How to make a decoration of an apartment with the help of a brick - choose modern and affordable solutions

Masonry - is a very old building material. For a long time indoors brickwork is considered an indicator of incompleteness finish, it is hidden under a layer of plaster, and other finishing materials. However, at the turn of the century it is becoming more and more popular style loftUsing crude, blatant materials bearing walls as interior decoration.

Interest in the masonry was so persistent and popular, that of style loft He emigrated to other destinations: Provence, Country, Urban and many others. However, there it has undergone some changes. For example, if industrial insists on the brown-red brick zakopchonnom industrial areas, the Provence the earliest possible relief of masonry, and the color is attached to staining in soft pastel shades.

On the feasibility of brickwork and alternative materials

The easiest way to organize the interior of the masonry in a house built of brick. Good luck, if the house is old. In this case, actions need to be done at a minimum: free wall or part of the plaster, properly arrange the transition. However, if the portion is in the bathroom or kitchen, it can absorb moisture. Therefore, as a protective lacquer coating is used on the stone. It allows you to even wash the brick from time to time.

Newer home, where brick is not so presentable, also will fit. The main thing - is to receive the invoice, and under the same polish can be applied to a layer of Kohler and toi does paint, brick, giving it the color that you see in a glossy magazine of European design premises.

Things are worse when the brick building material house does not appear. Then you have to make in the interior - either directly or using an imitation.

Panel itself is not very expensive, but considering that you only need it as an effect, you can even buy a brick b / y - will be more textured. Using mortar on top of the usual wall falshstenu construct the required size. Of the benefits of this option at only its authenticity and artistic appearance. Negative - that brick "eat" 15- 20 cm. room space. And then - if the overlap withstand such a weight?

If you are fanatically devoted to the idea of ​​the brick, it is theoretically possible to do the following: to arm themselves with a disk grinder 23 cmAnd cut bricks sidewall thickness of about 3 cm. Immediately drop and weight, and the thickness of the wall decor trim. However, this method is applicable except for the creation of a small kitchen apron or a piece of the wall, otherwise the electricity bill udorozhit decorating repeatedly.

Lost faith in natural materials, draw eyes on imitators brickwork:

  1. Clay tiles. One of the most popular options. Cheap it is, of course, will not name, but the result of the old clay masonry is almost indistinguishable. Paving tile is installed simply on a regular tile adhesive. However, high water absorption also requires varnishing.
  2. plastic panels. Plastic and are doing their job. It turns out that mold the surface, imitating brickwork and give it nozhny color is much easier and cheaper. And more and easier - plastic panels are light, that they without any fear can be glued to the hollow walls of plasterboard. The only thing you can complain lovers natural - it is impossible to convey the feeling of plastic with tactile contact with a brick.
  3. Plaster "Brick". Here, perhaps, is the cheapest way to get a full masonry in the interior. According nezasohshey more special mixture of plaster narrow spatula make a pattern imitating brickwork. Some made stencils that are pressed into the plastered surface. After drying the frozen layer is primed and painted so as to be exactly like the bricks stapled solution.

In this work, there is a feature - it is a long and painstaking work that requires inspiration, so if it does not want, it is better not mess with him.

Step by step instructions for decorating with the help of a brick

Decorating a brick is better to produce ceramic tiles or cut of the bricks.

Step 1. Floated special construction mixture or a cement-sand plaster.

Step 2. After drying, the basics on tile adhesive planted clinker tiles or bricks cut.

Step 3. Seams rubbing compound that can be tinted in different colors, and then the blocks are wiped from the grout.

The process of decorating the premises under a brick, a rather time-consuming and costly, however, following our advice and recommendations, you can choose a more simple way, and make yourself trim.

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