Kitchen design in a private home: instruction design of the room in a country cottage, videos and photos

Kitchen design in a private home (33 photos) things about the room layout, lighting, finishes, colors and furniture


Table of contents

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  • 2 layout
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  • 3 Lighting
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In this article we will find out what would be the design of the kitchen in a private home. We will learn what and how best to decorate this room. In addition, we will cover the production of home-made kitchen furniture and materials used for this purpose.

The kitchen in the cottage.

The kitchen in the cottage.

Features room

And finishing and material for furniture, and how to handle it should be chosen taking into account the features of the kitchen:

  • high humidity. More specifically, the large fluctuations of its level range: in the preparation of dinner room may be filled with clouds of steam, and after 15 minutes the humidity will be the same as in any other room;
  • A large probability of contamination. Splashes of fat - not uncommon in the kitchen.

If so - all the materials used during the repair, should:

  1. Have a minimum water absorption, ideally - do not absorb moisture;
  2. Have as smooth a surface that will not collect dirt;
  3. Be washable, in particular - transferring contact with household cleaning agents.
All materials used in the finishing of the kitchen should be washable.

All materials used in the finishing of the kitchen should be washable.


The size and shape of the kitchen in a country house can be very different: any common features in private buildings is not by definition. Obviously, the plan is for their individual case.


The working surface is often combined with a sill or continues it. It stretched along one wall and has an L-shape. Dimensions of kitchen furniture somewhat reduced relative to the usual width of the working surface is 50 cm, depth lockers - 40.

Tip: in a small room on the wall cabinets should be abandoned entirely.
They visually reduce the already compact kitchen, reducing the visible surface of the ceiling.
If this is not possible, it is better to make them front mirror: creates the illusion of depth surface hides the real size of the room.

Lockers with mirrored fronts.

Lockers with mirrored fronts.


The working surface can not only be against the wall, but also to divide the kitchen into functional zones, and even move into its center. When a large ceiling height is a good idea to raise the cooking zone on 10 - 15 centimeters by selecting it from the general premises.

Planning a spacious kitchen.

Planning a spacious kitchen.


Lockers and cooking zone are placed at shorter walls, leveling the kitchen shape. The space in the middle is used as a dining room.


It is divided by the total (as a rule, the fixture is in the middle of the room, less space kitchen illuminated uniformly distributed across the ceiling spotlights or LED ribbon) and zonal.

The private lighting needs:

  • Plate. In most cases, lamps, built-in hood is used for its light;
  • Working surface. It can be illuminated with fluorescent lamps, LED panels or by spot lights, placed on the bottom surface of the cabinets or on the wall.
General and area lighting.

General and area lighting.

Under current snip, kitchen illuminance should be 150 lux (Lumens per square meter). Luminosity of 150 lumens match:

Light source Wattage
Incandescent, halogen lamp 15
Compact fluorescent lamps (energy-saving) 3
Fluorescent lamp with electronic ballast 2
LED lamp filaments 1,4


As we have seen above, the design of the kitchen in a country house should be functional: Finishing materials require resistance to moisture and dirt.


Bill perfectly match:

  • Suspended ceiling made of PVC film;

It should be clarified: wash it when dirty as possible, but with great caution.
The film has a minimum thickness and is able to tear upon contact with any sharp object.

  • Suspended ceiling of the plastic wall panels. The panels are fixed on the lath galvanized profiles for drywall; on the perimeter they okantovyvayut starting profile. Decorative moldings of polystyrene is undesirable: it is virtually impossible to remove grease stains.
Prefabricated ceiling of plastic panels.

Prefabricated ceiling of plastic panels.


The best choice - wallpaper of a dense vinyl. They are glued not to the usual wallpaper paste and diluted with water to PVA. Along with the wallpaper you can use so-called "rubber" acrylic-latex paint, water-based: it is a complete waterproofing coating and perfectly clean.

Wall above the work surface are protected by an apron of tile or glass. Joints between tile rubbing epoxy grout: it does not absorb fat. In a small room would be a good idea to use an apron mirror: it is visually expand the room and give the hostess incentive to appear more often in the kitchen.

Mirrored apron.

Mirrored apron.


The best coating for approximately plate area and the working surface - certainly tile. Even smooth linoleum clear of fatty splashes considerably more difficult.

Seating of the kitchen can be finished with any floor covering:

  • linoleum;
  • laminate;
  • Floorboard;
  • Carpet.
Kitchen - living room with a podium, tiled.

Kitchen - living room with a podium, tiled.

Color spectrum

Choosing finishing materials, it is worth remembering about the influence of color on the apparent volume of the room. Light colors visually expand it, the dark - constrict.

The white color gives the room a visual compact volume.

The white color gives the room a visual compact volume.

This makes it possible to combine colors to create a particular visual effect:

  • Bright ceiling with dark walls make the kitchen appear above;
  • Dark ceiling with light walls, on the contrary, visually push the room, but it will look more low;
  • Paint the opposite wall in a bright color, you make them visually away from the viewer. This effect can be used to compensate for excessively elongated kitchen.

By the way: the same effect gives a bright light to any surface.


As an inexpensive material for the manufacture of kitchen furniture, urged FC plywood thickness of 15 - 18 millimeters.

Why her?

  1. This material is much stronger than chipboard. The working surface without any deformation withstand the weight of an adult;
  2. Plywood is much less hygroscopic than the DSP, even without further processing;
  3. It can be connected with screws butt, wherein the bond strength much higher than using parts of furniture;
  4. That FC chosen because in its production uses harmless urea resins. More waterproof WBP glued phenol-formaldehyde.
Homemade set of plywood.

Homemade set of plywood.

Author afford to give the reader some advice for the production of kitchen units from available materials:

  • Take the time to soak the work surface with varnish, especially around sinks. Prolonged contact with moisture all wood-based materials is contraindicated;
  • Small plywood defects or gaps between the parts perfectly shpaklyuyut acrylic wood putty or filler homemade sawdust and PVA glue;
  • In an ideal working surface coating granite 60x60 or 50x50 in size (depending on the width of the table top) centimeters. He adhered to the plywood with silicone sealant. Such a coating is not afraid of moisture, scratching and hot utensils;
Gres - ideal for coating of the working surface.

Gres - ideal for coating of the working surface.

  • Along with the granite countertops for decoration, you can use water-resistant laminate. Before connecting Clicks locks necessarily are coated with the same sealant, which he glued; Squeeze out the excess with a cloth removed immediately;
  • Facade lockers best proolifit, sanded and paste over self-adhesive film. Internal surfaces look great inexpensive colored enamel for external works PF-115;
  • The ends of the worktop better not turn over the edge of the furniture, and aluminum doorsteps size 10h24 mm.
More or less like this.

More or less like this.


We hope that these tips will be useful to the reader at the kitchen decoration at home. Additional recommendations on registration of the premises can be found in the attached video article. We welcome your comments and additions. Good luck!

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