Design of modern kitchen 9 sq. M.m. 8 The best design projects.50 pictures

Contents of the article:
  • Basic principles for kitchen planning 9 sq. M.m.
  • How to make an interior design kitchen 9 sq. m.m. better
  • Kitchen 9 sq. the style of minimalism. Photo of the current project for Russians
  • Design of modern kitchen 9 sq. M.m. with access to the balcony
  • Design variant of modern kitchen 9 sq. m.with a door to the balcony. Photo of the project
  • Kitchen 9 sq. M.m. in the panel house. Interior design photo
  • Violet interior kitchen solution 9 sq. M.with a refrigerator. Photo of the project
  • Kitchen design 9 sq. M.m. in the style of country. Plunge into the rustic style!
  • Bright kitchen 9 sq. M.with a refrigerator built into the cabinet
  • Modern idea of ​​the kitchen 9 sq. m.m. Scandinavian style kitchen - photo of the project

When decorating a small kitchen, the size of which is 9 square meters.m., choosing a style solution, the first priority is a proper layout. The color solution, decorative elements - all fades into the background. Only successful placement of all objects of the kitchen environment will allow the 9 meter kitchen to turn a paradise, the dream of any housewife.

Basic principles for kitchen planning 9 sq. M.m.

If your apartment has a kitchen of this size - 9 square meters.m. - it will be better to first plan everything on paper, take into account the location of the doorway, windows, sanitary ware, the size of kitchen appliances and furniture. Doing a design project of your kitchen, adhere to certain rules, which have been repeatedly tested by experience.

  • Whichever style you prefer, the main thing is to make the kitchen space as free as possible, so that nothing prevents your movement, or opening doors in cabinets, a refrigerator and an oven.
  • Remember the rule of the triangle. The stove, refrigerator and sink together form a triangle, the top of which forms a sink. Thus, you will save yourself from unnecessary movements, which will inevitably arise with the other placement of these objects.
  • The dishwasher, if any, is placed next to the cupboard.
  • Think about everything to the smallest detail: where will be the working surface, and where is the dining area, how best to place different cabinets and shelves where to put the washing machine.

But the most important thing is that when thinking out the layout, put first your own convenience in the first place. Place the dryer next to the sink and so that it's easy, both to put, and to get the dishes. The refrigerator should be placed in such a way that no one should get up from the chair when you need to open it and get food.

Compliance with these rules will allow you to achieve what you want - the proper layout of the kitchen 9 sq. M.m.

How to make an interior design kitchen 9 sq. m.m. better

On paper, everything blended harmoniously into the kitchen area. We continue our work further. The professional designers have a number of techniques that they compulsorily follow when designing a design project for a 9 meter kitchen.

Professionals advise

  • The first : initially determine the size of the budget - in what amount will cost all costs, taking into account the necessary purchases, call specialists( suddenly you need to transfer gas equipment or mount additional outlets).
  • Second : first select all the finishing materials. What will go to finish the floor, ceiling and walls. Try to ensure that the materials fit together harmoniously. And do not forget - you decide how to plan a kitchen design 9 sq. M.m., and not the design of the living room - all materials must be resistant to moisture, various household pollutions, and, naturally, they should be easy to wash.
  • Third : the presence of decorative elements should not conflict with the principle of convenience. An exception is made only in one case: if you personally wanted this original pitcher( lamp, picture, chair) to be here.
  • Fourth : do not complicate anything. If the budget allows you to hire professionals - this is one thing, if you are going to equip the kitchen on your own - that's another. Look at the special literature, refer to the sources on the Internet and choose the option of an interior solution that you like and you are able to do.
  • Fifth : quick dismantling, which does not require the call of a team of specialists. This condition must be observed for two reasons, one of which is your own desire to make some changes to the interior of the kitchen, the second - the replacement of pipes, meters and so on.

Kitchen design 9 sq. M.m in the classical style. Photo of the project

The kitchen in the photo is made in the neoclassic style. A very beautiful view opens from the window.

kuhnia_9_metrov kuhnia_9_metrov2 kuhnia_9_metrov3 kuhnia_9_metrov4 kuhnia_9_metrov5 kuhnia_9_metrov6

Kitchen 9 sq. the style of minimalism. Photo of the current project for Russians

For the design of a small kitchen designers often choose the style of minimalism. Laconic lines and light tones allow you to visually increase the space. On the given photos of design of a modern kitchen of 9 sq. M.In the style of minimalism, an interesting solution to the organization of space is shown: the central place is occupied by the so-called "kitchen island" - the place where food is cooked, breakfasts, lunches, dinners and guests receive.

