Kitchen design ideas: an unusual stylish interior in red and black and white, small

Kitchen design ideas (33 photos): facing materials, the combination of decor, color


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  • 1 Remember, facing materials - the basis of design
  • 2 Mix and match the decor and do not forget about the little things
  • 3 Color - a powerful tool designer
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The kitchen can be different - modern and classic style have a modern, hi-tech or country, be smooth or textured, bright or neutral.

But the most important thing at the same time to all the ideas of kitchen design brought to her warmth and comfort.

Kitchen design ideas

Remember, facing materials - the basis of design

How to arrange the room to completely transform its interior and give exclusivity? To this end, it is not necessary to buy expensive facing materials and spent on the special accessories.

Often with just a few well placed accents and colorful strokes - and stylish kitchen design is ready.

Usually, the wallpaper is just a backdrop for the situation in the room. Make them as its main decoration is very simple: apply paste of contrasting wallpaper. If the kitchen monotonous, it will enliven bright and juicy drawings on the walls.

The most popular method to create unbanal interior - this accent wall, pasted over contrasting wallpaper. The rest of the wall at the same time it is necessary to make the most neutral. Emphasis can be identified, and one of the functional zones: the dining room or working.

If you are the owner of a mini kitchen - design may include a panoramic landscape wallpapers. They visually expand the space of the room and bring it a positive emotional charge.

Note! Catchy, bright images require neutral and tranquil background, a minimum of furniture, decorative elements and accessories.

Beautiful washable vinyl wallpaper will help to create an unusual design with a stylish kitchen apron over her work area.

Make it easy: cut and paste the appropriate size piece of material on the wall, and the top lock tempered glass.

You can also order fotofartuk a special agency with any image on it.

Design red kitchen

Apron wallpaper

When painting the walls of the room, if you correctly pick the color scheme, you get not just an interesting interior, and a work of art.

Pure white color of the kitchen - design minimalism, at the same time possesses all the attributes of the artistic direction of pop art.

And if you decorate the walls in the kitchen with different colors, then it will be the vanguard.

Kitchen, fully tiled, will look "cool". Change the color of the fugue grout. Pick deep and saturated colors, contrasting with the tiles. And the walls will become warmer and brighter.

The basic ideas of kitchen design in this case: unbanal ways of laying ceramic.

Enter into the picture contrasting tiles or "decoration". Choose the color "apron", different from the rest of the wall and it will become a focus defining stylistic decision room.

Mix and match the decor and do not forget about the little things

You can not be limited to only one facing material. Good results give several combinations.

Tile and wood interior can become a basis in ecological style or country. Pick the color of the tile countertops, and wood for furniture facades.

Tile and mosaics make unusual apron. Selecting a tile, add to it a stylish majolica.

Desktop and panel / painting. Foundation design of the kitchen under a tree may contain embossed wallpaper with its texture, and the bottom wall panels can be arranged with the same pattern or paint to cover the tone.

Nor should we neglect the small details of decor. Hang on a wall mural depicting a still life or reproduction on a kitchen theme.

The unusual design of the kitchen

In design there are no trifles. All decorative elements must be combined

Tip! Note that the vertical panels visually raise the ceiling in the low room, and its horizontal stretch.

Do not forget about the combination of colors: bright colors of the interior elements perfectly enliven neutral tiled walls.

Arsenal for a design for the kitchen have a win-win to make it unique - is a decorative dishes and utensils. Do not hide them in the closet - are hung on the walls and put on the shelf: let it attracts attention and decorates the kitchen.

Best of all these elements of decor will emphasize the design of the kitchen from wood in country style.

Color - a powerful tool designer

One of the most important components, which includes competent kitchen design - is to choose colors premises. It affects our emotions and physical condition. In addition, the color can change the space visually.

For example, a kitchen with white paneling and furniture will look light and airy. This is, by the way, if it does not have enough natural light. The depth of black color will give the interior dynamics and to emphasize the graphic quality.

Accordingly, the design of black and white kitchen will have the advantages of both these colors.

Note! Blue, blue and green tones are natural and reminiscent of nature, so calm and give peace of mind.

Yellow color and its shades give warmth, optimism and good mood. People who combine the character of self-confidence, emotional and adventurous streak, choosing design red kitchen.

With the sharp contrasts of colors must be handled very carefully. It is better to experiment, combining pastel and bright colors contrasting colors, not clean their options. If you have important quiet, relaxing environment, the best option is to use the repair kitchen- similar colors.

Design black and white kitchen

Black and white kitchen

For example, design red kitchen may include red, rose, crimson, scarlet and so forth. tone.

A very unusual and stylish combination of contrasting colors, shaded by different texture. In this sense, the preferred natural wood two different breeds. It can be replaced by a laminate of good quality and having a topcoat with 3D effect.

The special charm of the room will give the idea of ​​kitchen design with crystal accents, as well as equipment and interior with mirror surfaces, as well as decorative elements with spectacular gloss inserts.

Chrome, nickel, and steel parts appliances and furnishings accentuate the modern design of the kitchen, if you choose it the basis of modern, post-modernism, high-tech or avant-garde.

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