Choosing an air purifier for the budget apartment - protection against mold, bacteria, dust and odors

An air purifier is also now required in the apartment, as well as a filter for water, especially in the cities. Ecology planet is deteriorating day by day and if people used to open the window to air the room was cleaner, but now they forced to bury it tightly, and conditioned using additional devices, and which provides for cleaner air. How to choose a gadget, what they are and what to look for when buying?

Types of cleaners and their purpose

The modern market offers a wide variety of cleaners for the air with a different operating principle. Each kind of "sharpened" to solve certain problems.

Note: the most important element of an air cleaner design - filter. From it determines the quality of air purification from contaminants.

To make it easier to choose, consider the basic types of cleaners:

  1. purifiers plasma or electrostatic filters purified air by electric discharge which is generated in the filter and attracts the dirty particles.
  2. air ionizers It operates in several stages, by purifying the air in several different types of impurities in filters alternately.
  3. Cleaners with HEPA filter perform a quality air cleaning device due to the element itself. Fan, put in gadget draws contaminated air masses, which, passing through the filter, completely get rid of not useful substances.
  4. photocatalysts They operate on the principle of the previous species, but further includes several stages of cleaning.
  5. Ozonizers was purified by extracting air mass in a small percentage of ozone.
  6. Purifiers with activated carbon filter Cleaning devices are thin and work on the principle of recirculation. Typically, such devices may be further equipped with other filters types and implement complex purification.
  7. Appliances fitted with Filter, Draw a contaminated air, where it is mixed with water. The liquid deposited all harmful substances, and thus the air is purified.

Also some vozduhofiltry can be equipped with additional functionality for example wetting, power control, the remote control screen, a timer, flavoring, etc. inhaler.

Step by step instructions on choosing

Air purifiers help to significantly improve the quality of life of asthmatics and allergy sufferers are also indispensable in a metropolis - especially its central part.

Step 1. Pay attention to the possibility of a specific instrument. If you need to clean the air of for example, by pollen, cleaner should be equipped with this capability.

Step 2. Before going to the store look at in terms of room in the house area, for which the device is purchased, it was not necessary to overpay for a heavy-duty cleaner when it is installed in a compact spalenke.

Step 3. Pay attention to the level of humidity in the room. If the room air is dry enough, it is possible to consider the variants with hydrotreating function or humidification of air masses.

Step 4. Consider the choice and the fact of the patients in the home. For example, if a person with reduced immunity, is not superfluous to install ozone or ionizer. Frequent bouts of asthma will help to stop devices with HEPA filters.

The last thing worth considering when choosing - and the expected frequency intensity of use the air cleaner. If the gadget is supposed to be used continuously, it is suitable, in principle, any model. And for intermittent turning, for example - in exacerbations of disease is better to choose variants without hydrotreating or moisture, as during periods of non-use of water in the unit there is stagnate.

The air cleaner can be installed in each room separately or use the common for the whole apartment. However, the latter option is not very convenient and more suitable for studio apartments.

If you plan to purchase cleaner to save - do not consider particularly powerful models or instruments equipped with additional functionality. Every little thing costs money, and most of the functions can be simply not in demand in the operation.

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