Repairs in the building: where to start

Repairs in the building (photo 48): consistency, dismantling and distributing pipes


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  • 1 In what order should perform repairs to the building
  • 2 Disassembly
  • 3 distributing pipes
    • 3.1 The advantages of plastic pipes
    • 3.2 Carrying out works
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In this article let's talk about the repair in a new building: how to start and how to finish, how to save and not to miss an important point. Happy owners of new apartments without finishing often wonder which end approach to future housing repair? After all, just to make the apartment ready to move, you must proshpaklevat walls, install plumbing, install windows in the end.

Repairs in the building to beginFirst and foremost it is worth noting that professional builders it is not recommended to make repairs in the building for a few years after the purchase of housing. In any case, should not buy too expensive finishing materials.

After all, even in a few years the house will be subject to shrinkage (especially brick buildings, to a lesser extent - Monolithic).

Tip! Construction market today is crowded with all sorts of materials for repair. And among the goods is best to choose those that are resistant to shrinkage of the house. For example, the fabric wallpaper with silk-screen printing and parquet wood.

In what order should perform repairs to the building

The action list is fairly standard. And it applies not only to new buildings but also in any premises in which a renovation. First carry out all activities related to the redevelopment, the transfer of the walls, laying of communications and electrical wiring, and only after that - finishing facilities.


  1. Complete complex dismantling (here refers demolition and transfer walls amplification device or doorways);
  2. Routing water pipes, sewerage and heating.

Skip one of the stages, of course, possible. But to break the sequence of repair of an apartment in a new building is not recommended.

Thus, the answer to the question about the repair of buildings: how to start will be the demolition of the walls and alterations to the apartment. Of course, if you do not like what has been done by the construction company. Everything else then.

Note! Before we demolish walls and partitions in the apartment building, it is necessary to reconcile these actions with BTI. Consequences amateur drift bearing walls can be devastating.


Repair of buildings to start


the dismantling of the walls is not recommended to produce their own. In addition, if the neighbors have managed to hold the wiring in its renovated rooms new apartment, the layman has a great chance to bring it to short-circuit their actions.

To carry out the dismantling of the walls is better to invite a team of builders, who will perform it quickly and quietly.

Note! If you contract with the foreman for the dismantling of the walls and the subsequent installation of interior partitions, in some cases you can negotiate a good discount on the first part of the work.

If you decide to dismantle the wall in the apartment alone, we offer a brief guide.

All the walls in the house can be divided into load-bearing and non-bearing. Bearing walls, roughly speaking, to keep yourself all that is above you - ceiling apartments neighbors. When an inconsistent demolition of load-bearing wall there is a big probability of disaster on the scale of a single house.

Do not load-bearing walls - it partitions between rooms. They can be removed completely without harm to the building.

The list of actions:

  • By means of support structures to remove the load from the dismantled wall portion (this applies to bearing walls).
  • Warn vibration and cracking.
  • Disable all communications.
  • Run directly dismantling.
  • To remove debris.

Dismantling is carried out in different ways. For example, by hammer and chisel. Starting from the top row of the walls of these tools just knocked one brick. This is the most secure, but a long way to dismantling.

Another option - hitting with a sledgehammer. the wall when dismantling the doorway blows applied above to gradually expand the already existing hole. If the wall is blank, dismantling its better to start with the center. The optimal trajectory of impact falls on a point just above human growth, which carries out the dismantling.

Note! According to the rules of dismantling work is carried out during daylight hours from 10 to 19 hours. This is due, firstly, to the fact that during working hours, you interfere with noise fewer people than in the evening. Secondly, the safety requires good lighting during the demolition of the walls.

distributing pipes

Wiring pipes with their own hands

Wiring pipes with their own hands

If you decide to do the job on their own, better give up the metal and plastic pipes. After cause thread, bend, cut them would be difficult for a beginner. Plumbing suitable plastic tubing.

The advantages of plastic pipes

  • chemical resistance;
  • Corrosion;
  • ease of installation;
  • long service life.

Varieties of plastic pipes today are many. Polypropylene pipes are used widely for water and sanitation in renovation of private houses and apartments. They possess suitable characteristics for both hot and cold water.

Carrying out works

To create the required water supply from the water just off the riser in the house. To do this, you must agree with our neighbors and with ZhEKom.

According to the wiring plan drawn up in advance, it is necessary to cut the pipe into pieces. The relevant points make threading through dies. Before you fix the fittings should be applied to the threads of FUM tape to prevent leakage.

It is also necessary to decide and to the scheme wiring. It can be performed by the collector or conductors. The collector often used by professional plumbers, because in case of failure of any plumbing fixtures, you can safely disable.

If we talk about the system of tees, such a problem can be solved by installing shut-off valves near plumbing fixtures. The first system - reliable, the second - the lower the price.

Performing pipework, to be done within the walls of the Bulgarian Stroebe diameter, several times greater than the pipe diameter (plastic may expand under the action of hot water, therefore necessary gap). Pipe insulation stacked and sealed with Stroebe solution.

The next step is carried out wiring in an apartment building. This work can also be done with his own hands or to entrust it to specialists.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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