How to choose and make economical and modern design for the bathroom on their own, without the help of professionals

Make a budget repair the bathroom to the room did not look cheap, is it possible? All really, the main thing - to have the right approach to the selection of materials and handling. Often builders allow gross errors even when using expensive materials, special tools and modern technologies. Choosing a modern and inexpensive design of the bathroom without the help of professionals.


The most accessible material for the flooring is linoleum. It can be put on the old paint, especially if the floor tiles.

In second place on affordability - floor tiles, however, this option requires the preparation of the base and provides the extra spending on floor leveling and additional materials. If you decide to opt for the tiles, pay attention to the texture or relief items.


The best option is a ceiling finishing plastic. Material practical enough, the construction enables installation without additional lighting shtrobleniya surface.

When selecting a material for finishing the ceiling, pay attention to what will be finished with the floor and walls, as well as on the state of the surface.

Smooth ceiling can just paint, and if there is curvature - the easiest way to build a suspension structure.

Walls + step by step instruction finishes

Budget bathroom design options walls are not so many, but each of the materials has many varieties, and allows you to select the design for every taste.

Thus, when an inexpensive repair the bathroom, the most appropriate to use:

  • plastic linings;
  • adhesive film;
  • paint;
  • ceramic tile inexpensive brands.

The most practical embodiment is undoubtedly tiles. Moisture-proof material not fear changes in temperature and mechanical impact, easy to clean, aesthetic and durable. However, laying tiles require a smooth base and additional costs for tile adhesives, grouts, frieze, decoration, moldings, etc.

Excellent cost-effective solution would be fragmented finish wall tiles. For example, you can lay out the tiles a plot near bathtubs and sinks, and the rest of the wall paint.

Painting - the budget and the easiest option. Apply the paint to the prepared wall of the cellar. Especially if before the walls were painted and the plaster is not severely damaged. paint color, you can choose any, but it is better to adhere to certain rules of style: the color of the walls should be in harmony with the color of the floor, doors and roof.

Self-adhesive film is not particularly cheap option, in addition to this paste over the wall material, they must be carefully prepared. Better self-adhesive used for the decoration of facades in old furniture, doors, etc.

One of the most affordable options will be PVC lining, especially if the walls are not the best. To install plastic panels on the frame walls almost do not need additional training. In addition, the material is relatively inexpensive, and you can choose the panel to suit all tastes in accordance with any design.

Virtually any type of wall decoration involves the preparation process:

Step 1. Free the bathroom from the plumbing, furniture and household items. When repairing the premises should not be anything extra.

Step 2. Dismantle the old finish (remove the tiles, if any, scrape the paint, rip off the wallpaper, etc.).

Step 3. We bring down the old plaster in places where it begins to crumble.

Step 4. Line the walls starting putty.

Further preparation steps will depend on the method finishes:

  • painting the walls in addition to align the finishing putty and primed;
  • for laying tiles and installation of plastic panels adhesive method should be done in the wall surface notches for better adhesion and primed surface;
  • before installing the plastic lining on the frame plastering can be completely eliminated.

For the most part, when we buy building materials, plumbing, or electrical appliances, a large part we overpay for the brand name of one or another well-known company. Try to pay attention to the less well-known brands, whose products are worth many times cheaper, but the quality is no worse.

Before going to the store Calculate exactly the required amount of material, not to buy too much. Save when you buy plumbing is possible, choosing simple products without any frills. Successful repair!

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