Design of light corner kitchen 9-12 square meters.meters

Interior design: Olga Ursulenko and Vyacheslav Zhugin

I like to consider design projects from Zh-Design studio. Here and this time we look at the design of the kitchen 12 sq. M.meters.

This design project is suitable for the kitchen 9 sq. M.m. Mainly correctly place the furniture and choose the right lighting for the kitchen.

The design of the kitchen is 12 sq. Meters. Photo 1

Kitchen design 12 square meters. Photo 1

The designers were faced with the task of making a light kitchen with a large wooden table in the center so that the whole family could gather for breakfast and dinner.

The kitchen area was slightly more than 12 meters, so it was where to clear up. After all, there is not such a big kitchen in every apartment.

Kitchen 12 meters design. Picture 2

Kitchen 12 meters design. Photo 2

Let's start with the ceiling finish. The ceiling in the kitchen must be uniquely original. Therefore, it was made two-level. In addition to originality, drywall construction is good because there we have placed spotlights. The hostess was always short of light. A total of 7 point ceiling luminaires, and the cost of electricity from them is less than from a conventional 60 watt incandescent lamp, since we used diode lamps.

Design of a light kitchen. Picture 3

Design of a light kitchen. Picture 3

Kitchen design 12 sq. M.m. assumed the placement of a corner white kitchen with a built-in oven and a new generation hood.

The walls in the kitchen are decorated with wallpaper with a pattern of gray and white stripes.

Beige kitchen design. Picture 4

Beige kitchen design. Photo 4

The pink kitchen apron makes kitchen design brighter and more interesting. The kitchen apron is laid out of large rectangular tiles of pink color with drawings of white dandelions.

Beautiful idea for a kitchen of 12 sq. Meters. Photo 5

Beautiful idea for a kitchen of 12 sq. Meters. Photo 5

Curtains design on our 12 meter kitchen is also not random. Over the snow-white tulle weighs a curtain of chocolate-brown color. Blind only on the right side, since on the left we placed the refrigerator and it took away part of the sunlight.

Kitchen design 12 sq. M.m in modern style. Picture 6

Kitchen design 12 sq. M.m in modern style. Photo 6

For the floor covering, waterproof parquet was used. It is parquet, not laminate, as any laminate is afraid of water.
In the center of the kitchen is a large oak table in dark brown color, which perfectly completes the modern design of the kitchen of 12 square meters.