this case, the kitchen with all the equipment we put on a little - 5-10 cm - elevation. This small rise does not affect the functionality of the room, but still perfectly delineates the area.

Inside the podium conveniently hide communication, but then in the corner it is necessary to make the inspection door to allow access to the tubes.

Using the podium for zoning

Using the podium for zoning

  1. If the design of the kitchen + dining room + living room does not provide for such large-scale work, it is possible to draw a line on the floor. For this purpose, "kitchen parts" laid tiles of ceramic or artificial stone, and in the "zone of rest" in a floor covering choose either linoleum or carpeting nonspottable. At the junction of two materials we have a flat nut, which will serve as a border.
  2. Finally, you can simply install a folding or portable screen covering in kitchen. Screen itself, by the way, can also be a very worthy accessory fits into the style of the room.
"Kitchen island" in the joint space

"Kitchen island" in the joint space

No cover will not protect against the ingress of specific living kitchen smells (they are not always pleasant) and smoke.
So without a hood with a good margin performance not do exactly.

selection of furniture

Design a kitchen - living room are beginning to plan a selection of kitchen units:

  1. Since the layout of the premises we have changed, we have to give up traditional solutions. A good choice is installation of cabinets and work surfaces along the front wall, as well as the imposition of a sink and a refrigerator in one of the corners.
L-shaped suite with a dining table

L-shaped suite with a dining table

  1. It is also a good option for a joint room believe the so-called "kitchen island". It is a countertop or sink with integrated cooking surface, which is located in the center of the kitchen. For the "islands" of the majority of buildings in typical houses are spacious enough, but the room united with a larger area will be just right.

Over the "island" do not get the hang of the lockers, because storage space products and kitchen stuff necessary to select one of the walls or in the pantry.
In the second case, access to the pantry is necessary to organize the most efficient manner, otherwise all stored so eventually will move to the tables.

  1. Dining table set up either in the lounge or on the border with the kitchen. It is desirable to make a sliding - so it is suitable for a family dinner, and for a celebration with a few invited guests.
  2. In most living equip recreation area - area with a sofa and a few chairs. There will also be appropriate coffee table on wheels (still snacking and drinking tea in front of the TV you will).
Sitting area with a couch and coffee table

Sitting area with a couch and coffee table

  1. Speaking of the TV. Place it is necessary so that the screen could be seen from the kitchen. Of course, the better to eat in silence, but during cooking background broadcasting did not hurt.
  2. All items of furniture in the living room, it is desirable to pick up with the expectation that they harmonize with the kitchen set. The complete identity will rather harm: a large number of repetitive parts makes the interior quite boring.

Lighting and other details

An important aspect in the division of space living room kitchen into separate functional zone will light planning:

  1. Above the work surface or kitchen "island" must be installed local lighting lamps - so we will ensure a comfortable environment when cooking.
  2. Total chandelier hung in the center of the living room - it is included during the meal, when the family gathers around the dinner table.
A combination of general and local lighting

A combination of general and local lighting

  1. Finally, in a recreation area you need to install a floor lamp or several wall lights. They can be used for reading, needlework lessons, etc.
  2. For natural light usually respond window. Window facing directly into the kitchen, it is best to close the compact rolling shutters or install blinds, but in the living room are relevant and dense tulle curtains.
  3. Special mention are accessories. As a rule, they are selected in the same style, but also for the kitchen part of the room and the living room you need to make a distinction: so we will be able to switch attention from one activity to another, which will contribute to a more comfortable rest.
The entire interior desirable to incubate a single style

The entire interior desirable to incubate a single style


Design a small kitchen, living room requires special attention: when combined rooms must take into account many different factors, so that only careful planning can lead to success. Starting work, read the tips given in the article, and all questions ozvuchte in the comments below - so you are guaranteed to get the necessary information.

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