The whole kitchen is decorated in light color scheme. The white-colored water-based paint is covered with a ceiling and part of the walls. White is the same color curtain of cotton. Cornice-string contributes to the visual expansion of space, and decorative clothespins create the effect of the arrangement of curtains in the air.

dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv3 dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv2

Modern idea of ​​the kitchen 9 sq. M.m. Photo

Interesting details:

  • The role of the chandelier and the function of the main light source is performed by a hood with illumination. Ceiling lamp in a simple lampshade more plays a decorative role and the role of additional illumination.
  • The central part of the kitchen island is a table top, in which a glass-ceramic plate is mounted. In the boxes below it, kitchen accessories are conveniently placed.
  • Dining area - a table-transformer, which, if necessary, easily extends from the "island".
  • It is possible to fold seats and remove them inside the "island" to maximize the space of the kitchen.
  • The working area of ​​the kitchen was increased due to an additional table located at the window. There is also an oven in a special niche. An oven in the oven moves the prepared dishes to the surface of the table.
  • Cabinets, cabinets and shelves are mounted near the window.

With the implementation of the design of modern kitchen 9 square meters.m. in the style of minimalism in reality, remember: the individual decorative elements - a minimum, decorativeness is achieved due to the contrast of colors and textures.

Design of modern kitchen 9 sq. M.m. with access to the balcony

Owners of the apartment, where there is a kitchen with a balcony, you have to show more imagination and ingenuity in its design.

Modern kitchen design variant 9 sq. M.m. with access to the balcony

Visually the kitchen is divided into four zones: working, dining, entrance and balcony area.

dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv18 dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv22 dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv20

The idea of ​​modern kitchen design is 9 sq.m. Photo

The working area is located along one of the walls of the .In its solution, clear, strict lines are traced. The surface of the plate and the floor cabinets are on the same level. Also, strictly on one line, there are hanging cabinets.

The dining area is located at the opposite wall. Vertical panels of alternating colors of linden and wenge visually increase the height of the kitchen. This is facilitated by small ceiling lights, located in a row closer to the work area. As a source of additional lighting for the dining area, a lamp with an original shade of strips is chosen.

dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv23 dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv19

Balcony area, it's also a window area, combined with a kitchen. In the resulting niche comfortable chairs are placed.

On the side of the entrance area there is a refrigerator. Here he is at hand, and no one interferes.

On the presented photo of the kitchen design 9 sq. M.m. with access to the balcony can be clearly seen that the design used four basic colors: linden, wenge, white and steel.

Modern kitchen design variant 9 sq. M.with a door to the balcony. Photo of the project

Simplicity and elegance are distinguished by the design of this kitchen. The decoration uses dark Wenge color and light lime, beech, maple and walnut. Contrast colors are coordinated perfectly, making the interior elegant and noble.

dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv37 dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv38 dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv39 dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv40

Photo of the modern kitchen

  • When creating the interior of this modern kitchen 9 sq. M.m. The maximum use of natural materials. These are hanging shelves, a dining table and a kitchen apron made of wood.
  • Bright accent - it's lemon chairs in the kitchen 9 sq. M.m. They not only revive the space of the kitchen, but also give it a special flavor.
  • The balcony opening and window are made in dark color, which gives the kitchen space extra volume. Simple vertical blinds, attached directly to the frames, are perceived as an element of the window. Curtains perform a decorative and purely utilitarian function - if desired, they can always be pulled back.
  • An interesting detail is the wall panels, behind which the refrigerator and the entrance opening are hiding. The mirror panel serves as an element of the decor and simultaneously separates the entrance to the kitchen from the rest of the wall.

Kitchen 9 square meters.m. in the panel house. Photo of interior design

Kitchen apartments in panel houses do not suffer from the monotony: there can be square kitchens, can - in the form of an elongated rectangle.

In this case we have almost a square kitchen.

dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv8 dizain-proekt-kukhni-9-kv10 dizain-proekt-kukhni-9-kv9 dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv11

Photos of the kitchen 9 sq. M.meters in the panel house

For one of the variants of modern kitchen design 9 sq. m. In the panel house, the following solution was found:

  • The gray color scheme was used - from light gray, almost white to saturated dark. The original decoration of the wall in the work area, imitating the finish with broken tiles, looks original.
  • The working and dining areas are located opposite each other.
  • In the work area, the space is used to the maximum: there are cabinets with shelves for storing kitchen utensils, and a plate with a sink, and a refrigerator.
  • But the dining room is not loaded with extra items: the table with chairs and a curbstone are loosely placed there.
  • Lamps on long suspensions are located above the dining table. Matte lampshades with the included lighting create a feeling of additional heat.

