The design of the narrow kitchen: fully extended a little longer and a small-sized dining room

The design of the narrow kitchen (33 photos): Features of the space under the window, lighting and ceiling finishes


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Elongated and narrow kitchen - it is a problem with which most often encountered not only residents of old houses, but often the owners of apartments in new buildings. In this case, it is necessary not only to expand the room, but also make it a functional space to the maximum.

So design a narrow kitchen can be seen in old magazines, catalogs or on the Internet. This will help you determine the end result you want to see in your kitchen.

The design of the narrow kitchen

Fashion for the interior room is given a certain European trends. If you remove the wall, it will turn your kitchen into the living room-studio, which will be directly combined three zones. This cooking area or kitchen, dining area and a seating area or living room.

Note! If you do not want to remove the wall and make a living living room-studio, you have to resort to the use of various design solutions to at least visually increase the space.

It's best to start with the kitchen design long deliberation, what kitchen utensils, furniture and accessories you most needed and on which of them you still will be able to refuse.

Standard household kitchen equipment includes a stove, dishwasher, refrigerator and sometimes oven-grill.

Add all this planning design narrow small kitchen, not very easy to deal with.

Note that the bulky furniture will not fit. For such a kitchen it should be to the maximum of miniature, compact, and most importantly - roomy. Also welcomed the high level of ergonomic furniture.

One method for increasing the visual space is the use of light colors wallpaper, paint, or putty. Thus, your kitchen will seem more spacious, light and cozy.

The most popular tones today are lighter shades of coffee. However, keep in mind that warm colors will make your room not only warm, comfortable and cozy, but also to reduce it a bit.

If for the sake of increasing the space you are willing to sacrifice comfort, then only use cold tones. In this case, the most you fit transparent blue, light green, light gray or pale pink color.

As for furniture, it should be selected according to the principle: less is better.

So design kitchen length implies the existence of furniture, consisting of many small drawers and shelves. It is very important here and select the appropriate tone.

You can use the mirrored facades, which also solve your problem with space. Among the shelves should prevail open, which can create a sense of space. Feel free to use the transparent surface.

For example, such as a chair or a table with transparent backs or counter top.

Features of the space under the window

Thinking design a small-sized kitchen, make sure that the space under the window was fully involved.

This point is very important in order to not lose functional kitchen arrangement. This little trick will allow you to renovated the kitchen with his hands to increase its area.

Decorate the windows can be French horizontal blinds or other nice curtains. In no case do not hang dark curtains or heavy. Such planning is unacceptable.

Windowsill, in turn, can also be a means to increase the area of ​​the kitchen. To do this, you need to expand it to the size of the table and use as directed.

kitchen lighting

Properly organized your kitchen lighting can make your kitchen is not only lighter, but also more. To do this, divide the room into several zones.

With the help of sophisticated lighting, you will be able to adjust and simulate kitchen space so that you feel comfortable to be in it.


As well as the walls, properly executed repair ceiling in the kitchen will help you with the problem of a small kitchen. It is due to the decoration of the ceiling, many designers to increase the room.

You can zone the entire space of the kitchen, smashing the ceiling on the number of zones. This will allow the smooth surface defects the ceiling, as well as distortions of the room. The depth of the ceiling can be changed by applying different architectural elements, or a plaster decoration.

A similar effect can be achieved, finished ceiling mirrored surface. It will also look stylish contrast of light and dark colors, which will create the impression of additional space.

The design of the long kitchen

The use of mirror tiles to visually increase the space

The most common dilemma in the repair of the kitchen of this size is the question of the presence or absence of a dining table.

A full table clearly does not fit, so you can use the table-transformer or merge table with a window sill. Table-transformer can be of various sizes and shapes.

The most popular purchased folding tables with movable parts on the sides. At the base of this design stolachasto can make small drawers, which is very convenient store utensils or other small things that are so necessary for the preparation of tasty and healthy food.

Narrow design small kitchen

EXAMPLE collapsible display table

kitchen design magazine

Example Transforming tables made of light woods

The problem with the dining area can be solved in several ways. From each other, they differ only in the arrangement of furniture.

Design elongated kitchen

The first version of the arrangement of furniture in the kitchen

Under this option, the kitchen layout will remain the same.

  1. It provides a bar, the width of which is 45 centimeters. it also smoothly into the window sill. Resorting to such a functional solution, the hosts will be a place for comfortable rest and a meal. In addition, the working surface of the kitchen will be increased.
  2. Above the bar you can hang the cabinets and shelves with glass doors. They fit all kitchen utensils and cutlery.
    The design of a small-sized kitchen

    Kitchen design during the planning of the first embodiment

Note! Since the height of the window sill is much greater than the height of the usual dinner table, you can use special bar chairs, which have higher legs. They reach 63 centimeters and can be adjusted by yourself. The base of the chairs should be light and airy.

Kitchen design (plan view) according to the first layout embodiment

Kitchen design (plan view) according to the first layout embodiment

The second variant of arrangement of furniture in the kitchen

The second variant of arrangement of furniture in the kitchen

The second option is more difficult to perform.

  1. It uses the same standard set of modules, however, it has a completely different layout. Thus refrigerator will be placed in the opposite side, and in its place will be placed cupboard.
  2. Under worktop fridge is located, which is a continuation of the sill. In a continuation of the built not only cleaning, but the hob.
    Kitchen design when planning in the second embodiment

    Kitchen design when planning in the second embodiment

  3. Horizontal large capacity cabinets should be hung in front of windows at a high altitude. But this height must correspond exactly to the height of the mezzanine. Since the space under them empty, then you can sit.
    Kitchen design (plan view) layout of the second embodiment

    Kitchen design (plan view) layout of the second embodiment

When planning a kitchen design - a magazine with various embodiments of a kitchen will help you to choose the stylish accessories and fixtures.

With this layout it is desirable to choose a lamp, consisting of a plurality of different sized tubes. It is necessary that the light is distributed evenly across the dining and working area.

To illuminate the work area, use lamps placed under the wall cabinets and shelves. They are designed to be minimally visible when switched off and efficiently illuminate the work area in the ON state.

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