Living room-kitchen cupboards: coupe, furniture arrangement, bright kitchen set, arrangement in a combined hall

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Built-in closet - a practical and functional element of furniture, harmoniously blending into the interior of any room Built-in closet is a practical and functional element of furniture that blends in perfectly with the interior of any room. Today, a popular way of decorating is to combine the living room and kitchen space. This is a convenient solution for those who prefer the functionality and convenience of the premises. When decorating a kitchen-living room, it is important not only to properly finish. A very important stage in the design of the room is the selection and placement of furniture. Half of the success depends on its correct implementation. Cabinets in the kitchen-living room can be made in a single style, and can contrast with each other.

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Sliding wardrobes in the kitchen-living rooms: the advantages of choosing

Living room furniture should be chosen very responsibly. When buying furniture, it is important to pay attention not only to its style and beauty, but also to functionality.

The living room is a room that combines a lot of functions - it receives guests, rest after workdays, they work. If the living room is combined with the kitchen, a special attention should be paid to the choice of furniture.

The closet is a convenient and practical solution for living room arrangement. It can be made to order, which will allow to place it in a convenient way, save space and put the necessary things in it.

Advantages of a choice of a sliding door wardrobe:

  • Helps to solve difficult problems in interior design;
  • Possibility to distribute the sections in the cabinet at the request of the customer;
  • Variability in the design of sliding doors;
  • Wide choice of cabinet decoration options;
  • Possibility of zoning rooms;
  • Considerable space saving.

Zoning the room with a closet is a popular design technique that can make the room more functional Room zoning using a sliding door wardrobe is a popular design technique that can make the room more functional

A quality sliding door wardrobe should only be made of environmentally friendly materials. It should not only be beautiful, but also safe to use. When choosing furniture, it is important to pay attention to the manufacturer, his reputation among consumers.

Successful arrangement of furniture in the kitchen-living room

The layout of the furniture in the kitchen-living room must be thought out before any repairs are made. The combination of kitchen and living room allows you to significantly increase space, make it airy and light. The choice of furniture is very important, since it can emphasize this ease in an environment or make it more cumbersome.

In most cases, furniture for the kitchen and living room is selected in a single style, which allows you to harmonize two combined rooms.

If the area of ​​the room is small and furniture space is sorely lacking, you can make a redevelopment and free up additional space by dismantling the balcony wall and door.

It is desirable that all the furniture and decor elements in the kitchen were kept in one style It is desirable that all furniture and decor elements in the kitchen are consistent in the style of

Furniture layout options can be as follows.

Careful zoning of the room

In the kitchen area, you can arrange a bar rack and chairs, in the living room area - a soft corner intended for relaxation. Next to him, you can put a table that will allow you to use the zone for eating. If you combine the loggia with a common space, it is possible to distribute some of the equipment and furniture in this zone. For example, on the former loggia you can place a refrigerator or use it to arrange a coffee zone with a small table and comfortable chairs.

Kitchen and dining room

The living room and kitchen do not have a clear distinction. Space is polyfunctional. In the working space, you can place a dining table that divides the area of ​​the kitchen and living room.

Priority kitchen

The location of the sink in the kitchen decides a lot. It can be used for cooking and eating meals, negotiating and friendly conversations.

Space in the classic style

A large dining table will help to delineate the zones. This room can be made as cozy and comfortable as possible with the help of a fireplace, bookshelves and soft carpets. The kitchen should be built in one row.

The kitchen in classical style should be equipped with wooden furniture with elements of carved decor The kitchen in the classical style should be equipped with wooden furniture with carved decor elements

You can use the same style to decorate the combined space, or you can experiment and play on contrasts.

Furniture in different styles for the kitchen combined with the living room

Modern kitchen-living rooms can be decorated in different styles. It is on this depends on the choice of furniture.

Each style in the interior has its own characteristics. They should be taken into account when choosing furniture for a combined space.

When decorating a kitchen-living room in any style, it is important to follow the rule of the proper delimitation of zones. Furniture should be chosen in accordance with the general style, it should be combined with the technique in the kitchen and the decor in the living room.

Each style is characterized by the choice of certain furniture. This should be considered even before the repair.


Furniture in the style of Provence should be made of natural materials. It should be combined with appliances in the kitchen.

Kitchen design in country style is the perfect combination of simplicity and comfort in the interior Kitchen design in the country style is the perfect combination of simplicity and comfort in the interior

There should not be a strong contrast between furniture and technology, so designers are advised to choose white enamelled materials. It is best to use aged furniture from untreated wood.

Classical style

Classics involves the use of traditional furniture. It should be functional and practical. For interior design, you can use a large work desk, bookshelves.


Furniture should be overall, rough and necessarily wooden. A must-have element of this style is the use of a hanging rack.


Furniture should be of high quality, stylish and functional. The placement should take place strictly along straight lines. With the help of furniture you can create islands or peninsulas. They help to effectively zonate the room.


Furniture items must be stylish and modern. Of the furniture you need to choose only the most necessary.

In the kitchen, made in the style of high-tech, place functional furniture of strict geometric forms, containing elements of glass and metal The high-tech kitchen is equipped with functional furniture of strict geometric shapes, containing elements of glass and metal.

Furniture should be distributed organically, for this style, unacceptable strict delimitation of zones is prohibited.


Simple furniture without handles and with modern mechanisms. Furniture can be made of plastic or metal.

Living room furniture in the same style

The kitchen-living room, executed in the same style, looks beautiful and elegant. In order to properly maintain the style, you need to pay attention to the choice of furniture for the kitchen area and living room.

Designers believe that the main feature of the kitchen in a unified style is the use of a kitchen set as a delimiter between zones. A kitchen set can be supplemented with a bar counter or a partition.

Single style rules:

  • The kitchen set must be in harmony with the furniture;
  • Selection of neutral colors in the form of light wood;
  • Use of facades without handles;
  • Furniture made in the same style;
  • Use of furniture-companion.

Kitchen-living room interior( video)

Designing a kitchen-living room in a single style is quite a difficult task, which requires preliminary familiarization with the basic design techniques in the design of the space of the hall, bedrooms and kitchens. The choice of furniture for a combined-living room is an important stage in the decision to combine space. The most reasonable solution will be to seek help from professional designers who know the nuances of choosing materials for furniture, its layout and arrangement. With an independent arrangement of space, it is important to remember the endurance of a single style, even if a bright play of contrasts is supposed.

cabinets for the kitchen-living room( photo)

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