Violet interior kitchen solution 9 sq. M.with a refrigerator. Photo of the project

On the following photos of modern kitchen design 9 sq. M.In the panel house we also see an interesting solution.

dizain-proekt-kukhni-9-kv13 dizain-proekt-kukhni-9-kv14 dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv15 dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv17

  • The doors of the vertical cabinet near the window and the bottom of the working area are made in purple. The decision is bold enough, especially for the kitchen. But the violet color is perfectly beaten: the horizontal surfaces of the working area and the hanging cabinets have a white glossy color.
  • The cooker, sink and refrigerator form a triangle.
  • Two-level ceiling allowed the use of built-in lamps.
  • Above the dining table is an interesting lamp - it involuntarily communicates with the ceiling, although it is a separate piece of the interior.

Kitchen design 9 sq. M.m. in the style of country. Plunge into the rustic style!

The decision to decorate the kitchen in country style is interesting. As you can see in the photo, the kitchen is 9 sq. M.m. in country style is decorated in two basic colors - white and mustard. All other colors are their variants to one degree or another. The exception is the panel above the working area and the dining area.

The panel above the working area is lined with tiles, on which is a drawing stylized as folk ornament.
The chairs are rich red and blue in harmony with the tile ornament and are a bright accent in the interior of the kitchen.

dizain-proekt-kukhni-9-kv24 dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv25 dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv26

Kitchen in the style of country. Photo

One of the walls is completely painted in mustard color, which creates an indescribable atmosphere of warmth and comfort. On it there is no superfluous object, only decorative panels.

An unusual solution found for the ceiling. Ceiling beams of light gray, whitish shade resemble a simple wooden ceiling.

dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv27 dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv28

A certain charm to the stylish interior of the kitchen 9 sq. M.m. in the style of country attached small lamps, hinged shelves for seasoning and blinds on the kitchen window.

Bright kitchen 9 sq. M.with a refrigerator built into the cabinet

The kitchen is almost completely made in light color scheme. Various shades of beige color, a little white and warm color of apricot are used. In the photo of a light kitchen you can see that apricot curtains, backs and seats of soft chairs are visible.

Kitchen - light, but in the decoration there are details and dark colors. The door is noteworthy. It would look out of place if it were not for a dark hob. The wall-mounted TV acts as a connecting element between the dark surfaces of the slab and the door.

But the brightest and at the same time inconspicuous detail is the refrigerator built into the cabinet. If you do not know, you will not find it at once.

dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv29 dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv30 dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv31 dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv32

In the design of a light kitchen 9 sq.m.m. with a refrigerator there is another interesting feature: built-in wardrobe under the window.

Mirror effect, characteristic for glossy surfaces, visually increases the space, giving the room lightness and airiness.

Modern idea of ​​the kitchen 9 sq. M.m. Kitchen in the Scandinavian style - photo of the project

One of the best design options is a kitchen design of 9 sq. Scandinavian style. The predominant colors are black, white, shades of gray and slightly gray-blue. The kitchen might look gloomy, if not for a floor covering, stylized parquet. With parquet floor, the light, beech-colored, horizontal surface of the working area, and wooden objects of kitchen utensils are combined.

Kitchen interior animates decorative panels on one of the walls and a checkerboard protective cover on the floor near the work area.

As can be seen in the photo of the kitchen 9 sq. M.m. in the Scandinavian style - despite the fact that the entire interior is modern, the spirit of antiquity is elusively felt in it. This is facilitated by a kitchen apron resembling a brick wall, and doors of cabinets, and wooden utensils.

dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv33 dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv34 dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv35 dizajn-proekt-kukhni-9-kv36

Whatever the layout and style solution for the kitchen 9 square meters.m. you have chosen, all your decisions should be logical and justified. Do not get carried away with "design for the sake of design".Every detail, every object must be combined with each other. And then you will achieve the most important quality of the interior - the mood. For the kitchen, this is especially important, because there is a large part of the time and, most importantly, there are joint meals here. The process of perception of food, and even of digestion, to a large extent depends on the environment and the prevailing atmosphere.