Kitchen Design 5-5 sq.m: Instructions for registration of a small room, video and photos

Kitchen Design 5: 5 square meters (60 photos): color, texture and lighting, comfortable furniture and design accessories and popular decor styles


Table of contents

  • 1 Remodeling and improvement
    • 1.1 Color, texture and lighting
      • 1.1.1 Fashionable color 2016
      • 1.1.2 Texture finish
      • 1.1.3 lighting Features
    • 1.2 Furniture and comfortable design
    • 1.3 Accessories and popular decor styles
  • 2 Photo Gallery

Before the repair is important to consider in detail the most optimal design Kitchen 5 5 m square, as every centimeter counts, and it should be used as efficiently as possible.

Combining the kitchen and the room (we remove the partition)

Combining the kitchen and the room (we remove the partition)

Remodeling and improvement

Wardrobe and plasterboard partitions Illuminated

Wardrobe and plasterboard partitions Illuminated

Quite a lot of space can be saved by using the so-called "dead zone" of the room. Thanks to modern construction materials is not that hard.

So, what can be done to relieve a small area:

  • partitions, hanging drawers and cabinets made of plasterboard help maximize the useful space. Typical dishes, which are sold in a furniture store, typically for long, rarely seen corner option. A plasterboard ducts with flanges substantially unload small kitchen;
  • built structures optimally also will accommodate lamps directing light so as to expand the space visually;
  • Furniture Design - as an indispensable thing in a small kitchen;
  • color and texture finishes, as well as the design of the windows are also of great importance.

Now dwell on all these items in more detail and find out how to perform a trendy and cozy modern design Kitchen 5 5 square.

Color, texture and lighting

Judicious use of space in a window sill

Judicious use of space in a window sill

When choosing a design for a small space, it is necessary to take into account a few simple design rules:

  • bright colors make the room more dark and intense - visually reduce;
  • glossy or specular surface area visually expand;
  • decoration texture should not be loose, so any wallpaper in a small kitchen area visually steal;
  • color "ashes rose" - a muted light pink ashen tint looks good in combination with dark brown (coffee warm under tone) and dark green, and the whole gamut of cyan colors;
  • To select the contrast range of help narrow down or, conversely, to expand the room, depending on how you arrange the contrasting surface.

As you can see, not a lot of requirements. What is the style in interior decoration in fashion and how to perform the design of the kitchen May 5 in accordance with the latest fashion trends - read on.

Fashionable color 2016

The most fashionable color of the year

The most fashionable color of the year

Interior designers, as well as the fashion industry in 2016 tend to the following colors:

  • dim dim lavender color with a light gray shade, ideally combined with milk-white and black. kitchen decor in these colors somewhat cold, but incredibly stylish;
  • "Barvinkovy" - a deep rich blue-purple color. If the kitchen decor using it in combination with a touch of the wall or floor Coffee with milk or pearl gray, the interior in the style of hi-tech will be very original and extraordinary;
  • Khaki - "scorched savannah", a very popular color scheme in the interior in 2016. This palette is very convenient for the kitchen decor, as it gives the opportunity to experiment with a lot of Color Option - dark green, emerald green, light and dark brown, orange and deep dark yellow;
Interesting color - original design

Interesting color - original design

  • black and white combination of colors in the kitchen looks too formal, so if you like this combination, then pick up a little diluted shades. For example, milk-white, cream, yellow. And black is not saturated, but rather gray, smoky. This decor blends perfectly with the chrome finish of household appliances and furniture accessories.

Kitchen 5 of 5 sq m - the design of which is made in a range of colors will not look dull and ordinary. Besides all these colors help to visually enlarge a little area.

Texture finish

Mirrors in different styles of interior

Mirrors in different styles of interior

What is the texture of the finish helps make the room more than:

  1. Mirror or glass inserts on the walls and window slopes. New interesting detail - window slopes is made with plastic with smooth surface milky white or the color of steel. This method allows you to add light and visually enlarge the space. Very interesting to look at the kitchen window slopes, mirror decorated with colorful tiles, such washing is much more convenient.
mirror aprons

mirror aprons

  1. Glossy ceilings in a small kitchen - perfect. First, we remove the bulky chandelier in the middle, replacing it with raster spotlights, secondly glossy bright ceiling pushes the boundaries of a small space.
  2. If you choose the glossy finish of the ceiling, the floor should be matte, and, on the contrary, gender glossy - matt ceiling.
Glossy ceiling make a small kitchen visually more spacious

Glossy ceiling make a small kitchen visually more spacious

Council. For small kitchens better execute gloss ceiling rather than the floor. Clean up much easier. In addition, the texture of the floor has less influence on visual perception of space.

  1. In any decor kitchens, whether kitchen design 16 square meters or five squares, mirror surfaces are always handy. Not necessarily stop at the simple mirror on the wall. Very impressive look of stained glass in matte finish with bright color accents.

Council. It is not necessary to glue the wallpaper in a small kitchen, even for painting.
This not only reduces the space, but also makes the walls to "breathe", which is very important especially in the kitchen.

lighting Features

The upper and lower lights

The upper and lower lights

Divide even a small room on the working area and a seating area can be easy with a properly sized lighting. For example, in the dining area set produces a lower brightness, luminescence warm and in a production - bright pendant embedded lamp.

If you arrange the light in the form of a light pole at the corners, lights directed upward to the ceiling, it will help make the room above. The side walls of the wide lights visually expand the space.

The central chandelier in the kitchen can be replaced by multiple lights or spot raster fixtures. It is not only comfortable and beautiful, but also saves energy costs.

Furniture and comfortable design

Options laconic furniture

Options laconic furniture

It is very convenient to install a small kitchen convertible furniture, when the dining table can be easily folded into a small bedside table with chairs.

It looks interesting and original unit with a small bar, which further divides the small room into two zones.

Now in vogue furniture with rounded corners, which not only looks more at home, in terms of psychology, but also saves valuable area.

Kitchen Design May 5 square meters can be decorated with bright accents in the style design and interesting designs:

  • glazed wooden shelves on the walls of the free are not only functional, but also emphasize the design in the Japanese style;
  • Hanging Holder for hanging shelves for knives, spices and tea set - save space and highlight the design in the style of Provence;
  • illuminated apron bright colors decorate any small room and will be an additional source of light on the working surface of the kitchen;
  • chrome shelves on the slopes will create additional space storage of spices and other cherished little things;
  • naturally, built-in appliances is very space saving.

Council. For a small kitchen it is better not to acquire standard headsets and order furniture for their own size and design, it is worth it to thirty percent more expensive.

Accessories and popular decor styles

Cozy, modern country

Cozy, modern country

Fashionable and modern décor can be performed in the following universal style:

  • modern minimalism - usually done in two colors with a bright accessory and bright lighting, strictly delimited by zones;
  • Provence with modern elements - colors and decoration of furniture in rustic French countryside combined with modern technology and chrome accents furniture;
  • interesting to look at the small kitchen a little rough, but the chic design in the spirit of old England. Black and white design of strict, forged parts accessories, masonry elements and original lighting;
coffee shades

coffee shades

  • style "Savannah" - a muted range in all shades of burnt grass with bright wood and accessories ethnic ornaments African countries are perfectly combined with wicker furniture and a bright, whitewashed floors;
  • Retro style is also suitable for a small kitchen. Bright colors of furniture and walls, combined with a light and delicate lace textile lamps - stylish and elegant.

Design a small kitchen May 5 meters it is necessary to think through to the smallest detail, as small area requires consideration of every centimeter of space. We hope you have been interested in our material, and you learned a lot of useful nuances. Still have questions? Ask them in the comments.

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