Kitchen: Design 9 meters and 11 3x3 squares, you can create a masterpiece

Kitchen: Design 9 meters (54 photos): rectangular and square room, especially to increase the usable area


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  • 1 shape of the room
    • 1.1 rectangular shape
    • 1.2 square
  • 2 A few tips to increase the usable area
  • 3 Summing up
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Not an easy task for the designer - kitchen: 9m design requires the ability to compose color and texture, finding a middle ground between aesthetics and functionality.

kitchen design 9 metersOf course, the kitchen of 9 meters is not yet a great location, but it already gives the opportunity to show imagination and create a unique kitchen design.

The most common kitchen design 9 squares have to be implemented in areas of a square or rectangular shape.

shape of the room

rectangular shape

  • Traditionally, such a shape of the room entrance door is located on the right and the window opening - on the left.
  • We recommend installing the refrigerator to the right of the window and work area for them: boxes with built-in appliances, sink and other parts of the kitchen units.
  • The dining area is better to use a small table rectangular and soft padded stools or chairs. The best solution is the use of a corner of the table, it will save space.
  • Kitchen Design 9 meters should be functional and safe, so the sink and stove placed in different corners of the working area. Microwave is placed over the surface of the working area, it helps to save area on the table.
  • The interior walls and floor should prevail bright colors practical materials that enable visually enlarge the room. Do not forget to take care of high-quality lighting in the cooking process, you must create comfort and coziness.


kitchen of 9 meters Design

Kitchen square shape

To design traditionally used 3x3 kitchen design, it is quite inconvenient layout, but it can be comfortable and cozy.

Entrance to this room is usually the right. To his left, install the refrigerator, behind it - the sink. Stove renovated kitchen is located in the center of the work area, and the table is placed in front of the wall, near the window.

The decoration preferably light colors and bright decor.

A few tips to increase the usable area

kitchen 9 squares design

  1. For a small area as a table, you can use the bar. If the family living in the apartment is small, it would be enough space at the bar to have dinner and a useful area of ​​a room will be spared.

In addition, using the rack room becomes U-shaped form, which makes the interior more comfortable. By the way, the table in the room a small area - is undesirable. Better than initially thought it possible to place it in another room, for example, a dining room with seating area. That leaves only the necessary interior and freed space.

Note! To increase the visual space is recommended to arrange all the furniture in a line size refrigerator, stove, washer, and a work area.

  1. The next step is to increase the free space will embed all appliances. Creating the design of the kitchen 9 m2, think in advance what equipment is needed for everyday use, some part of it can be combined with cupboards kitchen units.

Embedding can be not only horizontal. The vertical placement of multiple objects technology - a rather difficult task, but the reward will be a lot of free space. Can be positioned at the same level oven and microwave, and a dishwasher to build under the sink.

  1. Getting acquainted with the technique. Knowledge of all the novelties of the market for kitchen appliances can really help when you decide to create the design of the kitchen 9 m2.
kitchen design create

Interior with breakfast bar

Recently, the market there are multi-functional devices to perform several useful actions at the same time and do not take much space.

Microwave perfectly combined with an oven, a versatile food processor will replace the set of nozzles and graters for cutting vegetables and cooking surfaces require little space, excellent performing heating and cooking functions food.

Furthermore, unlike conventional gas stoves, they can be used as a stand and placed at the junction of several lockers.

  1. Minimized. Evaluate your family's needs and think, and whether you need a huge refrigerator and 4-burner stove. Nowadays, quite common mini-refrigerators, built right into the kitchen.

Excellent coping with their functions, they occupy very little space. Even 11 meters Kitchen Design recommends the use of built-in cooling chambers.

And instead of a large dishwasher can take a smaller version for a small family. Thus, the kitchen finishing their own hands will not be cluttered.

Do not forget about the furniture - design should not only conform to the dimensions of the room, but the chosen style.

Functional tables transformers help to save space and ottomans will serve as seating and storage of useful things. Make high-quality and beautiful design - very easy, you only need to show imagination and take the time to create a future plan.

Summing up

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