Kitchen 6 m²: design, instruction design a small room with his hands, videos and photos

Kitchen 6 m² - design (45 photos): Finishing materials, colors, and lighting selection


Table of contents

  • 1 Information on the design direction
  • 2 On a practical embodiment of the concept
    • 2.1 Used building materials
    • 2.2 Suitable colors
    • 2.3 Features selection of furniture
    • 2.4 Information about lighting
  • 3 In conclusion
  • 4 Photo Gallery

Quite often encountered in multi-storey buildings kitchen 6 square meters: to develop a design is not as difficult for her as it may seem initially. However, to get acquainted with the basic principles of design is necessary, otherwise not be able to achieve the integrity of the composition. In our case, we'll discuss the arrangement of these facilities in a minimalist style.

Demonstrates design small kitchen 6 sq m.

Demonstrates design small kitchen 6 sq m.

Information on the design direction

Minimalism emerged thanks to the desire of modern people to the harmonious and newfangled way of life. With it can be transformed even the kitchen 5 square meters: its design will still look stylish. The main requirement is to abandon the familiar to many areas of the decor elements.

To the room did not look too hard, you need to think carefully about the colors and lighting. The main objective is to create a functional space that is not cluttered with extraneous objects, but at the same time looks impressive.

On a practical embodiment of the concept

Kitchen Design 6 square meters in a minimalist style is a good option, but the main priority is the space. In small rooms such style solution makes it possible to optimize the space. Visually increase the room can be achieved primarily through the expansion of window openings.

Minimalism in full manifestation.

Minimalism in full manifestation.

Used building materials

When thought out design kitchen May 7 square meters and less, for registration must be approached with extreme caution.

During the works it is recommended to use not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical materials:

  1. Vinyl wallpapers are a good solution for the finishing of the lateral surfaces since along with numerous colorings have resistance to moisture, that the room for cooking is necessary. The best option - plain fabric light shades. If necessary, use several components palette;
  2. cork It can be used for walls and bottom of the plane. This material is able to bring grace notes into the interior of any room. Furthermore, it can be used to achieve improved sound insulation qualities of the room, and to achieve formation of healthy atmosphere, since the coating is environmentally friendly;
  3. Natural or artificial stone recently often used in the finishing work in the kitchen, especially when it comes to minimalism. Depending on the variety used rock aesthetic perception space will vary. As for the artificial stone, it is widely used as it has a not too expensive, with its decorative features are at the right level;
  4. PVC panel It may also be successfully used for ceiling clearance and side surfaces. Should choose plain or patterned product that is poorly expressed. For example, conventional wave or bands can be displayed on the panel surface.
EXAMPLE cork coatings of various types.

EXAMPLE cork coatings of various types.

When designing kitchen design 5 square meters or more, you can try to combine the materials with each other.
For example, one part of the premises finished with artificial stone, and the other - vinyl wallpaper.

Suitable colors

Usually used bright palette of minimalism, which is based on an interesting game of semitones. The room is almost always a lot of white, accentuated by gray or black shades. The basic colors can complement the natural tones of finishing materials.

Used palette can vary somewhat depending on the room size and other factors. One solution is more suitable for the kitchen August 5 square meters: the design in this case does not require a visual extension of the space, and the other - for the kitchen 5 square meters.

Successful combinations of neutral colors.

Successful combinations of neutral colors.

In this case, it is recommended to opt for something like this palette:

  • cream color gives an opportunity to form a discreet background for elements of the future interior;
  • Beige color is a classic and comfortable interior design, but some designers find it boring;
  • lighter shades of gray can be classified as generic, as they may be used for rooms of all sizes;

When put into practice design 6 m kitchen q, desirable to use these components in the palette as the basic background and the focus do you need to use bright colors.

Features selection of furniture

To design a kitchen 6 sq m not looking too succinctly, should be given the choice of interior special attention. The basic set can be made from both natural and synthetic materials. In the design, add a couple of bright details that attract attention.

An illustrative example of the use of furniture.

An illustrative example of the use of furniture.

Most often, kitchen cabinets presented smooth, which diluted chrome fittings or translucent glass. The new models use a special mechanism for opening and closing doors. In any case, the headset design elements should allow the technique to hide inside the cabinets.

The upper and lower shelves may differ in tone. This will ensure originality.

The dining area often located a small glass top, compact chairs of metal or plastic with leather seats. If designed kitchen design 5 square meters, the best solution would be to arrange a zone for meals directly to the living room.

One embodiment of a dining area location.

One embodiment of a dining area location.

In this case, it is still possible to find a suitable location for the dining area, especially if you make a plan right.

Information about lighting

This style is in the interior initially involves the saturation of the light, so the instruments used must fill the room a bright and constant light, otherwise the basic principle of direction will be disturbed.

The main source of natural light are the windows, so if possible they are encouraged to maximize. The ideal solution for minimalism - a device large panoramic windows that allow to enjoy the picturesque surroundings.

The main source is sunlight side window.

The main source is sunlight side window.

As for artificial lighting, it must be properly distributed, especially if there are difficulties with the penetration of sunlight.

Must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Lamps should have a clear geometric shape about a constructive spirit;
  • be used if desired lighting panels that can fill the room ambient light;
  • if you want to achieve the effect of freedom, then it is advisable to install lighting along the side surfaces;
  • although in this case the room is small, it is recommended to use not less than 3 lighting groups.
An exemplary arrangement of backlight elements.

An exemplary arrangement of backlight elements.

The main principle should be leveling contrasts between light and shade, such as the embodiment excessively straining vision, which eventually leads to fatigue and reduced activity.

In conclusion

When planning a kitchen design 6kW m each owner must understand that the combination of conceptual nature and artificial materials makes it possible to create a modern and convenient for cooking room.

Refusal of numerous decorative elements allows visually expand the space and make the integrity of the composition without the added complexity. However, if necessary clearance can be performed in some other styles.

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