Kitchen sets

Renovating the interior, the first thing that everyone usually wants is the choice of a new kitchen set. The furniture made under the order or bought in the finished kind brings in a house a cosiness and arrangement. Correctly organized space, serving for cooking, becomes a guarantee of good mood.


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Variety of shapes

Traditionally, kitchen sets can be of several shapes. These are kits that have along one wall and angled varieties. Corner kitchen sets are divided into L-shaped( when the furniture occupies space along two walls located to each other at an angle of 90 °), U-shaped( the furniture is located along three adjacent walls).There is a type of "islet", in this case the L-shaped or U-shaped furniture is supplemented with a cooking zone or a sink in the center.

It should be taken into account that the U-shape is acceptable if the area allows to leave at least 2 meters between parallel rows of furniture. A "island" generally requires a space of at least 35 sq.m. In this you can see by looking at photos of kitchen sets.

Complete set of kitchen sets

The kit is designed to facilitate a person's stay in the kitchen, to provide him with a problem-free cooking. Even a small kitchen set should have certain components. First, it is a zone for storing products. Secondly, a zone for washing and drying utensils. Third, a place for cutting food.

In a small kitchen, it is better to exclude inactive spaces. The design of the kitchen set should be productive in every inch. For all the little things should be provided for their place, then they can be easily and quickly found. Well, even if the narrow gap is occupied with something useful, for example, a bottle-bottle, which, despite its modest size, holds quite a few items. When assembling the kitchen near the sink is better to place a dishwasher, this technique will avoid unnecessary drops on the floor.


Sets the tone for the whole appearance of the kitchen set is not its internal fill, but its appearance. Therefore, when you need to choose a kitchen set, you need to take into account that the same, in fact, furniture can be equipped with different front panels. And they should be chosen based on their own preferences and the size of the wallet. There are several variants of facades on the material: an array of wood, chipboard, MDF, glass, plastic, their combination. Modern processing of materials allows them to withstand high temperatures, humidity, exposure to chemicals during harvesting. Each species has its own characteristics.

Wooden facade, as in the photo, corresponds to the classic style of kitchen sets. Sometimes it is released in the Art Nouveau style. In any case, the natural tree guarantees coziness and tranquility. Such facades are divided into solid and paneled. The main difference is in price. One-piece option is expensive. When using the panel, the outer part is made of natural wood, and the filling is made of particle board. This technology makes furniture cheaper and does not allow to deform with time elements. It should be taken into account that such material does not look good in small kitchens. Therefore, the kitchen set in Khrushchev is better to find with another facade.

MDF for facades is often used. This material has many advantages: high resistance, the possibility of facing different materials( MDF film, color).This makes it possible not to limit yourself in choosing the color of the kitchen set. You can choose absolutely any color and degree of its saturation.

On the basis of MDF or chipboard also glued plastic. Plastic facades are the most durable, but difficult to care for. You have to constantly struggle with fingerprints. Matt plastic in general is difficult to clean.

Facades of aluminum profile means inserts into special constructions. On the photo of kitchen sets it is evident that MDF, plastic, glass, rattan, and even mirrors can stand in such a framework. Their main advantage is durability and aesthetics. Unfortunately, they are very expensive.

The most budgetary option - the facade of the chipboard. They are inexpensive, but they look simple enough, and in the care are complex.

Table top

In choosing a countertop, two characteristics should be guided: beauty, strength. You can install a table top from the chipboard. They are different in quality. If you choose an option that meets all European requirements, it will last for many years and will please your hygiene and ease of care. The worktop made of chipboard for the kitchen set can be made by hand. Therefore, if the old one undergoes a strong mechanical action, it can always be replaced by a new one independently.

Stainless steel worktops are very durable, reliable, their edges tend to bend slightly upwards, this prevents moisture from entering the cabinets. But they are made only in two versions: matte steel and conventional.

Stone countertops can be made of natural material or artificial. Artificial imitates the external appearance of the natural, while completely harmless. Samples of kitchen sets with tabletops made of artificial stone are distinguished by their external completeness, solid appearance.

Video of manufacturing kitchen set with own hands

Photo of kitchen sets