Repair in a small room, narrow hallway: finishing calculator

Repair in a small room (36 photos): Design, construction of the narrow room and hallway


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  • 2 A few tips on design
  • 3 Narrow room - what to do
  • 4 Hallway - the same room
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Repair in a small area of ​​the room - a headache every designer. In this article, we'll show you how to design the interior of the premises and carry out repair work.

Putting a small area or inconvenient forms limits of design ideas and makes the creation of the interior difficult to achieve. It is on the repair in a small room will take the most effort and energy, so before you start is better to develop a plan for its implementation.

We begin to repair

Repair in a small roomThe first stage - this is not the dismantling of the old finish, as many think, but to create a sketch of the future room. Development plan and design of repair room - a task of paramount importance.

Calculator will help you repair the room, including a count of all future costs and cost planning.

The standard estimate is:

  • Dismantling of wallpaper, flooring and other finishes.
  • The cost of putty and primers for walls and ceiling.
  • Price of new wallpapers and gluing.
  • Buying soundproofing laying new flooring and parquet or laminate.
  • The cost of baseboards and install them.
  • Installation of wiring, purchase outlets.

Of course, this only describes the minimum redecorating the room. But what if the walls and ceiling in your apartment rough, old batteries and require replacement.

Then you need to add to the cost estimate:

  • costs of plasterboard walls (materials, frame, installation);
  • false ceilings (installation and related materials);
  • new heating system (complete replacement of pipes, installation of the new battery pack and salary workers);
  • purchase and installation of new plastic windows and interior doors.

In this case it is necessary to do a complete renovation of the room and expect a great expense.

Do not forget about the design of the room. After all, we want to do is not only high quality and reliable, but also cozy. A suitable color of the wallpaper, decorative elements of plasterboard, beautiful curtains, carved shelves - it's just a small part of the things that create a cozy and comfortable interior.

Buying furniture for a small area of ​​the room is also not an easy task. Not only must buy everything you need, but also to place it so that it does not reduce the useful floor area. This will help us foldout sofas, shelves, multipurpose tables with lots of drawers.

A few tips on design

Repair in a narrow room

Design a small room

As we have seen, in a small room repairs - it is not too difficult. Enough to make a little effort to show imagination and do not skimp on quality materials. But still give a few tips for decorating.

There are many methods and ways to increase the space in the small room. First of all, decide the color problem. If the large rooms of the interior design can be executed in a few contrasting colors, interior small room is not necessary to load a variety of color, and it is better to use one shade.

Tip! It is desirable to choose light colors, as they allow you to visually increase the room. White, blue, silver and light green are ideal for use in a small room.

The walls are recommended not to overload decorative details and lots of pictures. For decoration only a couple of small items that are concentrated in one place of the wall. Shiny or mirrored renovated ceiling - the right solution for a small room.

Curtains in the room should be self-colored and bright, and it is not recommended to use bulky lamps for lighting. Suffice it to point lights around the perimeter of the ceiling, the benefit of suspended ceilings allow you to easily perform the assembly of such elements.

It is also worth to forget about the large pieces of furniture, purchase home furnishings, rationally use the space. Pull-out sofa bed can serve as a place to sit during the day and allow to rest comfortably at night.

Awesome, but a narrow mirrored wardrobe with sliding doors will perform the same function as that of a large chest of drawers, but takes up less space, and the mirror will help to increase the space.

Narrow room - what to do

Repair hall room

An example of a narrow room design

Cases where the room is long and narrow and occur in a variety of apartments. The main mistake - the alignment of the furniture around the long walls, so the room becomes like a corridor.

So, in a narrow room repairs should be based on three postulates perfect design: color, ergonomics, zoning.

Often, when a window is located on the front wall, the room resembles a tunnel. Drastic changes in the type of partitions between rooms demolition is not always possible, and take a lot of time and money.

It was then used color solution: end walls make brighter than longitudinal. Use the drapery, wall paintings or embossed wallpaper. Visually, it makes the room a square.

Combining the color and the right lighting, you can achieve excellent results in the interior. And to make them even better help to correct placement of furniture. Massive items - cabinets and beds are arranged closer to the ends of the room, workplace or sofa will look great in the window, and small interior items are placed at the longitudinal walls.

To improve the situation and help the mirror on the longest wall. Wardrobe perfect for narrow spaces, performing several functions.

The final step on the path to perfect design is the application of zoning - enough to share a room across from the armoire in the form of the letter "P" or sliding partitions, in suitable racks or miniature garden of green as a delimiter plants.

Hallway - the same room

Calculator repair room

cozy hall

When used correctly, wisely renovated hall can become a place to install the wardrobe and harmoniously complement the design of the apartment.

The first impression about you and the apartment is composed by the front door, so at the time of repair is better not to scrimp and choose the expensive and high-quality metal door, which will not only protect you from unwanted guests, but also give solidity.

question finish

Tip! The combination of bright colors in decorating the walls and floor, competent lighting system will help make your hallway a bright and cozy. If you do not want to paste the wall classical wallpaper, pay attention to the decorative tiles, imitating brickwork or natural stone.

The ideal coated floor would be laminate or parquet. The first is generally preferred by those who do not like a long time to take care of flooring, but the second looks more luxurious.

Choosing furniture

The very process of repairing their own hands is no different from the usual decoration of the room, but you need to think in advance about the planning. Main subjects of the interior in the hallway - a roomy closet compartment and shoe racks.

Wardrobe in the renovated corridor must fulfill several functions: storage of unused shoes (not the season), coat rack and shelves for storage of other things. Mirrored doors will help visually expand the room and make it lighter.

For enclosure can prepare in advance a niche that does not take up too much space. Shelf for shoes must be of the same style, as well as a wardrobe. Appropriate will look flowers in large pots, stand for umbrellas and other decorative elements.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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